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Wireless Endoscope 5.5mm Lens Waterproof + Kogan Mobile Prepaid LARGE (30 Days, 20GB) $36.61 Delivered @ Gobrandshop via Kogan


I ordered an endoscope for $36.61 free shipping and registered as new customer, I received the 30 days 20GB sim Free worth $36.90
Sounds like I get myself a deal.
This Wireless endoscope is 5.5m, resolution 2560x1920, cheaper than similar 1920p found in ebay.
For some reason it was listed under Phone.
So you should get same deal with any purchase under mobile phone.

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    Thanks OP! Secret Santa gift sorted!

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    Thought it said endoscopy…

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      Kogan Product Title does mention it:

      Wireless Endoscope 5.5mm Lens Waterproof Endoscopy Led Lights 500W Pixel USB Inspection Borescope Camera (Build-in Battery, 5m Cable)

  • This + $30 off Uber Eats, refer through your old account to get $15 more, take advantage of the free delivery promos.
    Same thing with doordash.

    • As Pauline would say…please explain..

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    Do you do your own colonoscopies?

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      5.5m length and resolution 2560x1920. seems right up your alley

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        Well, your large intestine is approximately 1.5m long, and the small intestine is 3-5m, so this may be just long enough. Depends on which end you start from, I guess.

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    I saved so much money with one of these. Even after the rebate it costs more to get it done than buying one yourself.

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      Later that week…

      Man found dead in home alongside piles of eneloops, power cord up the crack…

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    Seems like they knew you'd need a burner once you've done your probing.

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  • Thanks Op. Got one. I am sure will come in handy sometime ;)

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      It might come in a little bit more than that wink wink

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    Never thought about purchasing one before but at $36 how can you pass up

    • Because they are less than half the price on eBay?

      (if you don't need wireless)

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    Kinda want to see real footage from one os these.

  • Thanks OP, bought one! Also is there an app that connects to this from a phone?

    • I was checking the Jaycar USB one, it has a software. Not sure will it be compatible or support this resolution. Hopefully it come with some instructions. May be other experienced users can comment. https://www.jaycar.com.au/usb-inspection-camera-2-25m/p/QC33...

      • This and the Jaycar one are 2 completely different things. This one has a big but on the end and looks like it is either app controlled or you can put a micro sd card in it to record onto it

    • The Aliexpress shows this App "TC Wifi"
      1.Turn the switch to the position : " ON" to turn on the endoscope.
      2.Download the APP β€œ TC Wifi ” from Google play, APP Store or scan the QR code on the User Manual and install it. Make sure the APP can access date, WiFi and photography.
      3. Connect the its own Wifi network named "TC wifi xxx

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    Free lube on checkout if you enter coupon code: RELAX

  • The deal will allow people to see insides in real time on the internet

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    Built in battery is a bit useless considering you must connect to a computer to view the images anyway.

    Also they are around half the price on eBay if you are willing to sacrifice resolution. I can't think of a use where high resolution is needed on something like this, because even the high resolution ones still look crap. Can someone chime in with a use case where high resolution is actually needed?

    Endoscopes are useful though. I use mine for checking behind wall cavities for electrical/plumbing before plunging the multitool into it.

    • i think the cheaper one from ebay etc are USB connected ( Not wireless) and (much) lower resolution.

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        Oh it's wireless!

        It makes sense now, sorry I didn't see that.

    • Built in battery is a bit useless considering you must connect to a computer to view the images anyway.

      That is not true, it records to this first and you need a battery for it to function and then plug it in when you are near a computer to see the footage or phone.

      • Fair enough. Yeah that's a bit strange to record internally and then view later. As someone who uses these for their intended use, it's important to be able to see it in real time so you can move the camera around and see where it's going.

        • I just read the description and this one does connect to a phone wirelessly in real time to see the image and record it if needed

          • @jayboi: I'd advise people to save $20 and just get one that attaches to their phone then for less than $20 on eBay from many different sellers.

            • @studentl0an: You get a point. Did considered USB version.
              Wireless connected may has lower risk in damage the phone/ device by accidence.
              More flexible.
              With the FREE sim (worth $36.9) this one is virtually free, if you can make use of the 20GB n 30days free talk/text. Or give/ sell the sim to the holiday visitors tourist etc - Ozbargain spirit !
              Hope the wireless (wifi / bluetooth?) do not drop out too much.
              The internal recording feature probably supplement that issue if any.

              • @A2Z: Actually it said "Can record video and take picture, files will be directly stored to your phone" so no internally record on micro sim, but record via phone apps I suppose.

            • @studentl0an: They are typically much lower resolution e.g. 640x480 (for better or worse).

        • My understanding is the recording feature is optional, you do connected to your device and do inspection real time.

  • Anyone figured out what "Pixel: 500W" means?

    2560x1920 should be 5 megapixels, but that also seems a little unbelievable for the price.

    AliExpress version with same photo. Similarly priced and half decent reviews.


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    Bummer, I really need this as I'm anal about having this done butt I just can't be arsed giving it a go.

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      Not number 1 on your list?

    • That sucks.

  • This one similar to the top one listed here:

  • Bah all gone

  • I regret not getting the 10m one for only a couple dollars more with the Kogan mobile credit included too.

    • 10m is double the weight, unless you need that long for the job.

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    Did anyone receive their product? They gave me a shipping number that said "Pending" for a whole week.
    I then emailed them and they said the parcel was lost and they can either resend or refund.
    Just wanted to know if this was a once off genuine lost parcel, or if its happening to a lot of the buyers?


    • Mine arrived today, works ok.
      i received an "out for delivery" email around midday, and item was delivered 2 hours later(Kingsford NSW)

    • My order is still pending, so I just contacted them.

    • still haven't received mine and tracking still saying 'pending' have contacted seller- super unhappy as it was to be a xmas gift

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        I contacted them via Kogan and last Wednesday 23/12 they said they reshipped it.
        They sent me another tracking number and today 27/12 it still says Pending.
        Starting to sound a bit dodgy now.

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