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Mercedes Me Bluetooth Adapter - Free for Existing MB Owners


My first post or two.

Was booking a recall service for my A class MFY 2018. The service department told me that my car can get a free Mercedes me adapter which makes my car a bit smarter.

Please refer the link for the details of the smart part.
I'm not too sure if it's limited to certain models or years. But worth to get one if it's free.


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  • Pointlessly limited in Australia. Not worth the effort even for free.

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    Benz have been handing this out for a couple of years now. All it essentially does is connect the OBD2 to a Mercedes app installed on your phone via Bluetooth so it can communicate back to Benz and your dealership about servicing requirements and whether the car throws up any codes. There were some other basic features that are more effectively performed by other apps.

    Benzs already have Bluetooth as standard as part of the car's infotainment system. This is separate from that.

  • Do you work for westpac?

  • Can I get one for my 380SEL?

  • Works on a 2013 C 63 AMG

  • I have one on my 2015 C43 Estate, doesn't do much

  • That's sounds pretty crappy, what you have to be connected to it via bluetooth so it can tell you to service to car or where to park…
    How 1996 Mercedes.

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    A free app and dongle so MB can gouge you better.

    My C63 has not seen the MB stealer since warranty expired.

  • This adapter does not work, since this year 2020 it work only 2 days and other data has not been catch upon. Downloaded new version of Mercedes Me app and same story so Ihave given it up on this adapter.

    Mercedes cost almost like Toyota and pleasure to drive this car is unimaginable the comfort to take this car for a long drive is so great and fuel economy is also superb. Not sure that the cost of running this car is on higher side, since service i found that it cost less then servicing my subaru and finally insurance on Mercedes is half then that of my subaru with same drivers details.

    I agree that it depreciate lot compared to Toyota because there are no demand or support from OzB team for Mercedes. Finally we need to enjoy the drive when we travel and that what gives pleasure which you will not get in Toyota.

  • if only holden could have released the OS to us to mod and change the in dash system to upgrade maps, apps and display!

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    Thanks OP. Bought two for the free Bluetooth adapters.

  • Does it give OBD error codes?

  • Does it give OBD error codes?

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      I will let you know when I have my car installed. sometime next month.

  • Can this open the car from my phone if I don't have KESSY remote keyless entry?

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    Do you need to service the car to receive the adapter?

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