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Arcosteel Stonehenge Cookware Frypan 26cm $17.50 (was $25) @ Woolworths


After countless non-stick / steel / ceramic / stone frying pans over the decades, I decided to take advice and look up some reviews before getting into the decision of blindly jumping into the next Scanpan / French Tefal deal.

Apparently this is one of the best frying pans which is highly recommended by productreview and other OzBians as per previous deals.

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  • Pretty impressive reviews.

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    The 30cm is back in production. Wait for that to go on sale.

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    I’ve got this. It’s pretty rubbish. Worn out within a year. Likely wouldn’t buy again, but it is cheap. Handle also super wobbly you have to tighten it constantly

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      I disagree. I've had mine for ~ 3 years, I have the 26cm, 30cm and the wok. All three are amazing value. Way better than a bunch of pans I bought previously at 4x the price.

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        I’ve got the 26cm about a year ago. Two observations/experiences:

        1. Scratches easily. I got a few deep ones, not sure how they come about, I only ever use wooden spatula, hand wash (not in dishwasher). It could be the way I stack it on dish rack to dry but I haven’t figured out the root cause.

        2. Surface deteriorates if heat is above certain level. Such as when pan frying chicken fillet that is coated with honey, on high heat. Not super high heat but high enough to give it the caramelised flavour.

        I really like the pan, stands out from the rest, but no pan is perfect.

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          This is normal for non stick pan, even expensive non stick behave the same way. If we want Lifetime pan then go to cast iron or carbon steel, but both you need to seson them properly and maintain, I have cast iron or carbon steel wok for high heat cooking everyting else I use this pans.

          Be realistic, you want $17 pan that non stick, easy to clean, 0 maintainan, not heavy, never rust, dishwasher safe and last a lifetime?

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        Had our 30cm one for a couple of years now and agree with b2dz, they are great for the money.
        They are miles ahead of any other cheap non stick pan. I have a couple of scratches on mine but it does get a lot of use and I use steel utensils sometimes.. :-(
        Don't rinse them under cold water when the pan is still hot.

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    Yeah, not a bad price to replace the exact same one you bought last year.

    They capture water from the washing machine that drips out as they heat up, over time can warp and not sit flat on glass topped stove, plastic handle can’t go in oven.

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      Don't put these in your washing machine. They last much longer.

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        Mate I ain’t got time to be hand washing. That’s why I have a dishwasher.

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          Got time to make ozbargain comments though!

          • @J6: get real i would rather browse ozbargain comments than hand washing

        • So long as you have time to chuck them out along with everyone else's, in the Council cleanups. What about time to shop for another?

          Maybe its time we chucked a printer out every time we print a few pages, chuck our pan every time we fry some bacon, and do everything esle we possibly can to bolster our Glorious! Leader's! Global Manufacturing Machine against carbon disaster

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        Gotta sort the non-iron shirts if you do

      • I'm forever calling the dishwasher the washing machine and vice versa….can't help it.

        I accidentally bought dishwasher tablets instead of washing machine on eBay in my haste to grab a bargain.

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          Technically it is a machine for washing dishes so everyone else can go (profanity) themselves.

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    They have it half price a few times a year. Just have to wait. Have one, last less than a year.

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    Why is it getting such good reviews when the comments in here are all saying it doesn't last a year…?

    The IKEA 365+ range are surprisingly good.

    • The people that buy this and rate it low are likely using this as the only pan or close to in the kitchen.

      This pan is really not suitable if you only have the one, I personally don’t rate it highly as mine got scratches etc and I also don’t know where they came from. I just can’t be bothered with non stick coatings and am happy to use use stainless or cast iron. The handle is also wobbly like 2 weeks out. It’s definitely better than a tefal IMHO. If you’re going to get a non stick I would say this is top pick. It has a bit more weight to it than a tefal and I personally don’t think it’s possible to make a non stick last forever, take it as a consumable and at such a low price it’s ok. Buying $200+ non stick ones though….

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        I wonder if some people are just pan abusers…

  • I have had one of these for over a year and it is good as new, although I barely use it and only ever use medium heat. I am very happy with it for my purposes.

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    I also vouch for IKEA 365+

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    Tip that we all know but perhaps the idea is nonstick… :-)

    I find that the coating survives far better if not cook with high heat, I use the wok and or heavy based stainless for higher temp cooking but for quick and simpler sauté, I would use these nonstick pans and I don’t go high temp and they have survived far better

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      I just rarely use the non-stick pans now. I have cast iron and carbon steel pans that I use mostly; my wife won't use them because she doesn't know how to reseason them if she needs to (and doesn't want to learn). Non-stick is easier, but it doesn't transfer heat as well, and the coating dies if you try to do anything really hot.

      • You echo my exact situation!

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    I’ve had mine for a couple of years now, so easy to clean, still going strong.

    • Same here! So I'll get the 30cm next time it's on special.

  • Nice that all pans but the 30cm are special. Thanks Woolies lol

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    These are pretty sweet, total no brainer

  • Bought last July and love it so far. Could not identify any scratch to date. Good non stick pan and very affordable. Will have to see how it ages.

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    I'll stick with my lodge cast iron pans thanks …. 7yrs and counting and just keep getting better (they do weigh a tonne tho lol)

    • Yeah cast iron is awesome, except the maintenance!

      • I rinse them under the tap while they're hot, and maybe give them a light scrub with a brush and some dish detergent. Then I put them back on the hotplate, crank it up to max, put a teaspoon of oil in and spread if over the whole surface. Once the pan is hot enough to be smoking I put the lid back on and store it in the oven. This is enough to maintain the coating and is only about the same effort as hand washing a normal pan.

        If you damage the coating then they'll be harder to clean and harder to maintain. The trick is to just do a little bit of 'maintenance' every time you use them. Re-seasoning means a thorough clean and then re-oiling and then baking them. Not difficult and the labour isn't much, but it does take an hour or two in the oven to bake the coating on.

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          I just scrub mine under hot tap water with an el cheapo dish brush, then either dry on hotplate or with paper towel. Whenever im using it i wipe a small amount of oil with paper towel then leave it to heat up for 5+mins

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      Try the pyrolux blue [carbon] steel pans. You season them and treat them the same, but they're made from thinner plate so they don't weigh so much and heat up quicker (although less evenly). They're easier to season as well because they're forged rather than cast - so the surface is smoother.

  • I need a wok and saw they have a wok on sale too. Might want to add to OP.


    I'll go and investigate today, I'm pretty fussy with my woks - it really pays to get 1 decent one rather than replacing sh!tty ones every year or 2. Hopefully this is a good wok.

    • non stick wok is a big no no, carbon steel is the only choice.

      • Ah the one I used to have (it left with a relationship separation) was a very expensive Carbon Steel and that was amazing, it was 10 years old as as good as new still. I was just hoping some of these cheaper ones might be worth a shot but I guess I follow my own advice and get another high quality one.

        • It's really just not worth it, doesn't make sense for a wok. Wok is high heat, nonstick cant have high heat.

      • I use a cheap steel one on an induction cooker.

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    If you have a electric ceramic cooktop (with elements) then I think this pan lasts a long time as it heats up gently and doesn't run as hot.

    Recently we switched to once in a while using a portable induction, and I think since using it on that, because it heats up a lot quicker, perhaps that has wrecked the non-stick. Probably a similar situation with gas which runs very hot.

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    I was going to buy one on the back of the feedback in previous ozb deals and elsewhere but for some reason, the label in-store doesn't mention it's PFOA-free. Anyone know if it's definitely PFOA-free, as some other website descriptions suggest it would be, but just curious why this wouldn't be something that's prominently stated on their packaging.

    • It doesn't even tell you what the non-stick coating is - just that it's 3 layer with a marble effect.

      Do you have birds?

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      If it's advertised as non-stick and it's not stainless steel/cast iron or ceramic, then you can assume it has PFOA/PFOS. Even if it explicitly says it's PFOA free, it would still be made with other fluoropolymers, which is basically the same thing.

      If you don't want to cook with toxic materials, but don't want the hassle of dealing with cast iron, the best compromise I've found are Greenpan pans. Yes, some extra care is required and it's not truly non-stick, but it's good enough.

  • The 30cm pan was $21 reduced from $30 at coburg hill wooleys. Scanned in at $30 but the checkout attendant changed it to $21 when I showed them a photo of the price label

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      Went to my local where they had the 30cm pan labelled w the same discounted price as the 26cm. Still scanned as $30 at the till but the cashier gave it to me for free! Said it’s a Woolies policy if customer points out label errors. Merry Christmas Woolies!

  • Wok are you talking about? This should be car bourne!

  • https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/724718/?go...

    How does this one compare? 30cm for $17.50

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    I have the 2 sizes of this. Its good. Pair them with the universal glass pan cover for about $10 from Kmart.

    Its aluminum with an iron/steel insert in the base. its takes a long time to heat up for induction.

    I also got a small omelette pan at woolworths for $7.