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Free $10 Bonus Christmas Reward @ David Jones


Check your email! Not sure if this is targeted but I just received this.

We at David Jones Rewards would like to thank you for your loyalty with a special Bonus Christmas Reward as a token of our appreciation.
Wishing you happiness and joy this festive season and throughout the coming year.

How To Redeem Your Reward

To redeem your reward present the barcode
above at the point of sale.

To redeem your reward login to your account, select the
David Jones Rewards payment option at the checkout
then enter the Reward Number and the Pin above.

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  • :'(

    • Check again. They were still be sent out in the afternoon.

      • +1

        :'( x 2

  • +1

    I never get these!

    • The keyword is "loyalty".

      • I guess $1k this year doesn't qualify :'(

        • +1

          You are too loyal! haha

        • hey you could try hitting up their live chat. I was a bit bummed as i've spent a lot with them this year. they couldn't help me on the spot but they did send me a voucher yesterday. I thought it must've been something wrong with their system.

      • Can confirm the keyword is wrong. Never in my life I shopped at DJ except for when they gave this $10 reward last year. Yet I got the email. It's probably something to do with the communication preferences.

  • Got it twice before. Definitely targeted

  • Prepare for orders to be cancelled, without a reason given 😂

  • +1

    Expiry is 24/12 by the way.

  • +4

    Sometimes it feels like you make things up! :P

  • I received the email.

    • received email for my 2nd account too.

  • I got $10, my partner got $20. Just wondering can we combine it when purchase in store?

    • I don't know about in store but online you definitely can't. I have tried and it is tied in with you member account/number.

      If in store requires your member number then it will fail also I suspect.

    • I have combined them in store. They just scanned it like a GC. Just try and get back to us.

    • I have combined before in store by taking a screen pic of the voucher hiding your rewards number, however last time not long ago they were very picky and wanted to see full emails.

    • +1

      I have combined up to 3 in store in 1 transaction.

    • +1

      Can combined the rewards. Has been used it last Monday on David jones close to St.James station.

    • +1

      Asked staff member - you can combine as many as you want in store.
      Bought a nice $99 shirt on clearance for $35 - used vouchers to get free today. Just presented emails on phone.

  • +8

    Got mine. These are great for using in the David Jones Food Hall. I usually pick up a pastry or slice of cake.

  • I got $10 too

  • Yes got $20

  • got it. what can I get for $10

    • I spend them in the food hall.

    • A few hotwheels cars. Tell them to price match kmart $1 sale and you can get 10 free. Makes great last minute presents.

  • +6

    i got a $10 this morning at 9:21am, they just sent me another $20 at 10:12am!

    Both spend by 24th December

  • I think it depends if your a card holder or not, l received a $20 and hubby has received a $10.00. His joint card isn’t activated.

  • yay got a onesie and some choccies! =D

  • Sweet just got the tenner.

  • $10 for me

  • I got $20, probably because I have a DJ Amex

    • Ah, that would make sense. Good theory!

    • +2

      I don’t have a dj amex and got $20

  • Grrr… I had the 'yes, I am happy to receive emails from you' type box left unchecked in my profile. Maybe next time.

    • +3

      You can have mine if you want? $10….check PM

      • Use it in-store ;)

        • Nah…I haven't been in a DJ's store for years. I think I may have bought something from there on my Amex a few years back, that's why I got this offer. Anyway, I've sent it to blerk as I won't use it. If he/she doesn't want it, just send it on to somebody else.

          • -1

            @jimbler: I will be happy to spend it, please.

            • @Yola: Sorry mate…already posted the code to blerk if they want to use it.

              • -2

                @jimbler: Sorry, I did understand that but meant generally if there is anyone else wanting to share theirs.

        • +2


          I'm pretty sure this is the last time I went into or purchased anything from a DJ's store…..in 2015.


      • +1

        After searching for a nice wallet for my daughter, it comes up with "This Reward is not registered to your account or the incorrect number/details have been entered." I triple checked the numbers so I don't think it is transferable, but I certainly have the warm fuzzies that a stranger would be so kind to try to gift theirs… and you can't put a dollar value on that. :)

        • +2

          Not transferable but you can probably spend it in store.

          • @bluedufflecoat: @jimbler My nearest store is 260km away, so maybe someone who doesn't live in whoop-whoop might be able to use it in store (in case the non-transferability only applies to online purchases)?

            • -4

              @blerk: I am going into a store if you can share the code please PM me. Thank you.

    • +1

      I also had unticked so updated yesterday and received the offer this morning 😊

  • These are still coming through, got it on a couple of accounts at 10:35am (AEDT)

  • Works out to be free postage

  • $20 and a DJ’s Amex holder too.

  • Got nothingㅠㅠ

  • $10 for me

  • does it work for spending less than $10? i.e. $9.95

    • It does :) They'll just have $0.05 remaining that you can spend before the expiry date

      • can i use multi $10 to pay online with different account? It was last time when we did in store.

        • +1

          No you can only do that in store. Online it's locked to your account

  • what to buy? I can not even see much stuffs under $10 and worth to drive and collect.

    • Happy to have your voucher if you don't want it.

      • I normally put it towards a nice bottle of wine.

        • Only four stores or so DJs stores in Australia stock wine

          • -2

            @kerfuffle: Not sure why this is negged (unless you're one of my haters and yes I know who you are) - you can only buy wine in store in their Foodhalls, or online, which you can't Click and Collect for.

  • Yay, thanks OP. Did a scan of my email and got a $20 bonus.

  • +1

    Damn I missed out. Even though I buy frequently from DJ and have a DJ Amex.

  • Check your junk emails, found mine in there!

  • +1

    Just received it few minutes ago. So I think they are sending it out in batches

  • +1

    Still being sent out.
    Received $10!

    Will check out the food section in store for jams & sauces etc.
    In past experience, staff I have got to know have slightly discounted clearance items to fit the voucher value.

    Suburban stores can have cheaper ranges of clothes, & those up for renovation may have marked down prices. Got DJs polos ($50 online) @$10 a while back, so were free with voucher.

  • they didn't send me a birthday reward this year so i guess this will do

    • I did not get one also. I emailed them about it and they replied and said they had emailed it and the date. Looked everywhere still could not find it. Would it have killed them just to attach it when they replied? Anyway I think you were supposed to get one.

      • +3

        that's such BS on their part. i got all their other promo emails though. i reckon they just couldn't be arsed this year

      • +1

        No DJs birthday voucher this year either. But received this one.
        Birthday vouchers may not have been sent if birthday was in lockdown times.
        Failed to receive birthday vouchers from other businesses this year.

        • My husband did receive his birthday voucher for November. But even if during lockdown they can be used online.

    • +2

      Same here! I e-mailed them and was all um you know when my birthday is (as they had sent one last year) and I got it sent yesterday. My birthday was only two weeks ago though

      • i spent quite a bit with them over the past 12 months so i don't think a little $10 voucher wouldn't really bankrupt them lol.

      • I got this $10 and a $20 birthday one in December. Have a grandfathered store card i haven’t used for a while.

  • +2

    $10 Shipping was annoying for a tiny item of $49 value as I had to order something from there recently and not avail locally. Really slow to ship as well took 3 days to even process the order and another x4 to get to me (Syd close to CBD). Not impressed at all with DJ's nor their Website as trying to click and collect fails only at the last moment rather than telling you that store did not have in stock.

  • +1

    Thanks! Got it! Wouldn’t have checked my spam email account if not for this post.

  • Got nothing. I know that some DJ Rewards accounts were not setup properly, I never get emails from them.

    • Have you checked on your account preference and select email communication is enabled? Just to be sure I selected a couple communication categories.

  • +1

    I have email communication enabled but haven't received the $10 reward. Have received plenty of other spam from them though.

  • I got one on my alt account (my normal email with a full stop added for good measure) not my normal account.

  • +2

    There's never anything to get except chocolates :/

    • Last year I got this coffee tamper for $10.


      • +3

        I don't drink coffee lol.

        I ended up getting a Mandalorian The Child puzzle for my nephew. It was 25% off toys too. Ended up paying $1.21.

    • 20% off on confectionery and hampers for today only too.

    • +1

      Hahaha that is so true. I always spent the DJ bonus on their chocolates.
      DJs is so overpriced for everything, that even with free money and sales, nothing there is worth it.

      • +1

        You probably don’t but clothes in the brands they stock. There are bargains if you need something.

      • +2

        Bought 3 Lindt 100g blocks for $10

  • -1

    is this a bday thing!!!??

    • This is in addition to the birthday gift.

  • having issues with online checkout.. hmm

  • Nah didn't get it. Somehow I miss out on these things. Ah well….

  • Got text message saying it expires soon. Never got email. I'd say everyone got one, but DJ's mail system or account registrations are messed up and not everyone receives the email.

  • Couldn't even use the stupid thing in DJ's as it didn't have a barcode! The salesperson said it must have the barcode to be used. Seriously, DJ's need to sort themselves out it is an absolute PITA trying to shop with them. Can't even seem to get C&C to work online either.. useless..

    • They have disabled click and collect on all items since yesterday.

      • Ridiculous. Right when the sales start and rewards need to be used up.. can't even use it to buy a gift card. DJ's whole website needs a massive overhaul. I know there are other DJ Rewards members who have issues with not receiving the emails or only receiving occasional ones too.

        • Yep. DJs online service and website has been trash for years. They just DGAF.