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40,000 $200 Regional Travel Rebates on $400 Travel Spend Available to Victorians


From Friday at 10am, the Victorian government is offering 40,000 Victorians $200 'vouchers' to travel within Victoria between December 12 and January 22 as a stimulus for the tourism industry.

You have to spend over $400 on one of the following categories to get the $200 back:
- accommodation
- tours
- local attractions

Exclusions are gaming, alcohol (except if alcohol is included in wine/brewery/distillery tasting type tour but excludes any alcohol purchased and consumed outside of the experience), fuel, food and drinks (except where packaged with an eligible expense such as a winery tour), groceries, personal items such as clothing and accessories, transport costs (rental vehicles, train and bus tickets).

It's really a reimbursement from the government though – travellers have to apply for the voucher, pay for the travel upfront and then receive a reimbursement from the government.

Still, $200 back on your trip is still $200 back!

Another 40,000 vouchers will be available on January 20, and may be redeemed for travel from January 27 to April 1, and the final batch of vouchers will be released on March 30 for use from April 6 to May 31.

Update: An extra 30,000 regional tourism vouchers will be made available to Victorians at 12PM today. Sold Out

Round 2: 40,000 vouchers will be released from 20 January 2021, 10.00am for travel between 27 January 2021 to 1 April 2021. Sold Out

Round 3: 30 March 2021, 10.00am, for travel between 6 April 2021 to 31 May 2021

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            • @mrdng: Thanks for this!

              Is it likely to jeopardise my application/F5 tab if I create the account and login with a new Chrome tab?

              • @Mega Vanillish: No, Google Chrome is smart enough (and Salesforce is smart enough) to connect the session together using cookies on your browser :)

    • I am using smartphone, is it ok?

      • Phone is fine

  • Finally! Also agree that continuous refreshing works, even across multiple devices as one eventually got through. Ignore the error notices.

  • Got it, almost 100 times of refresh..

  • Yes - keep hitting F5 (or refresh) - do not go back.

  • Where the heck is APPLY NOW button? Can't find it anywhere on the page.

  • managed to create an account, how do i add the voucher to my 'cart' ?

  • I got to the end too! However hope you guys realise this is only an application submitted. You will need approval from VIC gov to get the actual voucher. What happens if they come back and say sorry but you are the no.40001 applicant?

    • I'd be shocked if more than 40 people have been able to submit an application at this point, much less 40,000.

      Even tech-savvy types are struggling to get past the final page.

    • Don't you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!

    • Well I don't think it's a actual voucher. Might be just supplying evidence of it after the fact to get a cheque or something. Since you can use it on entry fees etc and guarantees that it's been used

  • +2

    Last page save & submit is pissing me off, can't get past it

  • Does "Status: Submitted" and a "Form Acknowledgment" email mean I've got the voucher?

    • +1

      Yes, that's the confirmation

  • I created an account using the link Samcool80 posted above. Still can't get past the Save & Submit page though.

  • What is the answer it asks for?

  • fark…this is hard work…

  • The Apply now button has magically disappeared !

    I got stuck in the eligibility PDF with F5 my best .

  • postcode on drivers license is different from one in residential address. Anyone know if this will be any issue?

    • -1

      Is it forged?

      • huh? no i just haven't gotten around to updating my drivers since moving houses recently.

        • -2

          Oh… I was going to suggest getting a refund from the person who made it for you.

    • I'm in the same situation. I submitted my details truthfully so I guess I'll wait and see.. assuming I can get past this last page Save & Submit cycle.

  • 2 hours 03 mins! Submitted. Fingers crossed. I missed $50 cashback from Airbnb when I forgot to charge it to my 28 degree mastercard.

    • Fingers crossed.

      Is that in the T&C's ?

  • +1

    finally, cleared the final level.

    I can turn off the game now !

    • How did you get past the final level? I'm stuck in a "save and submit" loop.

      • Keep persevering off course!

      • keep refreshing and click on resubmit if prompted

  • +2

    stuck on last page too, have mashed the save & submit at least 5 times now.

  • +1

    This final boss fight is so annoying…

  • +4

    why don't we call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15

    and smash the telstra network too

  • +2

    All of this is fantastic ad for Salesforce

    • It really is, my company is reviewing salesforce as a crm option, i'm going to be pushing my vote for dynamics 365 now

      • Dynamics 365 is no better. I'd even say worse.

        • You're probably right, but they're a lot cheaper (probably for a reason)
          Plus we're a multinational, and your corporate parent have deep ties with microsoft; so it's going to be like rolling shit uphill to push anything else anyway.

          • @jlien: one is bad the other one is worse, sounds like the election lol

        • It all comes down to the implementation (and skill of the SI)

          Like a Ferrari driven by a child VS a Camry driven by a F1 driver….

          I'd take the Camry in the above instance

          (not to defend Salesforce… not worth the $$$ in many cases)

  • Any idea what the answer is on the page that you put your address is?

  • Press F5 on the same page if you get the
    "We are down for maintenance.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back shortly."

    Or Press back and refresh if you get the Denials of Service message

  • Ooooh different coloured "down for maintenance" picture now

    • That's the one you have to refresh patiently.
      The different looking messages you'll need to press back and refresh

      • just to confirm, keep refreshing the page with the yellow triangle without going back?

        done it for over 10 mins, no dice

        • yep this is the one i've been patiently refreshing. You'll notice the refresh takes a longer time.

          Whereas the other messages such as denial of services or limit exceeded, it instantly refreshes to that same message. I press back on these ones since it looks like it's stuck in cache.

  • "We are currently experiencing a high demand on the website for the Regional Travel Voucher Scheme and have temporarily removed the ‘Apply now’ button to allow those currently registering to complete their application. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."

  • is there shopback or cashrewards for this?

  • We are currently experiencing a high demand on the website for the Regional Travel Voucher Scheme and have temporarily removed the ‘Apply now’ button to allow those currently registering to complete their application. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

    • aka, we're already reached quota

      • no, i dont think so

        • hope you're right, my submission finally went through

  • +1

    refreshing save and submit page. took forever to get them to create the account, then error, managed to find the form in my account. come on submit!

  • Stuck at final boss…. Register for account…

    • My page comes up and I enter all the details then when I hit register the same page bounces back at me but without the password….

      • This happened to me 6 times, eventually it worked after using the F5 trick. Just keep re-entering the password and refreshing until it takes you back to the review page of your application.

        Now it shows me logged in top right, but stuck with another refresh loop.

    • +2

      R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

  • Submission Received
    Thank you for your submittal. Your response ID for future reference is GA-Fxxxxxxxx.


    Edit : it also appears in my list of "grants & assistances" that i've applied for.

    For those that have successfully submitted, it could be worthwhile checking that page to ensure that it really went through

    • nice tip! I can see my application sitting there in draft, even though I have not been able to successfully submit yet, it gives me the ability to click through and continue my application (slightly more hope I might be able to get this through)

    • Did you already have an account or need to register for an account? Whenever I try to register, I keep getting the same register page without the password - no message of whether there's an error or if it was successful.

      • Yes, i created an account prior to filling in the application.

        Yes it did the same thing to me, but i kept trying and retrying and eventually it worked.

        You'll know you have an account, when the person symbol on the top right has your name under it.

      • Click on the grants page. I had the same issue. Was endless loop but click on the grant showed my account did register and I could continue the application cos it also saved it as a draft at every step

  • +1

    Keep refreshing and submit. But new problems appeared.
    Got stuck at page 3 as it require you to provide a VIC drivers license, senior card or proof of age card. I’m a VIC resident but don’t have any of these. So apparently can’t proceed. No other options provided such as Passport or anything. This page is compulsory and can not be skipped. It needs some work.

    • just put your passport number and you can deal with it after application and explain the situation

      • Might not let you if its confirming it as it goes, though worth a shot. Otherwise interstate people could do the same, and just put any old address.

      • Will try and see if the system allows. Lots of pain refreshing the page……

    • Anyone you're travelling with, have any of those?

      • Great pain again if you gonna ask your friends as they might apply their vouchers too. Only one voucher per household.

    • yea it looks like on the final T&C's you need to enter valid victorian id.
      I declare that:
      • the statements and information provided in this application are true and correct in every particular.
      • neither I, nor any other family member in my household, has previously applied to the Victorian Regional Travel Vouchers Program.
      • I understand that If I do not correctly enter my Victorian Identification details, my application may not be successful for this round
      • I understand that I will find out about my application only once the voucher registration period has finished.
      • I understand that if my application is successful:
      o I can only travel during the eligible travel period;
      o I will need to redeem my voucher within the designated claim period; and
      o my voucher will only be paid during the designated payment period.

    • -1

      Called them about this and was told you will have to be a citizen or PR to get it, the website says all Vic residents over 18 yo can apply tho.

      • Figured as much. All grants are like this

      • +1

        Matched all of these conditions. Just don’t have a drivers license… lol
        Apparently the web designer insists every Victorian must have a drivers licence…

  • Worked finally, lets see if I do get the voucher now: https://ibb.co/zXnKcBx

    • out of curiosity, what's the last four digits of your GA number, mine's 7271. I'm wondering it's it's a count

      • Maybe a sequence number. Mine is almost 4000 ahead of yours.

      • Finally submitted mine and it's 24XX …. not sure if it's cause my draft was saved earlier

    • +1

      Not a actual voucher. You will be reimbursed for your expenses after you submit the evidence before the cut off date.

      • Aah, thanks for that.

  • Permanently suck on "down for maintenance' now

  • how many more bosses after the save and submit? omfg

    • The next page will be a register page, followed by a registration details page, followed by a return to the 'save and submit' page once logged in! :)

      • can i login before hand? like before starting the application?

      • I managed to create an account, and I think i'm up to the bit with the return to 'save and submit'…

        If it is sitting in "draft" status in my account, that means i still need to submit right?

        • yeah, it needs to have status "SUBMITTED"

          • @jlien: Yup, a few more (hundred) refreshes later and we got there!

            Thanks for confirming

      • have you got thru?

        • Yes, submitted. Just kept F5ing.

  • finally got it!!!!

  • For those having trouble registering a new account (seeing the fields wiped blank after submitting email + passwords) try loading the page on MS Edge or IE.

  • Should still have plenty of vouchers up for grabs, under 10k submitted

    • how can you see how many are submitted?

    • +1

      How in tap-dancing christ have 10k people managed to submit their registrations already?

      The site is basically crippled.

  • Finally submitted!
    I was stuck at the save & submit cycle for ages, I checked this link and saw my draft saved here. https://businessvic.secure.force.com/
    Used my mobile phone to login to that site and click on the draft, clicked save & submit and it worked straight away.

    • I just tried it. Didnt work. still get same We are Down for maintenance error

      Finally submitted.

  • +2

    SUBMISSION RECEIVED PAGE! HALLELUJAH! And I've got the Gmail confirmation.

    Well, that was a total nightmare.

    My advice to everyone is just continue to be patient. Follow all the steps, keep refreshing pages with F5, use Chrome, don't hit the back button. Prepare to resubmit pages multiple times but eventually it will get there.

    • did you see the "down for maintenance" page prior to success?

      • I had a new one with a yellow clock on the left and the 'Force' logo on the right.

        Refreshed about 20 times before it finally went to the submission received page.

        • Yeah that's what I have right now. Been stuck on this for more than 30 mins

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