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2 Big Jack Burgers for $10 (Normally $13.90) @ Hungry Jack's (App Required)


HJ's are again offering Discounted Big Mac Jack burgers. You can now get 2 of them for $10 when you order with the app. You can find the offer in the "Hungry Offers" section of the app's pick up menu. No known expiry date.

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    Had it a few times with mates. I suggest people to customize their burgers and put double sauce on it.

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      Why is that? Too dry?

      • +1

        very dry

        • +14

          I had it the other day and it was good. Plenty of sauce, and I'm usually the first one to moan when they go stingy on the sauce.

          It depends on the 14yo making your burger as to how careless they are feeling at the time I guess.

        • +2

          I got mega jack already like 5 times, always with a lot of of sauce…

    • I love lots of sauce on a burger, but I feel HJs ALWAYS, no matter what store I go to, put twice as much as they need on, and makes it taste like sauce in bread and a complete mess, including the Big Jack. Also doesn't help that their imitation Big Mac sauce tastes very different to the McDonalds one that I absolutely love.

  • +7

    $5 a burger. Inflation on price and waist.

    • +2

      Come on! Make your heart works harder. Pump those blood and carry the fats all the way for extra energy!
      The BIG Jack's got some partying to do!

      • 8 burgers
        HJ fam bundle $25 4x burgers, small chips, coke, nuggets

        hungry offers? 1 only..
        2 bacon tamers $21 4x burgers, 2x med chips, 2 cokes; 6 nugs, sauce
        family burger meal $25 4x burgers, med onion rings, 6 nugs, sauce, 2x large chips
        mega bundle $35 6 burgers, 18 nuggets, 4 sml chips, 4 sml drinks

        • the app. You can find the offer in the "Hungry Offers"

    • +5

      big price jack

      • Maybe HJ should give it away for free.

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    Good burger.

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      That’s a good movie

      • -1

        You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France?

        • +1

          Royale with Cheese

      • +4

        Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?

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    A subset of what was posted here:


  • +3

    Wish the vouchers were a little more price competitive. $10 at KFC will fill you up more for sure.

    • I would agree. Would probably feel fuller after 2 Double Tender Burgers or 1 Zinger Stacker.

    • Double tender burger is now 4.95 at KFC. With free chips and drink using KFC receipt, you can basically get a decent lunch for less than 5 dollars

      • +2

        Or two zinger/fillet burgers for $6.

  • What size patties do they use on the Big Jack's .. whopper sized or cheese burger sized?

    • +4

      The 4 inch patties, same ones as in the Whopper Jr, Bacon Deluxe and Cheeseburgers. You can also buy the Mega Jack which uses the 5 inch patties.

  • Tried it and don't think it's worth the $5. Wasn't impressed, it was tiny and like said above was dry

    • +5

      I'm not sure it's worth $5 but to me it's pretty bigger than a normal big mac and taste good.

    • I thought the size was pretty decent, especially compared to the Maccas Big Mac

      Didn't like the sweet sauce in the Big Jack though, so I probably won't buy it again.

  • +2

    I took the pdf vouchers to Bass Hill HJ's to get this deal. They girl at the counter said it was $10.90 for 2 even though I had the voucher that said it was $10. I didn't have the needed protein to argue

    • +1

      There was a previous voucher deal for $10.90 so perhaps she didn't realise the offer changed. I would normally say don't worry about 90c but we're on OzBargain!

    • +3

      decline the sale, angrily order through the app. Then calmly receive your meal. No argument

    • Make a complaint, might get a store credit

      • they oughtta make a deal for the New tropical burger soon

  • This was already featured in the previous deal.

  • Anyone tried the chicken version of this burger? How is it?

    • +3

      Worse than the beef. Super dry and the sauce doesn't go with the chicken that well.

      • Cheers mate, will avoid lol

      • but their chicken nuggets are good

        • +3

          Their chicken nuggets suck as well. Actually come to think about it, their entire chicken range sucks; on the floury side.

    • +2

      The chicken one is better than beef one, imo.

      Only way you'll know is to taste it yourself.

      It's always a crapshoot asking for your friend's opinion on food, let alone usernames on the internet.

      • +1

        Wish we could swap out for chicken Jack

  • Mac Jack

  • the burgers are pretty small, not worth the 5$ per burger i reckon.

  • +1

    Is this smaller than whopper

    • Best way to measure is probably in kilojoules. Big Jack is 2400, Whopper is 2750. So yeah the Big Jack is slightly smaller.

    • +1

      Depends who makes it

  • -1

    i hate hungry jack with all my life, and i curse him to hell

  • This is what I get when I am fed up with whoppers lol

  • Why do they call it a Big Jack if it's not big, they should just call it a Jack Burger.

    • Probably because the whole point of that name is to compare it with the Big Mac, which is a similar size.

  • Birthday whopper on shake app now require a $1 min. spend to redeem via in-app purchase. no longer completely free to redeem. It seems The jack's is squeezing back dollar by dollar slowly.

  • Has this expired already? I dont see it in the vouchers in my app.

  • Tried it last week fir first time. I like it far better than big Mac.

  • had it, it's okay, but they use some stale ass buns nowadays

    the star of the show is always that flame-grilled patty

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