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10% off Sitewide @ Liquorland (+ 22% ShopBack Cashback ($25 Cap) EXPIRED)


Even bigger deal than yesterday's 20% cashback with CR.

#22% cashback (cap $25) @ Shopback between 12-4pm AEDT. Expired

Liquorland online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.

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    First Choice or Liquorland?? I think title need to update to Liquorland

    • +1

      When you buy from First Choice you receive a Liquorland invoice.

    • +9

      Depends on how much you have had to drink.

  • When is it starting as per Qld time ?

    • -2

      QLD get nothing as payback for giving Australia Clive Palmer, Pauline Hanson and Peter Dutton

        • +2

          Says the guy who doesn't know his own timezone…

          • @melbstheburn: Says who a melbouranian..lol you definitely deserve dan..hope he is treating you good ..lol

            • -1

              @Sunnyoz: Very happy with him thank you :) enjoy Annastacia :)

              • @melbstheburn: Yes of course you would be …lol your are under his supervision..best of luck with everything ..

            • +2

              @Sunnyoz: Are you kidding yourself? Are you implying Dan Andrews should've let people with the virus roam our streets? Yes, he could've done better considering the hotel quarantine debacle, but overall he did a good job. To say this one man f**k up the whole Australian economy is outrageous.

              • -2

                @DisabledUser27274: You look like a big supporter…you his work mate ? Go on google and read the facts mate ..this is not the perception…australia know what he did to the Australian economy ..

              • +3

                @DisabledUser27274: I wouldn't bother trying to debate this guy, he can't even workout what timezone he lives in. That tells me all I need to know about his intelligence.

                • +3

                  @melbstheburn: time zones dont exist when the earth is flat!

                • -2

                  @melbstheburn: The profile name says it all …don’t have to debate with you either ..no suggestion we’re required of you ..I was asking the op …but some people love stirring shit .you are the one who started it ..

      • You live in a shithole, keep your negative energy to yourself.

  • +2

    Looks like I’ll be cancelling the order I placed today and reordering with this offer!

    • Might need to do the same. How do you cancel after placing the order?

      • Im going to cancel it when I go to pick up the order that I place later today.

  • +2

    Hopefully they don’t jack up prices by 10%.

  • +5
    • +2

      Holy smokes.

      Doubt I can resist that.

      • +2

        Holy smokes.

        I see what you did there!

    • Thanks going to give it a try.

    • I thought this was a great deal.
      $99 down to $90, -10% XMASSORTED discount ($9) $81, -22% Shopback ($17.82), $63.18,
      However, after reading reviews that Shopback is as unreliable as Cashrewards, I'm not sure if I'll get the full amount back.

      Thanks for the post!

  • +1

    They had no record of my order on Tuesday and I haven't heard anything from my re order on my "30 minute" click and collect from yesterday. Liquor land has been really dissapointing.

    • Mate your telling me haha, the staff last night probably just ignored the order

    • Last time I ordered with Liquorland I didn't receive any form of notification. Just before the store closed I lobbed up and it was sitting behind the counter. The staff there couldn't give 2 hoots - they just shrugged and asked whether I received a text from head office

      • Yeah someone wouldn’t haven’t pressed ‘ready’

  • I'm sure I can resist…

  • +2

    Best of luck having it tracked

  • +3

    Shop back are shocking !!

  • +2

    In before old mate two letter name makes a poor joke about a $25 cap not being a bargain.

    • +1

      Joint Venture?

  • +2

    I have resorted to recording my screen when putting through the transaction with shopback. Last few haven't tracked, can't say cash rewards has been much better either

    • Just return items.

      Tho, alot of companies are starting to charge shipping fees for returns so sooner or later it'll cause businesses to change with return policies from abuse. Easier when local, and you can just drop it off anyways.

  • +3

    hmm… a bit over the cashback trap..
    I have 3x disputes with CashBack (2x 1st Choice Liquor, Amaysim) & 1 w/ ShopBack (Dell)

    • +1

      There has gotta be an easier way to track these "Cash Rewards" , I wish I knew how !
      Sometimes I think it is easer to win lotto.

      • +5

        I used Cashrewards/Shopback apps for the past 7 or 8 purchases. Tracked 100%.

        • Great !

        • Can you give us any tips?

          I don't use a VPN and always go through their website before adding anything to the cart.

          I do have an addblocker.

          I also don't use the extensions cause I alternate between Shop/Cash

          • @Yiannakis50: Use your phone or tablet, click through and complete transaction from within the Cashrewards/Shopback app.

            Adblock is known to cause tracking issues

            Edit: At the time of writing this, my cashback tracked

    • Can I ask what Your Dell one was? My Dell purchase from October is still showing up as "calculating" and it's due in a week! Not sure if I should out a dispute in now or not

      • +1

        My one was from BlackFriday sales, apparently didn't get tracked.

        Spewing I chose cashback opposed to CODE..fml

        To make it even worse, due delivery was Dec 22nd now been pushed to Jan-21

  • Does the cashback apply to the full price, or the 10% off price?

    • +1

      Don't forget to subtract GST too

    • +1

      In the past it has been the full price ex-gst

  • I got a $10 sign up code after creating an account with LL yesterday after putting in an order on the $25 cap from cash rewards yesterday.

    This is getting out of hand.

    I don't need it but I do

  • Is it likely that Shopback will exclude Sparkling Wine / Champagne?

    • Mainly BWS. This should be ok, it'll mention it on the Shopback page either way.

  • +9

    After 12pm and showing only 3% cashback for me.

    • same

    • 12.04pm and still 3%. Clearly they don't want my money!

    • Same, but it is showing in their list of discounts…

      • This just changed.

        Keep a screen shot just in case!

        • Already done. ;-)

    • Same

    • +1

      Click the link in dealbots text, not the button.

      SHowing for me now :)

      • and yet when you do that the SB CHrome extension shows it activated by turning green but still is only displaying 3%

    • +1

      Hmmm …. I'm waiting too. It shows at 22% here -> https://www.shopback.com.au/liquorland …. but when you click through it's only showing the 3%. I'm sitting tight cause SB are a real PIA to chase afterwards

  • same 3% after 12pm

  • Can stack with a welcome code from First choice?

    • I won't risk a code not listed on SB website

      • Cheers, shopback only showing as 3% as well

  • Does flybuys money count as gift card?

  • -2

    Are we sure that the shopback offer can be stacked with XMASSORTED? On shopback it says not to use any promos not from Shopback.

    • +1

      Use only promo codes from ShopBack

      The 'XMASSORTED' promo code is listed on shopback

      • -1

        So that means that the deal is incorrect as it lists a promo offer and cash back that are mutually exclusive

        • +1

          Aha, I see. Thanks

        • So don't use the XMASSORTED code?

          Or ia that like The 10% off first choice have on

          • +2

            @G-rig: The code and the cashback will work together, definitely use the code.

    • FWIW, i got my cashback tracking email and it was calculated as 22% of the ex GST price of the order BEFORE the XMAS code was applied :) Better than i thought it would be.

  • +2

    Does the $25 cap apply per account or per transaction?

    • +2

      Was just about to ask the same question!

      • can someone confirm please @dealbot

  • +3

    Page has now updated to 22%

    • +1

      Thank you kind sir!

    • Yep thanks for the green light!

  • +1

    Got 700ml Belvedere Vodka for 49.5 before CB which Ebay denied us yesterday

    • +1

      Same! Got myself 2 bottles…

  • No good for Tasmania

    • Free delivery for $100+

      • Not for Tassie

        • +1

          Really? I didn't actually try to test out. I guess we have to rely on the BWS and Dan Murphy deals.

  • For flybuys point offers, does Coles consider the day of placing an order (ie today) or day of delivery (next week)?

    • +1

      When the order is placed.

  • Baron Samedi dark spiced rum on special for $43, before both discounts

  • Cafe patron is for sale for $65, so I got two bottles for $117 and then I'll receive 22% cashback what a bargain! $50 a bottle or so for patron tequila!!!!

  • Can you use shop-a-docket codes through the liquorland web site? I'm talking about the promos at the bottom of a Coles supermarket receipts, such as the latest one with a barcode of 9313938902782. The liquorland website does not seem to accept that code. Maybe they're in store only? Ideally I was hoping to use that promo and stack with this, to get cheaper Heineken or Orchard Thieves cider.

    • No use only authorised codes on their website or you wont get the 22% back mate !

      • I understand, but I'd pay more that way.

        E.g. https://www.liquorland.com.au/beer/orchard-thieves-crisp-app...
        is $24, with 32% off (22% + 10%) = 24*0.68 = $16.32

        But the shop a docket price is $16.00

        And if I can stack it with 10% off, then it comes down to $14.40.

        So, a) is there a way to use those docket promo codes online, and b) does it stack with the 10% off?

        • Has to be from the Shopasave site to work online I think(even though they are the same company).

  • How do you access the 'challenges' section on a desktop? They have an extra $5 bonus cash if you install the web button and spend $10 anywhere (can only see the promo on the app, cant find it on the web page)? I feel challenges aren't on the desktop, therefore the promo unachievable.

    Ive ordered now anyway, and don't think you can access the 22% more than once? or is it multiple times with a $value cap??

    If you can get em all… a $40 slab of beer would be - 22%, -10% promo, -7.5% (i think) staff code - $5. Getting close to sub $20 a slab I think? Might refer a mate.. $5 slab.

    • Can only do it via the app on your phone from memory

      • Makes the challenge not possible then..

        • You don't have a smart phone in 2020 ?

  • +1

    1 litre Tanqueray works out to be $42.12 or equiv $29.48 per 700ml including delivery (because I bought 2).
    Should help the Xmas cheer a little :)

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