What's Your Guilty Purchase for 2020?

So, 2020 has been a crazy year. Mask wearing, social distancing, wallets tightening, lock downing. What has your guilty purchase been for this year? Any regrets?

For me I bought myself and my kids a second hand Nintendo 3DS each and I've been going nuts modding them and playing all sorts of games that I totally missed out on (my last handheld was in the GBA era). It's been lots of fun - no regrets.

What about everyone?
Oh a poll!

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  • 89
    I've purchased stuff and regretted it
  • 331
    I've purchased stuff and don't regret it one bit
  • 27
    I've been a good boy/girl this year and Santa better bring me something good


  • Bought a LG 27UL850 monitor ([email protected]) during the height of the COVID pandemic so paid a premium, best monitor I've ever had so not regretting the purchase but seeing the prices now in comparison of May isn't great.

    • Great monitor! Have it too

  • +3

    Finally upgraded my 6 year old computer and spent close to 4k on it. That and a stupid keyboard that was 300 bucks by itself. Don't regret it one bit. I worked hard for this stuff so I deserve to treat myself every so often.

  • Expensive coffee machine. I think that is about it.

    • What did you get?

      • Breville Oracle

        • Had one for a few years and love it.
          Just watch the waistline as my milk intake went way up…

          • @Gumster: Yep. I'm getting fatter. Not all the coffees fault though!

  • Probably food outside that I could make at home.

    Gonna try stop buying food delivery and just make food at home.

    That is my biggest expense.

    Otherwise I kind of regret my $79 + $14 delivery HyperX Cloud Wireless Stinger Core Headset.

    It was cheap but I feel like besides the wireless everything else is crap including battery life and comfort.

    Anyone know if there is any cheaper wireless headsets I could have got.. don't think so so not all bad but yeah mostly for me just buying food outside.

  • A 5kw solar system (don’t qualify for government rebates) and a Sub-Zero fridge. No regrets, worth every penny!

  • +3

    Bought a new car, Mazda after owning BMW, definitely no regrets!

    • What were u regretting with the bmw?

      • Haha I actually did regret buying the BMW… So. Much. Depreciation. Realised.

  • +1

    $2000 synthesizer, impulse buy after watching a YouTube video lol

    • +1

      What a time to be alive?!

    • +1

      Must have been a hell of a youtube video! Which one? Keyboard cat?

  • +2

    $220 for a new 50kg rated fishing rod, $295 for a great new Shimano reel, and over $100 worth of braid put on that. Oh and close to $200 in lures and hooks for bottom bashing. Then onto the charter and ended up using their gear to catch a 24kg bull dorado. Go figure. Still managed a nice sampsonfish on the new setup. Kickass day.

    And yesterday's trip got cancelled because of the wild weather. Such is life….

  • Fenix 6 garmin watch for exercise and a xbox series x. dont regret either :)

  • +1

    43inch monitor to complete my work from home setup.

    • +5

      Dude, that's not a monitor, that's a small moon!

  • +2

    With all the WFH, I thought I'd finally upgrade my 10 yr old IKEA chair. Tried the IKEA Markus, and it was ok, but didnt love it. Returned it and instead bought one for Officeworks which felt good in the store, but really wasn't great once I got home and sat in it for more than a few hours. In fact, I was regretting getting rid of the Markus. Officeworks return policy only covers unused, unopened items, which basically rules out any furniture.

    So ultimately, I've spent multiple hours researching chairs, multiple trips to Officeworks and IKEA, and nearly $300, only to wind up still sitting in my old IKEA chair. Definitely a regretful endeavour.

    • +1

      I threw out my office chairs and ended up sitting on a $29 wooden Ikea dining chair all lockdown. Works out best for my posture!

    • There's an ikea padded height adjustable stool that's awesome. No more back pain

    • Every officeworks chair sucks ass, it's just landfill products they sell.

    • Buro metro. The only people it doesnt suit are people under 5'6.

  • +1

    I bought myself a block of land and a house to be built on it

    • +1

      How is this a guilty purchase? Did you evict a bunch of orphans or something?

      • A lot of people would consider being able to purchase a block and build a house at this time hard to do given the downturn in the economy and the fact so many people lost their jobs. Those fortunate enough might feel a little guilty that they've got things a little easier than many people out there.

        Also for the record, we kicked out another couple from purchasing the land after their finance was turned down so we do feel a little guilty about that but we've also been the couple being kicked out as well.

        • Thanks for explaining that. You certainly have a lot of empathy for those less fortunate.

  • +3

    GR Yaris. Definitely don't need but something about it resonated so greatly with me I purchased my first new car (and hopefully last).

    • Well done. Great choice! I really wanted one of the first 200 for 10k less, but knowing the rallye model will be released here, I couldn't do it.

      I have failed ozb.

      • +1

        Ahh yeah it was a tough one, was actually 1,000 they sold for $10k less so you'll see plenty around. I drove it and simply no way it needs an LSD for street use. The chassis/suspension/steering is sorted!

    • Dude, is that a high yield investment?

      • Lol if I sell it when it arrives in Jan it probably is. Plan is just to keep it, and enjoy it :)

    • No way man, dont think you should regret that one bit. The GR Yaris is a fantastic car, we havent seen one like it in years and it will continue to have huge support going forward. I'm in the auto industry and yes the praises it has been getting are not hot air. The amount of engineering and technology in the car for the price is mind boggling. Great purchase ;)

  • A PS5, XSX and another Dreamcast, among a whole bunch of gaming items.

  • motorcycle. after dreaming about it for couple of years finally bought. not fun driving at 110 km on highway immediately after buying since i have not ridden one for quite some time.

    • Not fun because you hadn't ridden in a while? Weren't enjoying the bike? Or paranoid that you were going to wreck your new bike? (or all of the above)

      • just paranoid. its fun though . all good now

        • Fair enough, that first ride can be a bit stressful at the best of times. What bike did you get, if you don't mind me asking?

  • I bought many things I didn't need but wanted.
    A Xbox one X
    A watch that costs $495
    And a pair of RM Williams.

  • Hobie Oasis Kayak plus accessories
    Upgraded to Sony A7R4 + Sigma 85mm 1.4
    Mavic Air 2 flymore
    Irrigation system for my lawn and garden beds
    Insta360 one X2

  • Haven’t purchased yet, but have promised myself a pair of comfort craftsman rm Williams once we have to go back to the office.

  • +2

    Bought my first property just before lockdown restrictions lifted in Melbourne.

    No regrets.

    • Congrats! When's the housewarming party?

      • Thank you! We'll party as soon as the COVID-19 vaccine is out!

  • +1

    Bought a new car in June on COVID living expenses prior to changing jobs from a fully base income to a base + commission role.

    I'm not making the same money I was, I'm earning approx. $100 a week less than my previous job (jumped before I was pushed due to COVID impact).

    While my car is my pride and joy, I realistically should have waited a few months before buying it. I'm glad I bought it as I think I got a good deal on it, but the repayments have restricted me more than I'd have liked.

    • +1

      I can totally relate to this feeling. Hope you get a lot of commission soon and it isn’t uncomfortable for much longer.

  • I got me a DJI Pocket 2 even though I don't travel much around lately. The good thing about it is that I have 28 degrees price protection so I can play around with that. Thinking of just getting a RTX card and just claim it too but idk yet

  • A Pioneer DDJ-400, swiftly followed by a Pioneer XDJ-RX2

  • I purchased a Reverb G2 (as part of the presale). My only regret is being months down the line and still hoping to get it by Christmas, latest word is it'll ship to me this around this Friday. Might be cancelling my Christmas leave for next week if it doesn't get to the office by Friday.

  • Cuban cigars. Damn things cost a fortune but have been enjoying trying different sticks, nice way to relax of an evening.

  • replaced my 5 year old phone, it was really lagging even in gmail, and the battery was bulging, the replacement was way overkill for my usage, but why the hell not? :)

    • +1

      Bulging battery = time bomb (literally)… glad you upgraded!

      • yeah safety was definitely a concern.

        anyway, I guess I could've replaced the battery, but looking at youtube vids, it is not a straight forward open back cover -> swap battery, but I will have to literally disassemble the whole phone, way too much effort (and risk) for me.

        But now that I have a new phone, I will probably buy a battery and give it a go, nothing to loose :)

  • XFX Radeon RX 6900 XT Speedster MERC 319

    most expensive purchase after my car

  • RTX3070 and a Bosch pressure washer

    • How is the pressure washer? Been looking at Bosch, but can't decide them or Gerni

      • +1

        Pretty good for $200 unit, haven't used it that much really. Bought a mate one last year as a gift, he loves it, hasn't blown up like my quality ozito unit I replaced it with.

        Seems Bosch are exiting the market here, its only Karcher really. Mixed reviews from that hence going Bosch. Gerni is more expensive and more heavy duty unit IMO

  • +1

    Bought a new target archery recurve bow setup despite my old bow being a bit over a year old. My new riser (bow handle) cost more more than my previous bow & arrows completely. Wanting new limbs ($900), sight ($800) & arrows ($280) now too. LOL. Absolutely don't regret it but it's becoming a very expensive hobby. That said I can hit a 2cm diameter circle at 25M with a arrow now.

    • +2

      Might come in useful if the COVID vaccine makes zombies out of everyone…

  • +10

    Adidas Shoes.

    I'm a tight ass. Normally spend $15-$20 on shoes from Kmart. This year, I decided to purchase a known brand for doing some exercise.

    Bought some Adidas. Rookie move. My feet feel like they are in heaven. Now I have 6 pairs and can't ever put my foot in another Kmart shoe.

    • 😂😂😂

  • Bought the HiSMILE teeth whitening kit before doing proper research online. Dumb, impulse buy!

    • Complete scam or just poor results?

      • Minimal results, does that make it a scam?

  • I bought BBOZ expecting the market to go lower after March, lost 5 figures :(

  • Bought an RTX 3080 / i9-10900F Alienware desktop, Acer Predator and a Logitech G Pro Wireless. No ragrets.

  • Keyboards.

    Probably not the best time for me to start a new hobby, but I needed one.

    • Did you go down the rabbit hole of building your own mech keyboard?

      • +1

        Not yet, but I did order GMMK Pro :P First batch

  • The Last of Us Part II

  • +1

    I bought a $7.50 Anko toaster from Kmart this morning after living without one for the last 12 months just using the grill.

    I guess you could say I don't part with my money easily haha.

    • +2

      So… did you feel guilty? :P

    • +2

      did you finance for 60 or 72 months?

  • +1

    I got myself two designer bags and the only justification for them is that they were on sale.. but that is it really it..

  • Bought a brand new Mazda 3 G25 Astina for a 2 week roadtrip up to Byron Bay 2 weeks ago. Going on another week long roadtrip just after christmas to make the most of the new car!

    • +1

      The new mazda 3 have such good interior, simple and elegant, and that front looks so good, hope you enjoy your new car. I am on my p plates and drive a sp25, definitily getting a mazda 3 for my first new car when time comes.

      • Yeh, I had my heart set on the hyandai i30 with the panoramic sunroof but I sat in the Mazda 3 and just couldn't stop thinking about it! It is totally designed with the driver in mind. Its so good to drive and looks and feels luxurious. The new models are amazing!

  • My biggest regret:
    $5700 (face value) of Virgin Australia corporate bonds. Cost around $3000. Current value, around $57 I guess.

  • AirPods Max.

  • For a very casual gamer, i’m starting to rethink my purchases.

    I got caught up in the scarcity of anything gaming related. With no preorders was able to nab a Ryzen 5900x and a Asus TUF 3080 OC. This was used to build my first PC in 15years. Been using a Mac since which has stood the test of time.

    I also managed to get a hold of a PS5.

    Whilst i’m stoked i managed to get these items, I question how much use these items will get. I’m lucky if i get 2-3hrs of gaming in a week.

    • +1

      You could always flip one of the items both are selling quickly on the second hand market

  • +6

    Personalised number plate - CO2 Free

  • $10K gaming PC. My wife isn't happy but I am.

    • what are parts and cost sheet?

      • Off the top of my head roughly:
        CPU: AMD 5950x $1250
        GPU: MSI TRIO X 3090 $2900
        MB: Aorus master x570 $560
        RAM: GSkill trident neo 64GB at 3600mhz $450
        SSD: 2x 1TB Samsung 980 Pro $700
        HDD: 4x 8TB WD RED $1100
        PSU: Corsair AX1200i $500
        Sound: Asus Essence STX II: $300
        Cooler: Corsair H115i 280mm $250
        Monitor: Odyssey G9 $2900
        Case: Corsair 780T $250
        Approx: $11160 not including KB/mouse, fans

        • What do you need 32TB of HDD storage for? You doing some hectic video editing?

          • @Castcore: Gaming emulation project. Putting together a Launchbox (think Plex for games) + everything else

  • Two things. One I don't regret, the other I do…

    I bought a new road bike which I don't regret.

    The one I do regret was a Garmin 245 Music which I bought early this year, which I thought was a great price at $430 (normally $549). Months later, they were selling them everywhere for $289!!!!

    • +1

      Can I unread this comment? Sad face.

  • building a new rig

  • This, not a single regrat :)

  • Working from home now full-time so bought a new desktop PC. Every component top of the range, OTT RAM, 2x 32"4k monitors etc - way more than I would ever need for work.

    I'm loving it.

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