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RENPHO Upgraded R3 Mini Massage Gun $129.99 Delivered ($30 off) @ AC Green Amazon AU


Upgraded R3 Mini Massage Gun.
Weighted only 1.5lbs, Ultra-Compact & Powerful.
5 Speed Levels & 5 Massager Heads.
Convenient USB Charging.
Long Working Time.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • That would bring it down to an average price.

    Average price for an average product?

  • Is this product any good?

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      I got the non-upgraded model with prime day sale earlier this year, use it all the time and can't really fault it. Not sure what has been upgraded on this model.

      • Is it more a deep tissue type of massage or like lightly tapping to promote blood flow into the area?
        Quite interested in the force output.

    • Mine stopped charging after 1 week. RENPHO has offered replacement, but shouldn't die after approx. 3 charges.

  • What's the difference between this and the $50 bux ones on eBay apart from the brand?

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    • Have a look at the motor voltage and battery capacity, most likely no difference

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    I tried one of these things at chemist warehouse the other day and ever since then have been looking out for deals..

    But.. There are sooo many of these out there, all generic brands.. What makes one better than another? What should I be looking for?

    • The cheapest!

    • I just bought one of those generic from ebay for $25, my wife said even the lowest speed level is enough for her, can't complain for $25!

      • Can I ask how long you've had it for?

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          They've been married for about 12 years.

  • Put this on eBay Plus for $39 and you'll sell 1000 units in 10 minutes.

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    Still too expensive for a generic…if you search around there are so many models with the same mold that you can't choose…Amazon reviews are also paid stuff for this kind of thing so no clue about real usage - apart from the ozb fellowship!

    • Generics are around $220 usually and the original theragun is $899.

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        The latest generation top of the line Theragun model (G4 Pro) could be had as low as $594 on Black Friday, nobody here ever pays RRP… not sure where you're seeing generics usually around the $220 mark either, a simple search on eBay will find most range between the $20-$70 mark (and that's shipped locally).

        I'm genuinely curious if the OP can provide any further information about the product to refute any of the re-branded generic claims in this thread? Publishing more specifications about the device would go a long way, such as; maximum no-stall force, amplitude, DC motor voltage, etc…

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    Applied a $48 discount to me! Thank you AC Green! I use your scales (renpho) and it's always top notch quality.

    • Same here.

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    OP any deal on this one https://www.amazon.com.au/RENPHO-Massager-Powerful-Percussio...

    I have friends who bought this and have provided positive feedback on that model. Thanks

    • isn't this the C3? I can't tell what the difference is between the C3 and R3 mini apart from size and buttons.

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    Serious question, are people actually using these for massages, or is the main usage of this device mostly…"off-label"?

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      the type of motor these use, off label would……hurt.

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      Haha, not sure if serious…

  • What's the difference between these and the $600+ ones?

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    This or Hitachi magic wand for pleasure?

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    pulled the trigger, the USB-C charging got me over the line. Thanks OP, code also makes it $111 as other have said 👍

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    Here's my mental vomit review on mobile:

    I have had this exact model for a couple of months and I can't compare it to anything else as it's the first I've owned. That being said, I can't really fault it.

    The first setting is generally enough and the higher frequency settings are good for deeper tissue massages. I don't feel relaxed after a session with one of these as I would with a masseuse but it's great for working out knots and muscle pain. The forked attachment works great around the neck/shoulders and calves.

    It's got great build quality. USB C charging is a bonus.

    I can't stop thinking it somehow looks like an adult toy. Didn't stop me recommending it to my in-laws.

  • Bought a unit, delivery super fast. But dead on arrival. Simply does not work.

    Does not bode well for the product longevity.

  • Hey OP,I missed out on this R3 mini deal and was wondering if you might be running another promo anytime soon or any deals on the R4 Pro?

    Have also PM'd you, cheers

    • Also would be keen to know

      • I would also be keen to know if there are any other deals

  • Code still seems to be working for the blue colour only, just bought for $111.

    • No longer working if it was