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$40 Belong Sim Starter Kits $15 ($14.25 Officeworks Price Beat) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest I've ever seen these packs for. Even better if you managed to get jb hifi gift cards at a discount. If not you could also price beat with officeworks for $14.25.

$40 plan gives you 40gb of data. Unfortunately no more double data in the first week. You can also activate these on the $25 plan and then change your plan to the $10 plan after activation for the following months.

Mod: The referral randomiser is here, on the Belong store page.

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    And tips and instructions from Arthur Dunger, who appears to be in a dog box at the moment.


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      I wonder why. Maybe he doesn't belong here after all.

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        I don't think it will be long before he's back.

  • Posting here in the hopes someone can help or potentially warn others. I bought a $25 pack today and have been trying to activate it online but it just send me on and endless loop when click on the "get started" button.

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      Yes I had that too when I had a previous account and tried to activate a pack in the new system. You can either open a support ticket and they will activate it for you or create a new account

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        Took me 2 weeks to port from kogan
        They have no phone support at all.
        I had better luck using the support on facebook than on the app.
        The Facebook support can be found on product review amongst all the unhappy reviews.

  • "Unfortunately no more double data in the first week."

    really? there were like certain dates that we need to avoid (to activate), if we dont activate on those dates then we get double data

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      They changed the billing date so it's upon activation, no longer those set dates

      • I ported my number to Belong three weeks ago. I still have got 40gb + 40gb data.

        • I did mine on the 29/11 like right after midnight and just scraped in, someone else tried doing it that night and the old website wasnt working

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          Arthur Dungur and I both tried in December. Double data is 100% gone. Can still use referrals and change to the $10 plan.

          • @tunzafun001: becareful dont refer yourself, i heard belong will just cancel your service all together. means the number will gone

    • Unfortunately that's finished with the new system. Your activation date is your billing date. 40gb when you activate then another 40gb exactly a month later, no matter what date you activate on

      • I thought double data has been scrapped altogether :(

        • It has.

          • @Cousin IT: Activated a card one week ago. It’s gone the double data :(

            • @fozzie: Thanks, although I wasn't asking a question. Belong have removed the set billing dates with their new website, so the Double Data bonanza has sadly come to an end. My guess is that with Covid there have been staff changes and they've finally put an end to this.

      • Noooo - i was looking to activating my first belong sim but didnt know they changed the double data :(

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          oh no~~~~~`

  • Telstra with Boost and Belong is pretty much like Facebook with Instagram and Whatsapp, need make Telstra offload the other two for healthier competition lol

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    have a look first on gumtree or Facebook for the $80 starter. can get for similar price usually.

    • Agree, I picked up an $80 starter pack for $20 on the weekend. The credit expiry date on the back said the 31/12/2020 so I'm hoping it's an activation date cutoff and that the remaining $40 credit doesn't drop off at the end of the month. Looked on OzB forums but didn't see anyone talk about the credit expiry. Even if it does I still only spent $20 so can't complain!

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        it's activation cutoff

        • What does that mean? As in you need a new sim? Or you can activate and not use the credit?

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            @shadow131: if you try toactivate after the date, the SIM and credit expire.

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    Coles has been doing $9 and $10 on $30 and $40 cards for Boost and Amaysim. Would recommend.

  • Hi team, pretty new to Belong so wanted to confirm the posters comment about "$40 plan gives you 40gb of data. Unfortunately no more double data in the first week. You can also activate these on the $25 plan and then change your plan to the $10 plan after activation for the following months."

    Does the $40 just get credited to your account and then it deducts that amount on a monthly basis? So you'd have 4 months for buying this $40 starter kit (pay $15)?

    I couldn't find the $10/month plan either does anyone know what that comes with?

    Thanks everyone.

    • 1G of data with $10 plan. You can however rollover your data into the following month

      • Thanks for that. Good for a low data user then.

    • IIRC they don't offer the $10 plan upon activating but you can change it after they bill you the first time? If they still give you $20 referral credit, then it would still be 4 months for you

    • remember to use the referral links to get extra credit

  • Dumb question here, how is this a good deal thanks

  • Is this nationwide? Coz its still 40 at the JB near me. Visited half hour ago.

    • it was on shelf at $40 at Northland JB HiFi in melb. but the guy scanned and it was showing $15. I think they haven't put the prices on the shelves.

  • Does Belong mobile still do their $10/month plan? I was going to help set up the $40/$10 plan for a friend, but their website shows they now only have a $25 and $40 plan. Could this be why there is a recent increase in Belong SIM sales?

    • Update: The Critical Information Summary on their website shows that the $10 plan is no longer available for new sign ups after 23/07/2020

      Source: https://www.belong.com.au/content/dam/belong/downloads/CIS-B...

      • -1

        That's bad.

        No more activating on $40 for 80gb and then swap to $10 a month.

        • Not quite. I believe you can still switch to the $10 plan after your first month.

          • @NimbusTLD: Look at Chuneeperformance's comment below, apparently you can't anymore after joining after Jul.

            • @victorheaven: Fair enough. Too unprofitable a deal for someone who only wants calls & texts and no data I guess.

            • @victorheaven: Actually, looks like I signed up 29th September, and was able to switch to the $10 plan after the first month. Your mileage may vary.

      • Anyone recently ported to Belong and managed to change to $10 plan? I'm needing to change but don't spend much or need huge amounts of data. So $10 plan looks perfects for me. Maybe I'll just take a punt for $15.

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          you can change it after you signed up to the other options. you'll be on the $10 plan the second month

    • You can only swap to it after the first month - can’t activate on it

      • existing user and cant see $10 even after 3 months…

        • Damn - has definitely lost some of its value

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          That's odd. I signed up 7 weeks ago, and definitely on the $10/mth at the moment.

        • @chuneeperforamce, another user over at whirlpool has pointed me to the following link.

          If you read

          I thought you offered a $10 smaller 1G plan?

          We did, but as of 23 July Belongs $10 plan will no longer be available for new sign-ups.

          How does this affect you?

          If you're already on the $10 plan, this won't affect you. You'll remain on the plan.

          Once you've signed up, you'll be able to change over to the $10 plan at the start of your next billing month. You can also stay on the $25, switch to the $40
          plan or cancel the service.

          If you sign up on or after 23 July, while you won't be able to purchase the $10 plan when joining Belong. You will, however, be able to change over to the
          $10 plan at the start of your next billing month. You can also stay on the $25, switch to the $40 plan or cancel the service

          So I would be contact support and asking why you can't see the option. Perhaps they have to do it manually…

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    Terrible customer service

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      What customer service!

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        The non existent

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    Vodafone $40 (50gb) pack for $10 at woolies. G

    • With Infinite data
      First use all other data, then use infinite data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps

      • I'm planning to buy $8 Vodafone Sim which is originally priced at $30. But the Sim pack doesn't have "First use all other data, then use infinite data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps." written on it. Might be an old stock at Woolies. However the Sim pack in its catalogue does show the infinite data thing.
        I guess it shouldn't be an issue because they do that from their system. Or should I be concerned ? Do I buy this or spend a dollar more and buy it from Coles which is a new stock ?

        • Not sure sorry. First time I've gotten it, but
          it haven't activated yet. Mine from Woolworths had it listed on the pack.

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    Thanks. These are good for those who want to activate on the $40 plan for the 40gb credit.

    The $20 from referral can no longer be applied to the first transaction total when activating.

    Meaning a $25 card can no longer be activated together with the $20 referral to pay for the $40 first recharge. Customers are now forced to pay $15 out of their pocket, the referral credit then goes towards the second transaction (the second month)

    • Thanks for that. I still have two $25 packs I haven’t activated yet, might just let them die…

      • Why? Still can activate on $25 plan, right? I actually want that one to prolong my secondary number, don’t care about the data, seems to be the cheapest option for 3 months

        • Well I think it cost me $10 or something for the $25 pack. Add $15 means I would've still paid $25 for the 40GB, get $20 credit back, $20 to another service we already have, wait a couple of months or three, gift the data away and then cancel? I suppose I could do that. Maybe in the new year.

          I actually want that one to prolong my secondary number

          That's fair enough. There maybe cheaper ways to do this than $10 a month.

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    RIP Belong. It was good whilst we were together.

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    These are still great value, these are the options as per Arther Dungers previous post linked above and they are still 100% applicable,

    Option 1 (4 Months 13GB) - Activate on the $25 10GB per month plan. Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 4 months cost is covered ($40 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) $5.00 will be left over for the 5th month. (So $14.50 the starter kit price, for 4 months and 13gb, plus for each referral you receive another 2 months $20, I set one of these up for a friend and got 10 referrals from the Ozbargain pool for $200 credit, the phone cost nothing after it was set up for 2 years! And when the data is finished you still get a really slow feed good enough to access emails and the like, or you can buy it from Ozbargain classifieds for around 30 to 40c a gb)

    Option 2 (3 Months 42GB) - Activate on the $40 40GB per month plan. Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 3 months cost is covered ($40 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted.

    I did option 1 myself on the 1st of December, ported, activated on $25 plan, changed to $10 plan, all online, I have 10gb and with the referral a total of $35 credit remaining on my account, and hopefully more from future referrals, there is no better value plan that I know of for low data users!

    • if you switch to the $10 plan then you don't get any referral credit. I believe they change it to only getting the credit if you are on the med or high plan.

      • FWIW I switched to the $10 plan and the $20 referral credit is still showing on my account..

  • Got this for $10 today at Officeworks Richmond (VIC)

    • was that standard pricing? did they have anymore?

      • According to Officeworks online $10 = $25 starter kit.. $20 for $40

        But if you got the $40 for $10 then well done!

  • so referrals code no longer works?

    • I just signed up, and used a random referral code. In the confirmation step it clearly states "Your $20 introduce a Friend credit will be applied to your next payment".

      Hopefully it will trigger when I hopefully am able to change to the $10/month option… Guess we will see. But it did accept the code at least.

      • +1

        actually, it now states in my account portal. so I paid $15, got $40 credit with SIM (as per this deal). Then i used $25 of that credit on my first month. That left me with $15 remaining, so they seem to have added the $20 referral to that.

        "YOUR CREDIT


        We’ll take your monthly payment from this credit before we debit your chosen payment method"

        Sadly I cannot delete my PayPal on there - it seems to force you to have an active means of payment.

      • I was trying when I posted my message, tried about 10 referral codes and all failed. What was the code you used?

        This is the error I see on any code i try - https://pasteboard.co/JEZZquv.png

        • I can't post the one I used due to forum rules (which I just discovered when my post was unpublished). I used a mates and it worked. Maybe the random generated ones that fail are from people whose Belong accounts have since been closed. Maybe keep trying them, one might work.

        • hmmm mine definitely still work and active

        • I have the same problem today and couldn't go through the billing.

        • I have the same error today.

        • Terms and conditions says "If you are a Belong mobile customer, your invite code can only be used to sign up to Belong mobile. If you are a Belong internet customer, your code can only be used to sign up to Belong internet."
          So maybe the codes you got were internet customers'.

      • Can i ask which step were you able to enter referral code? I couldn't seem to find it after all those change. Thanks

        • +4

          After add billing details.

  • can i use the starter pack to recharge my number by replacing the sim card?

    • no starter means starter not recharge pack

  • Officeworks refused to price beat it. They claimed that they can only price beat online advertised prices or catalogue items.

    • try different store/staff.

  • Beware 3 months now with no mobile data or MMS, customer support and complaints are useless. Will port out when credit is finished.

  • The activation has totally changed… Where do i enter referral code now?
    I only see the confirm and pay button on the bottom of set up page. Need to do it today so help is appreciated.

    • Contact live chat

      • Is there a live chat?

    • +1

      It's on the fourth page or payment page.

  • Double data is cancelled for the cost of Belong's carbon offset projects.

  • Does anyone have a receipt so I can price match with Office Works?

  • +1

    Officeworks price beat for those interested. - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/29476/85662/belong_jb_...

    With thanks to MrKrazy

    • Officeworks Brisbane store won't accept receipt or picture. They need to check stock. I've been on hold with JB hi-fi Carindale for 14 minutes. What's the fastest way to get this information to the satisfaction of office work?

  • I have a $80 SIM that expires today (30/12/2020), that the Belong system does not seem to recognise. Has anyone else tried activating their $80 SIM that expires today?

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