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Corsair SF 750W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular SFX Power Supply $239 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Umart


Down from $330. Has been out of stock quite a bit recently and hard to pick up at a good price.

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    Retail is more like $250. None the less good deal

    • dont forget yoiu have to factor in shipping, umart is easily attainable for me, so worked well.

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    Does platinum justify the premium over gold?

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      I dont think so, from what im seeing it has like 1% better efficiency at 50% load. Cant see the $60 premium over other 750w gold psu's.

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        this one is sff, that's why there is a premium

        • what does that provide?

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            @Freestyle: it is a lot smaller than an atx psu, and in most itx case, having an atx psu will choke your system air flow

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              @ln28909: oohh form factor gotcha

              guessing for Mid Towers no need to look for such psus

              looking for a price drop for 850Ws lol, all too expensive now

              • @Freestyle: Yeah definitely wouldn't pay the premium if you have a mid tower or larger, and yeah psu price hurts my soul when I have to buy it now and compare with historical price on ozbargain

                • @ln28909: thankfully 650W running my 3080 decently enough, no crashes so far so def not paying these prices

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        I'd say yes, but not for efficiency reasons. I chose a corsair platinum SF600. I did that for a few reasons:
        1. It has a better fan curve - with Zero RPM until a higher level. Fan kick in levels based on fan curves on box:
        SF600 Gold - ~100W
        SF600 Plat - 240W
        SF750 Plat - 300W

        Also - For Corsair vs others, I think the Corsair SF models use a 92mm fan vs 80mm in some other brand SFX PSU. Seasonic looked nice, but was too expensive, and not available widely.

        I also saw relatively few complaints of coil whine on Corsair PSU.

        However if you don't care too much about noise, I'm sure there are plenty of cheaper options, like Silverstone.

        I am assuming this is all related to SFX too.. If you dont need SFX you wouldnt be in this comments section.

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          The Plat PSU's also come with braided cables.

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      Premium version has braided cables which are a lot easier to manage in smaller cases

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      Platinum comes with nicer braided cables.

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    I refuse to buy from a retailer that so blatantly inflates their rrps.

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      Yeah they are shit but this is objectively a good deal right now

  • Anyone know of any good power supplys around the $100 mark or should I just buy a nice one. I've had a psu last over 10 years and I have a feeling it might cark it sometime soon.

    • its SFX, you are paying premium, because of the small form factor, and 750 is only required for 3080+ which i may intend to do.

    • I like seasonic - bought a good modular PSU 650 watt and most importantly, comes with a 5 year warranty.

      High chance of a crap $100 PSU with 1 year warranty breaking on you 3 years down the line so you're likely saving yourself money there.

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    damn what a nice price. it is THE PSU for itx builds. heaps of power for dual loop cooling is enough.

  • Damn shipping cost. May as well buy it locally in Victoria to save any warranty shipping hassles.

  • The curse of wanting a SFX PSU for a NAS and rack mounted server, not enough SATA ports :( lol

  • Waiting for a deal on the SF600 gold :((

    • mine, that i replaced with the 750W

  • Damn, it is sold out.

  • Happy with Gigabyte P650B; for $85, can't fault it.

    • It's a small form factor psu for mini itx builds - hence the price

  • Didn't the Platinum series of SFX PSU have issue?


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      Some of them did, they were recalled

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