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Apple AirPods Max Space Grey $799.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


100 dollar cheaper than in Apple's website.

It looks like Space Gray is the only colour they have at the moment.

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        • Notice how you didn't even consider the audio quality, and that's exactly where all these companies marketing ANC headphones want you to be.

          They're selling the future to you (and making you heavily pay for that R&D), while most Bluetooth codecs still deliver cruddy audio, so they shove substandard drivers and tunings in the mix to disguise that.

          • @jasswolf: You’re clearly not the market. Most customers will not care about audio driver profiles. They’ll just care if they sound good, feel good, and lol good. And if it’s all seamless on their iSevices, perfect.

            That you’re comparing them to wired headphones again reiterates the above.

            I’d love to see your audio credentials up against Apple’s engineering team though, since you state “ DSP done right can actually be fantastic, but you really need to know what you're doing”….

            Anyway, buy em, don’t buy em. But at least don’t wax lyrical. The majority of reviews are not “trashing them”…

            • @Tacosaurus Rex: I don't think the audio engineers are the ones signing off on the final designs. I also never said anything about press reviews.

          • @jasswolf: I use streaming services when I'm on the go, so the quality is all reaching a plateau anyway, although I still think Sony's LDAC edges all the competition.

            My travelling/day-to-day needs are different to my listening to music needs, and frankly there's no competition. I'm not carrying around planar magnetic earphones that require a powered amplifier on the train or the plane, and I don't need to be wireless and have ANC when I'm sitting in my house.

            It's like true wireless phones, I absolutely consider the sonys the best in both anc and audio quality, but sadly they aren't what I need, I need TW earphones to fit under a motorbike helmet, and so I reluctantly had to choose the airpods pro over the sonys.

        • It’s one of the things that really irks me about my APP

          Do you use Siri much? If you're in an environment where it's not embarrassing (i.e. no one else around), give it a try…. "hey Siri go back 2 tracks". It's surprisingly handy.

          • @Marty131: Which would be great if I had an iPhone. Which I don't. And even if I did I don't feel much like having to talk to skip tracks.

      • Got mine today, actually sound really good, quite a bit better than my xm3’s, should sound better than most of the sub $200 wired headphones I reckon, but I haven’t listened to a lot of headphones, just my guess, I only got a pair of hd600s, and they are still better sound than AirPods max.

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      Sounds like a bad way to spend $799.99.

      • +7

        Good thing it cancels sound!

        • +2

          Would that then make it… unsound for use?

    • This person said they will be doing their own measurements (of SQ and ANC) and full review will be out soon.
      Just check once in awhile I think they will post soon.

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    Come on guys, who is going to say: Thanks OP, grab 2…..

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      I thought this price was for 2 pairs… that's awkward…

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    This is the new norm.

    • Yep… wouldn’t be surprised in the new Sony or Bose came out same price.

      But let’s not skim the fact that headphones in the thousands have existed for a long time, just not consumer grade.

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    Thanks OP grabbed 3.

    • +6

      come on mate, leave some stocks for other users. Just grabbed 4. Cheers

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    I feel that this is taking the "pod" moniker a little far.

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    I buy Apple headphones as that makes me look better


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    I was looking at the US price and I was like $500 … It even more uncanny seeing it in AUD for the first time :))))

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      Same. Had an email come through from Apple saying $500, initially was like yeah that’s expensive but not completely ridiculous, then realised I was looking at the email from my US Apple store account.

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    Wait till you guys see the case

    • It’s gorgeous… if you don’t care about what a case actually is intended for.

      • And it’s even better when you remember they won’t turn off but sit at full power and connected to your device unless you put them in the case, or turn off your bluetooth.

        • +3

          The case was strategically designed so you can hang the headphones around your neck then place the cans in the case.

          Males get the extra experience of what it's like to have boobs.

          • +1

            @Steakz: or get choked by an insane socialite with a purse, if you’re like me and have a neck thicker than your wrist.

          • @Steakz: Very progressive Tim Apple.

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    $800 XDDD

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    Did you see the smart case? What does it look like? Handbag?

    • +3

      The iPad weathered all the shitty jokes, I'm sure the Pod Purse will as well.

    • +1

      Too smal as a handbag. More like a womens purse.

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      Bra. It's ridiculous. There's no off button on the headphones so you need the case to turn them off or wait two hours.

      Source: https://youtu.be/Gvvo6vUpJRc?t=640

      • Apparently someone did not put it in a case and just left them overnight and it barely dropped any battery.

      • +2

        What the actual… lol!

        Me to partner: Dear, the reason why you have lost your bank cards is because you are walking around with my headphones…

  • loose one ,what they worth then

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    What's worse about this product is now sony, Bose may start to increase the price of their products slowly and slowly until it reaches $1000. feelsbadman

    • Apple seen more of a luxury item than Bose though, not same targeted demographic

      • It’s similar market.
        Bose next headphones will be $800.

        • I was thinking the same. Time to get a pair.

    • -2

      What's wrong with that? As long as the features and build quality match the price, I don't see a problem as there will always be different tiers to choose from.

      • +1

        From the reviews so far, comparing with the XM4s the sound quality is basically the same, noise cancelling is slightly worse, battery is slightly worse, comfort is relatively worse because of the heavier metal. The main features of what makes a headphone is basically on par with the current offerings. Other than "spatial audio" and other slightly small improvements, there is little to justify the 550USD.

        Then you might say sure, let Apple fans buy Apple's overpriced products, what's it to everyone else? Well, just think of how Apple released the iPhone 10 for 999USD. Now look at Samsung releasing "Ultra" devices for 1300USD.

        Now, since Apple is releasing a product which is fundamentally similar to offerings of Sony and Bose, Sony and Bose are more inclined to sell new high end products with small changes over the previous models but charging extra $100 each iteration (up until they hit the price ceiling at which point Apple will probably break through it again).

        And that's the main negative of this product. We, as consumers will be faced with paying extra money for a new iteration that is completely unjustified but everyone will end up accepting it because every other manufacturer is doing so.

        • noise cancelling is slightly worse

          Yes a foreign language review also said this. And said it is from the use of breathable “mesh” pads instead of typical “pleather” pads of other ANC headphones. So the passive noise isolation is bad (first step for good Noise-Cancelling).

          The review even said the cheaper Apple AirPods Pro had better ANC.

          • @thebadmachine: Yeah I find that most in-ears are much better than on-ears and over-ears with isolation, although with that usually trading comfort. Add in ANC and you basically block out everything.

        • I dont know which reviews are you watching but from what I have seen, the sound quality and ANC is better than Sony's or Bose, even if the difference isnt much and the transparency mode is the best in the industry. The build quality is far beyond the incumbents as well and none of them offer spatial audio. Then there are quality of life improvements you get with Airpods if you have an iPhone and better still other Apple devices. Apparently even the battery is replaceable.

          Yes they are expensive but the question really is whether they are worth it or not.

  • Thanks op. 'Was hoping they are included in the next 10% off Apple sale at JB, but this is even better.

      • +3

        Also fire the person who even gave this man an OzBargain licence

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    Waiting for Samsung to make knock off version and sell at similar price 😂

    • Interesting

    • +2

      At least the Samsung version would be AKG based and might sound decent, although they'd still be a massive ripoff.

      • If their Galaxy Buds Live are anything to go by, they are AKG in name only.

    • -7

      Oh god. I hope Samsung stays out of this market. I like it as Sony and Bose. And now that Apple has to join, 3 is enough!

      • +2

        Samsung already owns AKG and have produced a number of AKG cans.. They aren't "copying Apple"..

    • +5

      May not be true anymore. Samsung owns Harman now. They can make amazing headphones themselves.

      • -1

        Samsung owns Harman..
        Apple owns Dr Dre's Beats.. LOL

    • You mean SamDung and meaningful innovation blah blah!

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    I still trying to justify the price tag. How in the world do you even think about selling a wireless headset for $800. I know people will still buy it but this price tag is really questionable.

    • It's a steal if you think about it.

      Eg. Amiron wireless, BO H95, both a grand or more. The pods offer more features.

      In all seriousness, Apple products are luxury products. People buy them BECAUSE they're expensive, it gives people a sense of exclusivity and ego boost.

      • Remember the Apple Watch Edition?

        • And it did not make Apple billion of dollars in profit, they barely sold them infact and rightfully so.

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    PS5 or a pair of headphones that needs to be put into a purse, to turn off.

    • +1

      Would love to find a PS5 now for the same price as these purse headphones

  • Get three of the Beyerdynamic Lagoons on sale at Minidisc. Pretty sure Apple does not know more about audio than Beyerdynamic.

    • +1

      Too bad marketing sells more than heritage.

      On a side note, I'm trying to get rid of my lagoons. Love the sound but the cups are too small and hot for my ears :(

    • Apple has been doing audio since 1976.

      • Wow.. did the Apple 1 even have sound? I wouldn't call a buzzer (if it even had one) audio.

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    Apple is going to raise the price of headset, just like what they do with mobile phone, disgusting

    • You can always buy in the other tiers that continue to exist, just like every market they are in…

  • +2

    Jokes aside I actually ordered a pair 🤓

    $800 and an instant asset write off (as I will use for business) makes it passable price wise!

    • +28

      Business expense is the lamest excuse for impulsivity

    • jealous some lol, $730 after gst back too :)

      • Not GST registered sadly. But hoping might sneak in an NZ flight within 60 days ;)

        • Did that in January :)

    • How is this tax deductible?

    • +1

      What percentage will you allocate for private use? $800 for a pair of headphones might look a bit sus on your return if your occupation isn't listed as sound engineering.

      • +1

        I'm a video editor and I could definitely claim 100% business use.

        But even then, it's too expensive. I can claim the same business use on the Sony's and be a few hundred dollars ahead.

      • Spend 6-8 hours a day on Zoom calls so headphones is more than justifiable. Cost of headphones is irrelevant

        • It's the split between business and private use that's relevant for the proportion you can claim as a business expense, not just the absolute amount of business use.

          The high cost is only relevant in that it might flag your return for manual review if it pushes you too far above average for your industry, location, age group, etc.

          • @ragrum: Of course - and I daren't leave the house with this for fear of mugging so it will likely be close to 100%! (With the exception of flying - which is mostly business too)

          • -1

            @ragrum: a pair of headphones will push you above average loll, get real.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser341338: The average total deduction per taxpayer last year was about $3400. $800 is pretty large in relation to that.

              • @ragrum: not if they have a business could be 34k

    • That's 30% off.

      • *45%

        • For businesses its 30% flat rate

          • +1

            @BlueDragon01: If you're a sole trader, you're charged individual tax, so it would be at your respective rate - so could easily be 45% (mine is)

    • That's funny by my calculations you still got ripped off

  • I hope this isn't the new price point other manufacturers compete at

    But if it is, I've been waiting for some AI simulated open back wizardry using mic audio!

  • Does it worth $799?

    • +12


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        I'd love to watch your review on these, please share.