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Apple AirPods Max Space Grey $799.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


100 dollar cheaper than in Apple's website.

It looks like Space Gray is the only colour they have at the moment.

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    • Just watched another international review, and in the comments they said:
      Airpods Max has deeper bass and more extended highs, overall clearer sound quality and vocals sounded like they had less distortion than XM3.
      They said Airpods Max sound quality is similar to Sennheiser Momentum Wireless.

      Obviously this is just opinion of one person, but I think it is realistic: Airpods Max SQ is similar to “mid” level premium ANC headphones.

      • Got mine today, do sound quite a bit better than my xm3’s, but I don’t have momentum to compare to, do have a pair of hd600’s though, hd600’s are still a lot better.

        • +1

          but I don’t have momentum to compare to

          From reading previous comments on ozbargain: Momentum was a step above XM3 in sound quality but weaker noise-cancelling. Momentum has been as cheap as $231 Delivered for old model and $398 Delivered for new model.

          do sound quite a bit better than my xm3’s

          Yes international reviews seem to agree.

          do have a pair of hd600’s though, hd600’s are still a lot better.

          Yes wired will still always be better sound quality.

        • By the way I just read this in YouTube comments:
          There are hidden settings:
          Settings>Accessibility>Audio/visual>Headphone accomodations

          Another comment said they prefer “Balanced / Slight” setting.

          You may need to be on iOS 14.3.

  • Bargain

  • i have those $300 sony ones every goes on about here, and theyre that good i dont know what the extra $500 would get you

    • A logo :)

      • +1

        No logo on these

        • +2

          They had better put it on Airpods Max 2 to please the Apple Sheep .

  • +1

    Sold out. As the saying goes “There’s an apple user born every minute”

  • WoW wHaT a BaRgAiN tHaNx aPpLe aNd cOsTc
    Jokes aside, good post OP, just Apple things I guess.

  • +1

    I haven't studied economics or anything but I always wonder if Apple has calculated just how much disposable income people have and have just gradually bumped every single product to inflated prices. Don't get me wrong I use Apple stuff, but it's quite crazy when back then the first iPhone came out and people were umm'ing and ahh'ing over $600-$700 phone.

    • +4

      Apple knows there’s a specific markets that can afford it . There will always complain about Apple products . Yes they are on the pricier but they are a premium product.

      It’s like hey people but a Mercedes over a Toyota or why people by a Rolex over seiko when either one does the job.
      There’s many people that want premium and exclusive products especially with the influence of social media and advertisement.

      Apple isn’t out there to please everyone and if you can afford their products then good for you. It’s always the people that can’t afford that complain.

      No ones holding a gun to your head to buy it.

      • +1

        True. I cannot justify paying $3000-4000 for a gaming rig myself, but I am ok paying for Apple headphones (when there’s a good deal). Everyone to their own. I am not going to complain/criticise people who spend that much on gaming.

      • It’s always the people that can’t afford that complain.

        Ah typical. You can't afford it argument. Just understand why we now have over $1000 smart phones from Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, OPPO and others. Thats Apple and its user base to thank for that.

        Apple can price their product to whatever they like if only they don't affect the prices of other similar goods.

        We as consumers most specially ozbargainers should aim to get companies to get things prized accordingly. Not just for ourselves but for the rest of consumers not on here.

        Can I afford to buy Apple airpods max? I can pay in cash not credit. Will I buy one? Nope. I think its overpriced.

        So. Still think only people who can't afford it that complain?

  • +2

    These would go well with my $700 wheels

  • +5

    In this thread: Hundreds of comments from people decrying these as overpriced garbage having never heard them, or even read/seen any in-depth reviews.

    $100 off an Apple product on launch day that’s out of stock on Apples site until March is worth posting. Thanks OP

    • +1

      out of stock on Apples site until March is worth posting.

      Actually heard it is out of stock in many other countries. Very similar to the PS5 stock levels (suspicious).
      I expect to see many deals posted with Airpods Max at full-price soon simply because out of stock. Probably will get many upvotes too.

    • +1

      from people decrying these as overpriced garbage having never heard them, or even read/seen any in-depth reviews.

      We have, the verdict is in and surprise, surprise: they're overpriced garbage, like your average Apple product.

      For those who haven't been listening to 128Kbps Spotify streams on bundled smartphone earbuds all of their lives, we really don't need to wait for a full forensic disassembly and analysis by a team of of audio engineers to know that Apple products have absolutely sh*t sound quality.

      As the old adage goes, if it looks like a duck…

      • Thanks for making my point for me

      • -1

        Like which Apple product sounds shit - MacBook, iMac, Apple Watch, iPhone, HomePod, Airpods Pro? Have I missed any.

        P.S. Magic mouse only makes a click sound and the keyboard, click clack sound.

  • +2

    is anyone actually getting one of those?

  • +4

    I love how they have a sudden sense of passion and commitment to be more environmentally friendly and reduce e-waste by firstly not including chargers with their new iPhones and now by making these headphones unaffordable so people can't afford to buy them! Nice :)

  • +2

    Does this come with volume controls or is it sold separately for $199

    • +1

      It does come with volume controls. But no power button (not joking).

  • Think I'll wait for the Google Pixel headphones instead as they'll better suit my Android.

  • Thought these were meant to be $549!

    This seems a bit steep

    • +1

      That price is USD

    • That’d be US dollars.

      But even $799 is above the direct conversion.

      • US prices never include tax.

        +GST and it’s not an unreasonable conversion

  • +2

    Honestly buying these for the instant connection with iPhone. Sure I’ll enjoy it. Price irrelevant, tax deductible too.

    • Good on you - same - not sure what Costco return policy is, but if I don't get on with them I'm sure I can sell for at least $800 given you can't get them til March!

      • I'm sure I can sell for at least $800

        Or trade it for PS5…

  • I would get some, but my Sony's from this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/123927) are still working.

  • -1

    Laughing hilariously at anyone who actually purchased these.

    No pair of wireless headphones are worth this price, and there are better headphones for legit half the price.

    Stop letting Apple think they can get away with selling people overpriced junk.

    • +1

      How do you know no pair of wireless headphones are worth this?

      • +3

        Because it's not even a question about audio quality or features. It's literally marketing and status-symbolism; gatekeeping with price.

        Bluetooth audio codecs are still unable to push high-fidelity audio to this day.

        Sony and Bose have done all they can to push the current version of Bluetooth to its limits, and compete in the wireless headphone market with features and innovations to that degree.

        If these were wired headphones it would be a different story.

        • These are also wired…. like many other wireless headphones.

          • +3

            @sovereign01: you’ll have to buy a seperate lightning to 3.5mm cable to use it wired lmfao

        • I don’t care about status symbols. But I’m happy to pay for what I believe to be unique and innovative design.

          It’s like saying you can get a brand new car for $20k or $400k and the $400k car isn’t worth it. If you can afford a brand new R8, no doubt to you, that car is worth it

        • Laughing hilariously at anyone who actually purchased Sony's. How can they sound any better than Taotronics? No pair of wireless headphones are worth this price, and there are better headphones for legit half the price.

          Stop letting Sony/Bose think they can get away with selling people overpriced junk.

          • @dealsucker: I think wireless headphones are a joke altogether tbh but there's no doubt that those two offer a more competitive product than Apple.

            The whole idea of removing 3.5mm jacks from phones and forcing everyone into the "wireless" age when the technology is still juvenile at best is one of capitalism's greatest cons.

            • @Sporange: No they are not a joke and if you think so, its your opinion and is certainly not true. A customary look at people listening to their music while on the move should certainly tell you that and more. Let people who are buying them using their own money decide whether they are worth the price or not. How can you make the proclamation no headphones arent worth that price?

              If removing 3.5mm jack was just a con, why did other phone manufacturers follow suit? And why havent we seen people move en masse towards thousands of cheaper Android OEM since they love it so much? Afterall who wouldnt love customers moving from Apple to them since all they need to do is retain a 3.5mm jack.

              I also ask, what is the big deal? You could use the lighting to 3.5mm dongle, can't you? Before you decry, "oh another dongle to carry", keep in mind that you are willing to carry a wired headphone since you are so committed to sound, just attached the dongle permanently to your wired headphone. Easily solved compared to going on every forum and post about Apple and proclaiming how they are worthless and a massive con being played on innocent people.

              The technology was juvenile because no body made an effort to remove the friction, turn on bluetooth, put your headphones in pairing mode, find your headphone, and then select to connect nonsense as opposed to just opening the case and tapping connect on your phone, or that once you connect to one it connect automatically to all your other devices without you having to do anything or that a bluetooth headphone which is as good if not better at calls than any other headset at the time or the form factor so small that it could keep it in the redundant pocket of your jeans. I can go on but yeah keep crying everything is worthless because there is no 3.5 jack on the phone. Silly.

              • @dealsucker: The removal of the headphone jack was to make the company more money in sales of bt earphones and headphones.

                Pretty sure the likes of Spotify and other music streaming services had a hand in it also. Because you need the headphone jack for fm tuner. It uses the earphone/headphone cable as an antenna.

                What I dont understand is users supporting the removable of the headphone jack. Its not an issue of water proofing. Samsung proved that. All users who don't use the headphone is just that. Dont use it. That simple.

                And use a dongle? Why do I have to choose between charging my phone and listening to audio wired?

                If you want to live the Bluetooth life more power to you. Having a headphone jack in a phone which consequently have Bluetooth also. Why does it have to be oh you have Bluetooth. You don't need a headphonejack. but some do. If its not for you then leave it and not use it. Its that simple.

                • @xoom: A massive use case for sure - listening to music wired while also charging your phone through a wire at the same time. You make perfect sense.

              • @dealsucker: Spoken like someone who doesn't actually understand how wireless transmission and audio works. Comments like that are exactly why the 3.5mm jack was allowed to disappear without a fight despite the fact the connection is still ESSENTIAL for connectivity and audio quality in this day and age.

                But yes, enjoy your 800 dollar headphones that sound exactly the same as a pair of 300 cans, having to charge every device you own and then having them just not work after 2 years because of battery degradation lol.

                I'm allowed to criticize when people ignorantly support anti-consumer practice because we all end up losing in the end.

                • @Sporange: Well the someone in question is someone who used to exclusively listen to high quality flac files through an IEM (Ultimate Ears, Shure's) but I am no longer bothered to download and maintain flac music files, even if I did i have to find those files at first place and pay through the nose, my car stereo works via bluetooth and I want the ability to be able to change music using buttons on the steering wheel so i wont connect it via AUX, i use music as a service. On an off chance that you do need a 3.5mm connection, a dongle works just fine.

                  Have you listened to these headphones, made measurements to come to a conclusion or is it your opinion again based on yada, zilch, nothing. How much price do you put to quality of life improvements, build quality, excellent aftersales service, a replaceable battery and features like spatial audio which is just no a spec on spec sheet? I dont think they are worth twice the cost of XM4 as of this stage because I havent listened to them yet but i wont make a proclamation that "no bluetooth headphone" is worth it.

                  So then every expensive product which has every right to be expensive is anti consumer? Anti customer in a way that same customers are lapping it up? Or it just customers who are bitter for some reason and cannot see customers lapping it up?
                  Do you drive a C-Class, oh buy a Mazda 3, its 90% of the car at half the price!
                  Oh you drive a Mazada 3, buy a Yaris/Swift, its 80% of the car at half the price!
                  Oh you drive a Yaris! Buy a used Toyota Avalon, its 150% of the car at half the price!
                  Oh you drive a used Avalon, buy a bicycle, its good for the environment!

    • +2

      Worth is subjective too - to me $800 isn't that much money - to others it's heaps!

      • +1

        rich daddy

        • Nah no kids. That’s why I don’t consider $800 craY money!

    • +2

      i've paid 3k for a headphones. is it overprice? to me no, because they sounded really good. of course the law of diminishing return kicks in as you go up the chain, but heck, if it pleases me, thats all that matters

    • Laughing hilariously at anyone who actually purchased Sony's. How can they sound any better than Taotronics? No pair of wireless headphones are worth this price, and there are better headphones for legit half the price.

      Stop letting Sony/Bose think they can get away with selling people overpriced junk.

  • +2

    Amazed this got over 100 upvotes. It's basically giving Apple the green light to release an Airpods Max 2 in 6 months for $999.

    You'll still buy it though because it's Apple.

  • FFS, why are all the negative votes being removed?

    As per the voting guidelines, it's perfectly valid to give a negative vote in the case of an "issue with the product":

    Issue with product (For example:)
    It does not work the way it should
    It has been recalled

    There is an issue with the AirPod Max; namely that they're sh*t and cheaper ANC BT headphones are better. It's quite simple.

    • +6

      Here's a clue: opinion ≠ fact

      • +1

        It's a fact that they're $800 dollars and than you can have the Bose 700s or WH-1000XM4s for ~$350.

        It's also fact that the AirPod Max only supports the lowest bitrate BT codecs, SBC and AAC, while the Bose 700s and XM4s support much the higher bitrate AptX HD and LDAC codecs.

        Reviewers who live and breath headphones are doing side-by-side comparisons of these with XM3s, XM4s, QC 35 IIs and Bose 700s and judging the AirPod Max to be weaker than all of the competitors when it comes to sound quality and ANC.

        There is objectively an issue with a product that costs 2.5 times the leading competitors and offers no meaningful improvements, instead regressing in certain respects by removing 3.5mm jacks and introducing the world's worst carrying case.

        • +3

          Some stuff costs more than others. That’s life.

          If people wanna pay for a design/style, let them.

          • @digitalane:

            Some stuff costs more than others. That’s life.

            Name me a car that costs 2.5 times more than it's leading competitor but is actually worse in every measurable respect.

            Would you buy a house 2.5 times more than your current one that's smaller, older and in worse condition?

            In what other product category is this level of an egregious rip off tolerated and defended by cognitively dissonant sadists?

            Talking to Apple cultists is like arguing with the Flat Earth society.

            • +3


              Name me a car that costs 2.5 times more than it's leading competitor but is actually worse in every measurable respect.

              You don't even know that about this product, therefore you're purely speculating, most likely due to your general dislike for Apple.

              • +3

                @magic8ballgag: So you believe the AirPod Max can defy the limits of their supported BT codecs to somehow deliver a higher bitrate than they are physically capable of streaming, thereby providing better sound quality than the Bose 700 or XM4s?

                Congratulations, you've just qualified for early access to the AirPod Max 2s!
                Launch prices start $1,600 dollars AUD, but for VIP members such as yourself, you'll be offered a one-time discount of $2.99! Pre-order now to avoid delays. Optional carrying cases shaped like jock straps will be personalised to feature your name on the crotch area.

        • +6

          I don't disagree with your facts, but they're not "issues with the product". You quoted two examples from the voting guidelines: the product doesn't work the way it should, or it has been recalled. Neither applies in this case. I get that you don't like the product, you think it's poor value, you think it's poorly designed, you think it's a rip off, etc. (and I agree with most of these). But "I have an issue with the product" does not mean "there is objectively an issue with the product". It's not an appropriate use of the negative vote.

          • @ak47wong: That's where we enter the realm of semantics and I think you could argue both sides of the fence here.

            The statement "it does not work the way it should" is vague and open-ended enough that you could take it to mean, the level of investment is not proportional to the level of performance, quality or perceived value.

            There are only two examples provided on the voting guidelines page under the "Issues with a product" heading, presumably because the moderators couldn't write every single possible scenario where a product meets the definition of having "an issue"; so to only take that statement to mean a hardware defect or subject to a recall, I think is pretty narrow-minded.

            I would construe paying $800 dollars for a product that performs worse than a $350 dollar product constitutes a significant "issue with the product".

            • +6

              @Gnostikos: I think it comes down to the fact that this isn't a review site. We're not supposed to vote on whether we like the products. The votes are supposed to be about the deals (and so are the comments, but that's another story). Even if you think these are absurd headphones at an absurd price, the fact that you can get them for $100 off means this is technically a "good deal" in OzBargain terms.

              • -1

                @ak47wong: I could agree with you if it weren't for the fact that the voting guidelines have been applied so inconsistently in the past that plenty of other voters who negged a deal simply because it didn't appeal to them, without bothering to critique it on some kind of rational basis, were allowed to have their negative votes stand.

                If those votes stand then so should negative votes on the AirPod Maxes, even more so given the obviously poor value proposition they represent.

          • @ak47wong: Can someone please create a separate thread for this guy (or guys like him) where they can do and get their fix, kind of like Rage Rooms? This is borderline psychotic behaviour.

        • +3

          lmao you can choose to buy whatever you want. you’re in control of your own spendings. this is just another one of the many noise cancelling headphones out there and it’s a good deal because $100 off a new released product (not saying I’ll buy it though)

        • +1

          the world's worst carrying case.

          It is a sleeve made of fancy paper.

          The included ‘sleeve’ is bad on purpose (headphone can be easily damaged).
          Soon they will release headphones wireless charging mat - $199.
          Then after everyone has bought one, they will release protective hard-case with wireless charging - $299.

          Very simple, so those who bought for $700 thinking it’s bargain will spend $500 more in the future.
          It is confusing yes, but many will behave like this.

        • I got mine today, they actually sound a lot better than xm3’s and qc35’s, ANC is slightly better on xm3’s IMO, and xm3 and qc35’s are more comfortable for me.

  • +1

    I need my kidneys.

    • saving them for iphone 13 and 14 respectively?

  • +10

    I don’t understand the Apple bashing and hate for expensive or even luxury products. If the price or product wasn’t right then Apple wouldn’t be a trillion dollar company because you can’t fool all the people all the time. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Overpriced? maybe. Best in class products and service? For sure!

    (Bring on the negs 😎)

    • +2

      legit son

    • -1

      Overpriced? maybe.

      Maybe? Lol, Apple buyers need to be a case study in Stockholm Syndrome

      There's no ambiguity about it, they are overpriced.

      Best in class products and service? For sure!

      Except this isn't. In every meaningful way, it's worse than headphones that have been on the market and remained largely unchanged for years now; while costing hundreds of dollars less.

      It's a good thing Apple just sell tech products and not one-way trips to remote, South American cult compounds; otherwise there would have been a hipster genocide of untold proportions happening since 2010.

      • +2

        How do you know its worse in every meaningful way when they’ve launched just today? 😄

        Look I won’t argue with you cause I don’t have anything to sell but just ponder over my earlier statement about how you just can’t fool all the people all the time. The charm lasts only for so long. Most of their products are truly best in class otherwise people wouldn’t be fools to throw their money consistently.

        • How do you know its worse in every meaningful way when they’ve launched just today?

          What I said here.

          you just can’t fool all the people all the time.

          You are living proof that statement isn't true. You and the millions of like-minded cultists Apple bases its entire business model on.

          The charm lasts only for so long

          Oh the irony of you unintentionally describing the flaws of your beloved Apple products.

          Most of their products are truly best in class

          You keep throwing around marketing buzzwords like they have any weight to them.

          Which Apple products have no equals amongst their competitors? Go ahead, I'll wait all week for an example.

          There's a reason why outside of the smartphone and tablet industry, Apple's "serious" computing products have trivial market share.

          • +1

            @Gnostikos: Which Apple products have no equals amongst their competitors? Go ahead, I'll wait all week for an example.

            Macbook Air with M1 Chip (mic drop) 😄

            • @3zzy:

              How do you know its worse in every meaningful way when they’ve launched just today?

              Have you seen them or are you just taking the piss? You can't turn them off unless you put them in the provided brasserie holster, there's no 3.5mm jack, the battery life is garbage and because this can't be said enough, they cost $899 dollars.

              • +4

                @Gnostikos: Yea right, keep dodging what you can’t answer. What happened to “i’ll wait all week” .. did I piss you off with the answer? 😅

                I see where this is going. Let me just end it by saying that we Apple sheep have enough money to throw out money at Apple blindly but unfortunately we don’t have time to argue with internet trolls 👋🏼

                • +3

                  @3zzy: LOL legit, he forgot about the M1 MBA. A fan-less entry level laptop outclassing 99% of all other laptops even outside its class.

                  • @joelhinch:

                    A fan-less entry level laptop outclassing 99% of all other laptops even outside its class.


                    It only took them 10 years to make a product that costs as much as everyone else's and performs roughly the same!

                    If this were the Special Olympics Apple would be a very, very clever cookie, indeed. They deserve a participation trophy for that one, at the very least.

                • @3zzy:

                  Yea right, keep dodging what you can’t answer. What happened to “i’ll wait all week” .. did I piss you off with the answer? 😅

                  There are other timezone in Australia, genius. Not everyone lives on your schedule.

                  This might be the saddest excuse for an argument I've seen on OzBargain, possibly ever; you and your fellow cultists vigorously circle-jerking each other over this supposed decisive "victory" of Apple over its competitors because of the ONE product you could come up with to back up your ridiculous claim that every Apple product offers "best in class" performance.

                  So, out of the entire portfolio of products made by a now-trillion dollar corporation that's been in business since the 1980s, the best example you could think to give me as evidence that Apple always produces so-called "best in class" products is a friggin' 13" laptop with a SoC architecture that just released this year?

                  You do realise Apple didn't invent ultrabooks or the concept of a laptop and that it's just a thinner MacBook that for once doesn't cost twice what the competing Ultrabooks do?

                  Not to mention it's BARELY better than Windows-based laptops that cost the same money like the Dell XPS 13 (we're talking a 5% difference in performance) and that took Apple literally a decade to innovate something that could finally catch up to industry-leading OEMs like Dell, HP and ASUS without costing twice as much or more?

                  Well I am… over-f**king-whelmed. All hail the glorious Prophet Jobs and his Church of the Disposable Income Fodder. They've definitely abandoned their old ways of charging 3 times the competition for something twice as worse and these AirPod Maxes are proof of that, clearly.

                  Just as an aside, when I think of a truly-innovative company with a long, undisputed legacy of historically "best-in-class" products, such as Sony, there's literally no shortage of products that come to mind:

                  • The first pocket radio
                  • The first digital calculator
                  • The first colour VCR
                  • CDs
                  • Blu-Rays
                  • Floppy Disks
                  • Digital Audio Tapes
                  • Walkman
                  • Discman
                  • Triniton CRTs
                  • PlayStation

                  You… on the other hand, came up with a 13" laptop that costs as much as other 13" laptops and maybe performs a little bit faster.

                  I swear deprogramming people like you of your delusions would take a team of psychiatrists several years at a world-class clinic. Hence, why I say, Apple fanboys are a case study in cults and Stockholm Syndrome.

                  we don’t have time to argue with internet trolls

                  Because you're too busy either taking your Apple products back to the Apple store or engaging in mutual-stimulation sessions with your fellow cultists.

                  Let me just end it

                  I wish Apple fanboys just would, to be honest, the more I talk to them, the more I realise how utterly, mystifyingly stupid they are.

    • +2

      I think the problem is more the starting price ($899), compared to other products it is similar to.
      Even the most expensive premium ANC headphones (Shure / BeyerDynamic etc) were $599 starting price.
      So people are thinking how come Apple charges an extra $300 on top of that, and it is their first ever over-ear headphone product.

      Usually you need to gain trust and reputation like the other headphone companies so people can buy with confidence.
      And Apple is saying “here this is our first try but it’s amazing, and so it is worth an extra $300”.
      I think some people disagree with this.

    • Jealousy probably

  • -1

    Absolutely mad. I purchased a pair of second-hand (but near new) Stax electrostatic headphones at this price in 2019.

    • +2

      I don't understand what your point is.

      • +1

        Its insane pricing. The L300 without the amp is priced at $720. Apple's headphones are in a pricing tier where you get clinical precision with sound production. The sound stage is second to none with electrostatics (vs dynamics).

        • +2

          Apple has done this for years, Its not likes it new.

          Its really not that hard at all, if you know its not worth it dont buy it.

          I am not sure why every time Apple releases a new product theres always a whole bunch of people complaining its over priced.

          Theres many things that are overpriced, if thats the case then get something else.

        • Are they bluetooth? Never mind, I dont need to ask any more questions.

  • +1

    It's really too easy to bash Apple, so instead I've changed my outlook at tech.

    Our society needs products like these to relieve people of their cash. If everyone bought the best value and most efficient model then we would not have growth in society. OzB can only exist for as long as with every one person buying the best there's another buying the mediocre.

    Also not everyone has the time or care to research, only rational to understand that a price premium must be attached to a product that is at least a safe purchase.

    Should you buy these? No, but feel free to recommend them to your work peers.

    • +1

      Yes I agree. Anyone who wants to buy can buy.
      But being called a bargain, and on the front page with 125 votes is a bit silly.

    • I undesrtand that but the thing I hate about apple is that this pushes the price up for all future products because this is going to be the new norm and the new benchmark. Just like the mobile phones nowadays

  • Out of stock?! I hope they had only one to sell. The price is so ridiculous it's madness to think of buying it. I wouldn't buy them for $150, that's what o think of them.

    • +3

      Demand here shows easy sell at $800 .
      Please never try any business .

      • Buying expensive goods is not a business. What Apple does is. Hard to see the point of your comment. I wouldn't mind selling these for a million $$, I just wouldn't buy them at $150 for my own use.

        • Really? $150? I want to know everything you use and buy.

  • People will buy apple products no matter what, even if this cost $2000 people would buy it. It's all about marketing and Apple does it best

    • yes iphone 12 pro haha

  • After seeing the price, still out of stock. We got some true Apple fans

  • +2

    This is a perfect gift for teenagers as they can brag about it at school. I bought two at full price for my kids and they loved them.

    • /s I hope. Teenagers should not have expensive gear unless they work to get it.

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