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$30 Coupon for Next Order @ EASI App by Paying with Mastercard The First Time


Got a notification from EASI earlier, applicable only to those who have a Mastercard BUT have not added or paid using Mastercard in EASI app before.

Full T&Cs in the link attached. Key points as follows;
* Only for those who add and pay using Mastercard for the first time in the app
* Coupons valid for 30 days
* Coupons will be given within 60 minutes of adding and saving the Mastercard details

EDIT - just realised from Facebook replies that you can only add a card during checkout, which means you have to make one order first and get $30 coupon for subsequent order.

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  • -1

    Racist company
    One of the Delivery guy told me that Only chinese can work as a delivery guy.
    Because there Order app is in English but delivery app is only in Chinese.

    • +1

      Maybe it’s changed now? I literally saw an Indian delivery guy on an Easi bike 30mins ago.

  • -2

    This promotion is indeed a scam. I’m not sure how the MasterCard side works but here we at Easi side. It’s a scam and nothing will show up under your account. My personal experience a few weeks ago. Yes, this promotion was started few weeks ago.

    • So you work at EASI?
      So have people been ringing and complaining about this?

    • Wasn't a scam. Both my partner and I got it with a number of accounts. Easi is fine if you want asian food and have wechat pay to avoid the surcharge for visa/mastercard.

      • Exactly this. They do target specific demographic and not shy about it, claiming they are the "top" Asian food delivery platform. However, my experience with the app is pretty unimpressive. As another member pointed out, delivery fee is atrocious- $5 minimum (almost like flagfall) and $1.50/km thereafter. Wanted to charge me $8 for delivery from a restaurant 10 mins walking distance away! And coupons are far from useful- have a $10 voucher (for adding e-mail address), but only applicable for delivery of food or grocery. $10 is basically to cover delivery fee then.

        Credit card payment surcharge is also ridiculous- about 7% for anything <$5; otherwise average about 3% which is still steep in comparison to other merchants. Again, I say certain demographics are targeted as the preferred payment option is Wechat pay or Unionpay (both still attracts a surcharge but much lower %). Also find the app rather clunky to use.

        I'll be sticking to Liven and EatClub.

  • Delivery is so expensive. It was $15 for a restaurant 3km away.

    • Is there an option to pickup?

    • Just pick it up. I got something for 80 cents.

  • +3


    Just got my voucher yesterday.

    • So, u have to make an order first paid with MasterCard (any amount), then get the $30 voucher for next one?

  • +1

    Got the promo

  • Anyone knows when this deal ends?

    • +1

      31/12/20 6pm finish
      Click on, "go to deal" top right for all the terms/conditions

  • So I'm seeing $4.99/30 days
    I reckon you might end up paying that every month without knowing unless you specifically cancel after 30 days!

    • Don’t you get the $30 in one lump sum?

  • +1

    Got this promotion for sure. First order is drinks for two only $11, once confirm that I received the order, the $30 voucher shows up. Using the voucher for dinner which cost another $1. Nice bargain.

  • There is a $10 new use promo in my app too. Hopefully that stacks with the $30 Mastercard offer

  • -3

    Do you guys really want the Chinese govt to know what you had for dinner on Friday night. So easy to assassinate you. Send you a specific restaurant coupon and they poison you. Game over. Surely not for me. I am not getting assassinated.

    • +2

      why would they go the extra mile to assassinate a random mediocre guy??

  • Doesn't seem to work anymore tried today and yesterday and the voucher didn't add to my account.

    • did you buy something and save the card to your acc?

      • -2

        Yes I did. However I had already redeemed the offer on 6 accounts previously all with new details. The offer also seems to have disappeared from easi and been replaced by a $10 off coupon for adding an email.

        • Thanks for spoiling it for everyone else

    • Tried in two fresh new accounts today Dec 23. Confirmed no longer works. Tried it with a few of my MasterCards that were never previously used on EASI. Too bad they don't follow through with their promo that's suppose to last until Dec 31, 2020.

  • Registered and tried last night for first order. Didn't get the $30 voucher so think its gone.

  • -1

    The new $10 promo doesn't work either. Tried a few times across different accounts all with new details/ip address/the whole shabang. Oh well got $180 already you win some you lose some.

  • +2

    WOW, their promo page says this goes to 31st December …but it also now shows the promotion is over
    What sort of dodgee promotion can't even follow their own rules?
    This EASI deal is really suspicious!

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