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[All Platforms] Free to Play Week: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer


For 1 week only, anyone can download and play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, Starting on 18th December at 5am AEDT.

Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Online access memberships required for PlayStation & Xbox.

Celebrate the holidays by partying up with your friends and jumping into a number of Multiplayer modes in Black Ops Cold War. The free access week starts on Thursday, December 17 at 10am PT, and runs through Thursday, December 24 at 10am PT.

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  • +6

    Does this include zombies?

  • Does that mean you can download the game for free from steam and play online and offline?

    • its on bnet/blizzard launcher

  • But for xbox you would still need xbox live allowing multilayer?

  • -3

    Couple of years ago that was called demo and was always free. Nowadays it's a big deal

    • +18

      Look, I miss demos too, but like, the entire multiplayer suite wasn't usually offered.

      • +10

        A weekend isn't enough to 'git gud'. You're just fodder to the vets for 2 days.

        • +3

          jokes on them i only need 2 days to get my fill of annual COD releases

          • @furythree: Kinda reminds me of smoking. It only takes one or two puffs to remember why you don't do it.

      • +2

        Just think back to quake 3 times. Couple of maps for free and unlimited multiplayer time. Just one example

        • +2

          I was literally going to use Q3 as an example, genuinely, it's one of my all time favorite shooters.

          It had 4 maps and online, yeah, and believe you me, I spread that shit so far in my high school you could literally walk into any room with computers and someone was on it.

          But that's not necessarily a demo as much as shareware, which itself was a whole other method of luring you in, common in shit like Doom, Duke 3D, the aforementioned Quake, etc. closest thing I can think of these days is when Telltale give you the first of their five episode series for free.

          (profanity) goddamn Quake 3 was great though. I was playing it the other day (Dreamcast version via Xbox Series X) and it's just one of those perfect games you can always jump back into.

    • +1

      CoD is all about the multiplayer for most kids, so it’s more like a free play than a BETA test or anything.

      • +5

        IT's an advertisement. Nothing more or less. THey hope to find new customers by letting people play for a week.

        • +1

          It also rewards the existing customers by giving them fresh players to play with.

          • +1

            @AustriaBargain: More like fresh newbs to help rack up their kill counts.

            • +2

              @Ugly: You will never face the newbs due to skill based matchmaking. They will only be facing each other.

        • +1

          I think its a good play - they give you a whole week to decide if you like the game
          not 2 hrs

          • @botchie: no they giving you a taste and hook u in so u buy it for the xmas holidays

  • +1

    Is this worth the effort of freeing up 100+ gig on the XSX though?

    • that's a question for yourself only. What is and what isn't worth your effort is totally subjective. For me? Sure, I love free stuff.

      • +2

        I forgot I finally finished Halo 4 the other day and deleted the MCC, this is more or less perfect timing actually.

    • No. Not if you have Modern Warfare.

      This one felt like they had gone backwards.

      • +3

        can't be seen moving forward if you never go backwards for once

    • -4

      I’m on Papa Rudd’s fibre gigabit and I say just download anything you delete, it only takes a few minutes. Why spend $400 on another official 1gb ssd just to avoid a few minutes of downloading?

      • I got pretty decent internet, I'll do a gig in about a minute and a half or so on average and I'm happy with that, I'm in the same boat too, I'd much rather delete and reinstall than shell out for their fancy SSD,

        Still an inconvenience to have to shuffle shit around and spend said time downloading for a game I can only play for a few days and am not really that interested in anyway after all.

        • I'll never forgive Rupert Murdoch for killing Rudd's NBN. Most of us hardcore users would have gigabit by now, rather than just the select few in the initial rollouts before the election.

          • +1

            @AustriaBargain: Missus got NBN when she moved a couple months back, lucky to do a gig in 10 minutes, which don't get me wrong, still astounds me when a decade ago I was lucky if I could do that overnight, but like, the disparity is bollocks.

  • Is it still bricking new Xbox?

    If you’re playing on the Xbox Series X and notice a few crashes, it might be time to put the controller down for a little while.
    Gamers that have tried to play through certain issues have reported their brand new Xbox Series X consoles outright breaking and refusing to turn back on.


    • And with that I won't bother downloading after all, forgot about this. I don't care enough about CoD #54 to risk bricking.

  • Can I play single player instead?

  • Many platforms.

  • Wouldn't worry if you are on ps5. Recent update created heaps of frame drop issues in multiplayer. Pc too from reports on reddit.

  • Cold war multiplayer is trash just play warzone

  • +2

    Just a word of caution, when you start playing with no pre-existing stats you will be matched with mixed variety of players who may or may not be good. So if you feel like you are a god at this game and wanna buy it, I got some bad news. When skill based matchmaking will kick in based on your stat, every game will feel like a sweat-fest. Also the game prefers to match you based on your stats rather than your connection. So you may end up having high ping on matches.

    • Isnt most of that normal?

      • Moderate skill based matchmaking is ok, but in cold war it is dialed to 11. You should not have to play on high ping just because the game wants you to play with clones of yourself. You are not playing competition to win a paycheck. Sometimes you just want to play a casual game with your mates and have a good laugh. But now your dad/older brother who are not pro at the game refuse to play with you because when they do, they cant even get out of spawn without getting killed.

    • +3

      I'd say im above average at COD and im put into lobbies that match my skill and I haven't noticed any lag at all. (Playing cross platform)
      I still manage to get a positive KDR most games. I know a lot of people are against SBMM but I actually like it.

      I'd rather be in a lobby with people on my skill level for a more even & enjoyable game than a lobby with half noobs not playing the objective and half sweats.

      • What is a negative KDR? Someone who resurrects enemy players?

        • +1

          You die more often than you kill someone.
          Kill Death Ratio.

          • @Lysander: 1/10 is still a positive number — it is greater than zero. People use the wrong terminology. What they mean is under unity.

            • +1

              @Scrooge McDuck: You're correct. I should have said a positive "kill - death" with positive being greater than the amount of deaths.
              Although in gaming terms, most people know a "positive KDR" is amount of kills greater than deaths.

              For negative KDR; I have no idea where you got this reference from

      • if retail is anything like the beta

        the game is not that sweaty

        my first cod in almost a decade and muscle memory from fps shooters helped me wipe the server a few times

        and its balanced enough to avoid spawn trapping pitfalls

        • I kicked ass in the beta. I guess before the game could put me in a suitable lobby for my skill.
          Although now people are getting the hang of the mechanics, you still get the "sweaty" players from time to time

          • @jsediv: theres no mechanics to get. its the same game as it has been for the last 10 years

            just new skins and inconsequential gadget perks

            • @furythree: I might be delusional but all COD play differently to me.

              • @jsediv: they change up the tactical stuff and the WAY you trigger game mechanics

                but the movement and shooing has been the same.

                i have to say though MW remake has been the best cod in years. they really put effort into that one
                gunplay is excellent

                still a mindless game though

                • @furythree: Like all CODs though, it was shit at launch.
                  But I agree. Definitely the best for a while.

                  I can see CW improving over time as they'll be pushing for MW players to move over

                • @furythree: Ever play Black Ops 3? I guarantee you that no matter how good you are at MW Remake, someone who knows how to play BO3 will wipe the floor with you in that game.

                  • @Heraizen: because of wall running? probably

                    but i played TF2 before the servers went dead

      • I am also a fan of SBMM. Im an average player, why would I want to play against elite people? No thanks, ill take SBMM

  • +1

    Will take a week to download

  • Download this space hungry junk? No thanks.

  • -1

    Interesting people complaining about space…
    Drive space is dirt cheap (inc GST)…

    And games are only going to get bigger as people demand more and want better graphics…

    If you think they are big now, think 5yrs time how big COD Star date 2025.364 will be

    • +3

      If you've got an XSX then the external NVMe drive is still expensive.

      If you've got a PS5 then you don't have any expandability at all (yet), I recall.

      • +1

        If you're on PS5 you can play PS4 games from external drives, you can't play PS5 games from external drives (or expanded internal storage).

      • i thought u can plug in external sata drive via usb

        the extra 10 seconds you have to wait to load the game is not a life ending deal breaker

  • Any way to pre-load this before tomorrow?

  • +1

    Lol, and I'm supposed to be about to download this within 2 days?

    • It'll bee a good test for my 250 Mbps connection.

  • +1

    Can't find this in the PS Store to (pre) download?

    • +1

      I can’t find it to download full stop.

  • its actually a really good COD now with Season 1, the new The Pines map is really good.

  • does this game still brick a PS5?

    • Was it?

  • Anyone know if progress transfers to Warzone?

  • Does anyone know how to actually download it for PC for free for the free week?

    • +1

      I can’t work out how to download it for PS5 either. I can only find the alpha and beta builds that I have played previously.

    • i downloaded the blizzard app and it said free to play, so started downloading it from there - on PC

  • Apparently you need to download COD: Warzone (aka Modern Warfare) which is free and inside that game you can access the Multiplayer for Black Ops Cold War.

    Edit: Warzone is an 87 GB download on the PS5.

    • I’ve downloaded Warzone. I’ve played through the tutorial. I’ve accessed the in game store tab and still can’t find the free multiplayer weekend.

      Maybe this is why:

      It’s rolling out slowly worldwide.


      • Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Free Access is now in the PS Store. 25 GB download. I don’t think Warzone was needed but it is listed in that store too (which just redirects to the PS Store).

        Edit: Listed as 25 GB but now I’m downloading the Multiplayer Base Install at 10 GB and the normal game at 49 GB. God who knows. Lucky I have space and fat tubes.

  • +2

    For PC: Login to battle.net and select COD Cold War, click on "Try for Free", only Multiplayer can be installed (50GB)

  • It has just shown up in Warzone in the Franchise store - Cold War Free Access

  • +1


    Follow instructions on this website - gives rundown on how to download across all platforms

    hope it helps!

  • Can I delete Warzone after downloading Cold War?

    • +1

      Might be late to help but I deleted warzone immediately after I started the Cold War download and everything worked fine.

  • can anyone confirm that the only way to play it on PS5 is to play the PS4 version?

  • OK, found it within Warzone. Other than some new cut scenes and the different gulag, all looks the same to me.

    Bit of a flop IMO