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JBL Tune 120TWS Earbuds - 149 Points @ Telstra Plus Rewards


Might be a price error but got two as backup earbuds for emergencies (not great audio quality)

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    thanks got some!

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      lol, broden

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      Orders most likely will be cancelled. Last listing error on Telstra Plus Rewards posted here

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        “The wolf only needs enough luck to find you once”.

  • Thanks

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    Should be 149k I imagine, but I got some and lets see what happens!

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      Got my receipt, that's a good start

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      Should be 149k I imagine

      $149K seems a bit much… Are these better than Bose ?

      • JBL will never be as good quality of a product against BOSE.

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          Why? They're owned by Harmon International who also own AKG, Harmon Kardon, Infinity etc who all produce arguably better products than Bose. They (as in JBL) are just aimed at a cheaper market.

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          JBL are good as, what are you talking about

        • JBL makes headphones as well as speakers and sound systems for everything from computers, TVs to stadiums. I don't think Bose is anywhere in the league of JBL except in trumpeting marketing like Apple

          • @usbc activist: Umm I disagree. Bespoke Bose products shit on JBL. Jbl do make very reliable commercial grade speakers. I have many of their products reliable yes. High end fidelity no

      • Hell no, my wife has these they're pretty poor for audio quality.

        Side note for some reason they don't work properly on Fetch TV either.

        • They are jbl's entry earbuds. But for almost "free", I wouldn't complain.

        • Not many do work on Fetch. Connection issues and lag.

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    Lol I doubt they will ship em, but worth trying i am certain!

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    149 Points @ Telstra Plus Rewards

    How much is that in AUD ?

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      Your guess is as good as mine. Their redeem rate is all over the place depending on the item and their earn rate isn't the same as the redeem rate.

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      10 points for every $1 of eligible spend.


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        Using that same logic, the s20 ultra is $66,200 on their store…

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          add another '0'

          S20 ultra says 662,000 points

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            @sid101: And your inaccurate conversion rate was 10 points = $1??
            Therefore, 662,000 points divide by 10 points equals a converted dollar value of $66,200.

            • @bozzonac: it's Telstra reward store is not deal site,
              its like i paid my $15 telstra bill and i get 150 points. and i can redeem 149 points in this case.

              there are also other ways to earn more bonus points like when you first time join telstra, buy some bonus products etc.

              • @sid101: Once again, that same logic dictates I had to pay $5,000 to get the bonus 50,000 points when I signed up.

                The most accurate way to determine the redeem conversion rate is to compare the points listed of an ordinary item, to the RRP of the item (assuming it is not a price error like this deal). Which is what Boxall did roughly below.

                And just in case you misunderstand what I've written, I did not pay $5,000 for those bonus 50,000 points.

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      1 point is worth about $0.003 in many conversions.

      So, 149 points was about 45c!!!

      • So, 149 points was about 45c!!!

        Sounds like a good deal then…

        Maybe they did a bulk buy?

  • Thanks Got one ordered fingers crossed .

  • Thanks op! It’s $99 at Amazon now!

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      They'll be all over ebay soon…

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    149 points, yeap seems right to me!

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    Damn there goes my 500 points balance

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      There goes my 5000 points balance…

  • Thanks Op, got it :)

  • Beauty got one. Just one share the love

  • Would say it's an error but got one anyway!

  • got one too!

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    Thanks OP! I also got a pair of these :) Hopefully they honour the ones that already have gone through.

    They had this mishap from another price error deal, and they refunded the points and cancelled the order.
    See [Price Error] Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra LED View Cover Black, 1pt $0 + Free Delivery @ Telstra [Telstra Plus Members]

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    Thanks OP, got one nothing to lose!

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    Not sure if they'll ship. They're going to get a minimum of 1000 orders coming from OzBargainers lol

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      minimum of 1000 orders

      Over 5000 clicks at 1:44AEST haha

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    Anyway I am with Kogan now. Those leftover points are useless for me. Worth a try. Ordered 2

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    Amazing deal but most likely a price/points error

  • Thanks OP, lets see how this goes.

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    Site keeps giving error message

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      Same here think they pulled the store

    • Looks like the site got OzB'ed

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      Worked for me as of 2min ago.

  • Weirdly I sign into my business account and the price shows 43,000 but my personal account has the 149 points.

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      So 'Get Personal' then…

      • I will be getting personal if they ship them!

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    Ordered, good find OP!

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    Something went wrong

    We're sorry, but we’re currently experiencing technical issues.
    Please try again later.

    If you need further assistance, contact 24x7 Chat (link at the bottom of this page) or call us on 13 75 87.

    • Same- lol

  • Crashed the WS Bud .

  • Website dead. Lol.

  • Telstra plus reward is down now!

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    Something went wrong

    Party is over

  • Something went wrong
    We're sorry, but we’re currently experiencing technical issues.
    Please try again later.

    If you need further assistance, contact 24x7 Chat (link at the bottom of this page) or call us on 13 75 87.

  • Something went wrong page…

    lucky got 2..

  • Crashed for me on order.

    • Back up and ordered!
      Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, got it! Fingers crossed.

  • Got one too, thanks

  • Got one! Thanks OP

  • Damn it. Website crashed before I could place order

  • +3


    They sent out this tablet to me.

    It was rubbish. These might be also.

  • lol site is down. Hope they honour it!

  • Thanks op. Managed to order one pair before the site crashed. We'll see what happens.

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      Cool story

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    This is what I expected website crash, and someone had a look. Fix the price error, cancel all the orders, return the points.

    • Last couple times with a price error like this they've sent it out still after fixing the error.

      • Yes I was among one of those deals. But I do not think they will keep doing this.

  • Was just checking out and the store seems to have gone down. Can't get it to load at all now. Bummer.

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      Was sharing the love with the OzB peeps. If everyone got 1-2, it wouldn't have been such an issue, unlike the guy who exploited it and scalped 5 before the site got taken down..

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        "unlike the guy who exploited it"

        we are all exploiting it, it is obviously not meant to be this cheap

  • Site crashed…

  • Thanks OP, got 2 before "Something went wrong". We'll see if they send it out.

  • It's Xmas, hope they honour it. Well done and good luck to whoever got it.

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    Please telstra if you are reading this, do the right thing and honour these orders. Merry Christmas!

  • thanks OP. Got 2.
    Will this proceed? already got the receipt from Telstra for both orders.

  • Was still able to order a few mins ago

  • Just successfully placed an order! Seems like it’s still possible to order. Just received confirmation email

  • I just logged in and placed an order no worries!
    Email confirmation came through and everything.
    Might do a 2nd order while I'm at it.
    Thanks OP.

  • Site is back up now, but who knows for much longer.

  • I also successfully placed an order. Received confirmation email

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