[Megathread] The Good Guys Commercial, JB Hi-Fi Commercial, Costco, Samsung EPP/Education Price Check

This thread was created due to the amount of Price Check Request for The Good Guys Commercial

For Access The Good Guys Commercial - Credits to Pricebeat

Mod Update 1st September 2021: Megathread now includes Price Check for JB Hi-Fi Commercial, Costco, Samsung EPP/Education and all other Membership Related Stores.

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      • Thanks Trop - absolute legend! Does it say if there was any stock of the WTG9020V for Click and Collect in QLD (Postcode 4000)?

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          No, it says there is no stock for postcode 4000.

          Your closest it will allow for click and collect is in Bundall. But the regular website says no stock there, so not sure.

          It is $55 for 'Door-to-Door delivery', or $85.00 for 'Premium Delivery'.

          Alternatively, the regular website says that there is 'One on display' at Macgregor. Commercial website doesn't appear to let you click and collect 'display' units.

          And 'Stock arriving soon' at Lutwyche.

          Two options would be to try price match the commercial website at Macgregor for that display unit, or to wait and hope that Lutwyche stock is somewhat soon to do a TGGC click and collect.

          Lastly, if you jump on the current eBay deal for 17% off (eBay Plus) brings it to $787.67, or 15% off (Non eBay Plus) $806.65. No click and collect option so it would be +$55.00 standard delivery for $842.67 or $861.65 respectively delivered.
          Maybe cheaper if you can get the 5% discounted gift cards listed in the deal? It should bring it down to $800.54 delivered with both the 17% coupon and 5% off gift cards?

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            @Trop: Thanks mate. We ended up using the eBay promotion (didn't have stock locally) and getting JB Hi-Fi to price match to avoid the delivery fee. Thanks again for your help! :)

  • Hi peeps, could someone potentially check the GCC price for a LG-L706PL fridge?


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      I couldn't find that specific model listed on TGGC

      • Bummer. Thanks for checking!

  • Can anyone please help to know price for

    Electrolux oven EVE614DSD on commercial website

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  • Could someone please check

    Thx :)

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      WV5-1275W - $648.00

      SR316S9TC - $791.00

  • Dupe comment

  • Hi can anyone please provide a price on a Sony A8H OLED TV 55 inch?

    Thank you

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      Sony 55" A8H 4K UHD Android Bravia OLED TV (KD55A8H) - $2,652

      • Legend thank you

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          Tried to price match in store but they refused. Ending up signing up via Sunsuper and got the above price.

  • Could someone please kindly check the TGG commercial price for Hisense 85q8 tv?
    Wondering if it's worth my while getting TGG access.

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      Same price as regular TGG websites current sale price.

      • Thanks a heap Trop!

  • Could I please get a price check on: Hisense 173L Vertical Freezer HRVF170?


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      • Thanks Trop, much appreciated!

  • Could someone please price check
    LG 9kg Front Load Washer WV9-1409W
    LG 8kg Heat Pump Dryer DVH5-08W


    • Can't find the WV9-1409W on the commercial website.

      The WV9-1409B (black) is $1123 if that is an alternative for you.

      DVH5-08W = $1420

  • May I please have a check on Haier 7.5kg Front Load Washer HWF75AW2 https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/haier-75kg-front-load-washer-...

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      HWF75AW2 = $531

      • Great thank you @Trop

  • Could somebody please price check the LG DVH5-08W? Thanks!

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      LG DVH5-08W = $1420

      • Thanks Trop

  • Hi Guys,

    Can I please get a Good Guys Commercial price check for a Bosch VBD578FS0 Oven?

    Thank you.

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      • Thanks mate

  • Hi,

    If someone could check pricing for Miele Dishwashers G4203SC ACTIVE CLST and G 4930 SC CLST that would be most appreciated :) :)


    • Doesn't look like they stock Miele dishwashers on the commercial site.

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        Legend Trop, thanks very much :) saves me waiting and turning out there is no discount

  • Hi, can anyone share the price for Braun Multiquick 9 - MQ9187XLI

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      • Thanks heaps! Much appreciated Trop

  • Hi, looking at renovating my kitchen. Can somebody please check

    1. Fisher Paycal 90cm gas cooktop CG905DNGGB4

    2. Westinghouse oven - WVEP917DSC

    • Neither are available on the commercial site.

      • Thanks for the reply Trop - saved me from signing up!!

  • Hi Guys,

    If anyone has the time, can somebody please check:

    Electrolux Oven EVEP616DSD https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/electrolux-60cm-pyrolytic-ove...


    • hi mate did you end up buying this model? I am looking at the same model to buy.
      Any feedback, cheers

      • It's great. Quiet, heats up quick. Heaps of different functions and pyro mode. I don't have anything to complain about. No issues so far.

  • $1535

    • Thankyou

  • Could someone check Electrolux EHE5267BC? Many thanks!

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      There is no model like that in the site 😷

      • All good, thanks for checking!

  • Hi guys,

    Any chance I could get a screenshot of the Bosch VBD578FS0 Oven showing price in Good Guys Commercial?

    Went to Good Guys this morning and while they are willing to price match GGC they need some form of proof before doing so hence my request.

    If you can help please PM me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • PM sent

      • You are amazing! Thanks so much.

  • Hi guys,

    Is somebody able to check the following item on Commercial?

    ORU90MB - 90cm rangehood.

    Just on my way to good guys and forgot to ask!!

    • Couldn't see that product code, 0 results. That model not listed under omega either.

      • Thanks for that!

  • Hi could someone help me check prices for the Sony TV 49X8000H please? Thanks heaps!

  • Sony 49 " x8000h 4k uhd android Bravia LED TV $993

  • Hi Everyone,

    Could someone help me to get a Good Guys Commercial price check for Electrolux EVEP626DSD Oven? Many Thanks!

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      • Thanks!!!

  • Hi all,
    Can someone check the following for me (apologies for the amount, I just bought my first place!)

    • LG Neochef 42L MS4296OMBS
    • Electrolux 529 Bottom Mount Fridge EBE5307BC-R
    • LG 9kg Series 5 Front Load Washing Machine WV5-1409W
    • Electrolux 8kg Heat Pump Dryer EDH803CEWA
    • Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH7560P2
    • Breville Toast & Melt 4 Slice BSG540BSS

    Thanks in advance!

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      Congratulations on the purchase!

      LG Neochef 42L MS4296OMBS - $292

      Electrolux 529 Bottom Mount Fridge EBE5307BC-R - $1,555

      LG 9kg Series 5 Front Load Washing Machine WV5-1409W - $821

      Electrolux 8kg Heat Pump Dryer EDH803CEWA - $989

      Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH7560P2 - Can't find on TGGC website.

      Breville Toast & Melt 4 Slice BSG540BSS - $82

      • Thank you so much! You're a legend :)

  • Hi all,

    Could someone please check the following for me please? Thanks in advance!
    - Sony 85" X9000H (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sony-85-inches-x9000h-4k-uhd-...)


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  • Hi all,

    Do you mind checking the below for me as well?
    - Samsung 85" QN85A (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-85-inches-qn85a-4k-uh...)


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      Not available on GGC

  • GG Commercial price checks for 75X9000H and 75X8000H, please?


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      75X9000H - $2995
      75X8000H - $2095

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        Thank you

  • Would someone please be able to price check Sony X9500H 75 inch on TGGC? And does anyone have any experience in price matching TGGC with other retailers like JB?

  • Sony 75" X9500H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV

    Not sure about price matching sorry.

    • legend……thanks

  • Can someone please let me know how much this LG 910L fridge is going for please, model LG GFV910M thank you

    • Not available.
      I assume you meant GF-V910MBL
      The fancy 700L is available for $7654.

  • Can someone please check Sony 49" X8000H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV in TGGC?
    Thank you

    • $993

      • +1

        super. thanks mate!

  • What is the price of new apple 4k tv at Good Guys commercial? Can anyone please help?

    • Can't find this searching "apple 4k tv". Not sure if apple products are available at ggc. Do you have the product code? That would help

  • Could someone check the price for a Samsung Refrigerator, please?
    Model No. SRF7100B



    • 2732.00

      • Thanks, much appreciated.

        • Managed to get the Commercial price without a commercial account in store. Thanks for your help

  • Could someone check the price of a Sony TV?
    Sony 65" X9500H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV KD65X9500H


    • 2340.00

      • Thanks mate

  • Guys, any chance someone could please check GGC for Sonos Amps and ceiling speaker prices for me? Can't find either of those on the Good Guys website but not sure if those are available to purchase in GGC inventory.

    Thank you

  • Hi all,

    Could someone please check the following for me please? Thanks in advance!



  • Hi All,
    Can anyone check price for LG C1 48" please?


    $2295 with current EOFY sale, doubt it's any better but thanks in advance :)

    • Not found in the commercial website

      • No worries thanks for checking so swiftly!

  • Hi would someone be able to check the following TP Link routers for me? Thanks!!!



  • Archer AX73 $212
    Archer AX50 $152

    • Thanks heaps! Do you know if they are in stock?

      • Postcode please

        • 2120

  • +1

    Sorry no pick up, only delivery for the above items

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