[Price Error] NED Australian Whisky 700mL x 6 Bottles $57.95 (Was $309.99) + $9 Shipping @ Liquorkart My Deal (Checkout)

MOD: Liquormart has contacted us to confirm that this is a price error on their system, and orders will not be fulfilled, hence moved to the forums.

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NED Australian Whisky 700mL

Sweet oak moving into spicy grains, with a hint of dried fruit. Then mocha and oak, with vanilla and dry coconut.The finish is spicy and clean heat, smooth but powerful. Long after flavour of sweet oak and dark chocolate.


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  • Was $309.99?

    • 6 bottles though

    • I just placed an order. I believe it's for $57 6x bottles… not bad.

      • +3

        Not bad? Mate, if they honour it, that's literally less than $10 per bottle!!! And you say it's 'not bad'!!!?
        Might the the deal of 2020

    • They have changed the case size option. You can only select 1 bottle now. The was $309.99 is still confusing.

  • +1

    Won't let me enter DOB in that mandatory field

    • Same here. Likely a pricing error anyway

      • Tried a couple of browsers and same issue 🤔
        Edit - worked on safari on ios

      • +1

        I copied and pasted my DOB in there, order went through…

    • +1

      Try in incognito mode.

  • +4

    So, I ordered but there’s zero chance that they’re going to post six bottles.

    I’ll accept a cancellation but if they post me only one bottle they’ll be getting a PayPal dispute.

    • I'm in the same boat. Will be surprised if I see 6x bottles turn up. Order reads "NED Australian Whisky 700mL, Option 1:700ML; Case Size: 6 Bottles" = $57.95

      • +1

        Exactly. It’s their error. I can live with a pricing error but don’t pretend like you think a flood of orders are all for just one bottle.

  • +3

    Use liquor5 for 5 percent off.

    • Popup said $10 off first order if you subscribe to newsletter. But probably better off just order quickly if you want a chance of getting it.

      • $10 off on $100 or more

      • +1

        Minimum $100 order. Get yourself 12 bottles. $10 off and 5% off. Solid deal

    • FIRST10

  • Why do I always want to try my luck with these deals!?

    Not sure it's worth the hassle this time though.

    • Because once in a blue moon the supplier actually does delivery! 🤭

      • Or they give you $250 for the stuff up, ahhhh the good old bunning’s days

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Guessing it’s a price error and hope they don’t just ship 1 bottle. Can add liquor5 for addition 5% discount too.

    • +2

      invoice does say 6 bottles.

      • +1

        Let’s hope for 6 bottles to help spread the Xmas cheer!

  • +3

    Ordered. $9 shipping to Melbourne, and 5% off using Liquor5. We'll see what turns up…

    EDIT Even cheaper going direct through Liquorkart, using the coupon FIRST10, which knocks another $10 off.

    • Thanks, tried my luck with liquorkart, hopefully it's just an uberclearance and gets honoured.

  • +1

    Stacks with Amex offer.

    I bought 12 bottles. Absolute steal

  • Sweet. Ordered lol

  • +1

    Fingers crossed lads

  • Let the games begin :-) Thanks OP :-)

  • +1

    Thanks for posting at the risk of all orders getting cancelled.

  • -1

    Do you reckon they will send 120 bottles ? :)
    Xmas sorted .
    I didn't ~( around with any codes .

  • Order placed:

    6 Bottles 57.95
    freight 9.00
    Subtotal 66.95
    Discount -2.90 ("liquor5" for 5 percent off)
    Total (inc. GST) 64.05

    • why is yours cheaper than mine? I applied the 5 percent off aswell

      Order Details
      Amount Paid: $66.95
      No. Items purchased: 1

  • Order placed.

    Fingers crossed :-)

  • Better be 6 lol.

  • done! cheers, supporting local businesses

  • same here. 99% pricing error. lets see how it goes.

  • Merged from NED Australian Whisky 700mL $47.95 (6 Bottles) via First Order Code + Shipping @ Liquorkart
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: FIRST10

    NED AUSTRALIAN WHISKY 700ML $47.95 (6 Bottles) via Code +Shipping Delivered (Depends on your area: could be $9 or more)

    • +1

      This gives me hopes for the my deal offer 30 mins ago.

      • +4

        Both are being fed data from the same source though. When/if that supplier/wholesaler cancels everything it'll be for both.

    • $11.90 for Vic regional shipping

      Ordered but don't see if being fulfilled - Dan's selling one bottle for $59.95

    • $30 postage for me.

    • Worked fine on both posts but this one is a better deal at take 10. Cheers op.

    • Lol this one too.

    • +7

      Geez, I’m 12 bottles deep already. Never said no to ozbargain, not gonna start now

    • How does this stuff go? I've been eyeing it off for a while now, love a bourbon.

      • Average. I didn’t much care for my bottle…

    • Hell yeah, lets go, ordered some. :)

    • Order went through, thanks OP! I'll just sit back and wait now.

    • This is probably for 1 bottle

    • I bought it for $66.95 from here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/591703

      I should've waited :(

      Patience is a virtue~

      • +1

        Order another 6 to minimize your losses!

        • +7

          buy the dip! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

        • +8

          Dollar cost averaging alcohol :)

    • I heard a cry from what must have been my liver after hitting the submit button for two cases. Cheers OP.

    • Paid too much.

    • Ahhh, delayed gratification.

    • Worked! Thank you!

    • High chance of cancellation but got a case regardless

    • First10 code works the second time around?

    • Couldn't resist, bought another case
      Your order is confirmed
      You’ll receive a confirmation email with your order number shortly.

    • Bought from both websites. We'll see if either is honored!

    • +2

      I dont think this is going to work and i dont think i will bother this time, i mean it's just giving them your funds for weeks while you wait for a refund

    • another 6x


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      NED Australian Whisky 700mL

      Sweet oak moving into spicy grains, with a hint of dried fruit. Then mocha and oak, with vanilla and dry coconut.The finish is spicy and clean heat, smooth but powerful. Long after flavour of sweet oak and dark chocolate.


      Alcohol | 40% Brand Name | NED
      Country | Australia Standard Drinks | 1.3 Shouldn't it be 20 +
      Varietal | WHISKEY Style | WHISKEY
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    • Just got a case… I don't even drink that much whisky…. let's hope hey honor….

    • is this for 6 bottles of 700ml or is it just for one bottle?

      • 6 bottles, price error…. I got a confirmation email for my order

        • +1

          I got this in my email: NED Australian Whisky 700mL × 1
          (700ML / 6 Bottles / WHISKEY)

          So I assume it's x1 bottle!

          • +1

            @MiaSanMia: I'm deciding to believe that it is one unit of a 6 bottle case… should have paid with Paypal for protection………

          • +1

            @MiaSanMia: yeah, I think they'll just send one bottle..

          • +2

            @MiaSanMia: Ample evidence to dispute via PayPal though, so no worries there.

            • +1

              @werdplaya58: They better not send one bottle or I will be complaining/disputing

              • +1

                @arcticmonkey: Take a lot screenshots, but I do regret purchasing through my debit card and not PayPal just incase a dispute is needed.

                • +1

                  @Rojohe: same here….

                • @Rojohe: Same here, in hurry paid through debit card. Not sure how can I dispute if need be.

    • Thanks OP in for a punt

    • +3

      Guys, this is hand sanitizer

    • This aint going to be good for my liver… going to pass and let others enjoy

      • -1

        Good hand sanitizer

        • stop down ramping

    • Cannot find any reviews for this. Anybody has tried this. Similar to Bourbon ?

    • +1

      Bought one even I stopped drinking this year, now going to start drinking again from next year.

    • Ned: $48 for 6 700ml bottles of my Whiskey? This is a robbery!

    • +1

      Sold out as I was buying :(

    • Took too long to complete my order.
      Sold Out!

    • Let's see how they handle this.

      • So far still no cancellation email.

    • I'm not a big drinker and not sure I needed this, but didn't want to miss out on a bargain.

      • This is sheer temptation and I fell for it for same reason.