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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 - Grey/Black $319.96 Shipped (Was $399.95) @ Microsoft Store


Been keeping an eye on these for a while - looks like a great price for a great set of headphones.

Obligatory please be nice because it's my first deal :)

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  • They were still $399.95 earlier today, nice find!.. wish they were below $300 :D

    • Why when Apple upped the ante for premium model pricing?

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        I think everyone should just say no to the airpods max on principle due to three reasons:
        Price; that form over function case, and price.

        Apart from those three things they do seem pretty good, and no doubt better than previous benchmarks like the XM4s.
        At this point in time though I would get the Sonys.

        • Yep, I use XM3 for calls, it’s fit for purpose. I had wanted to consider SH2s, but xm3 became cheaper and below $300, so ended up with Sony and don’t regret it at all.

          and before someone pulls out the WRX vs M3 card.

      • On this week's episode of Yes, They Really Do Get The Same Number Of Votes You Do:

        "Those Apple headphones are too expensive."
        "But these Microsoft headphones are also expensive."
        "Apple must be making them do it."

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        Airpod Max are downright fugly and the case is cheap and totally useless (it offers little protection, its more of a pouch).
        You can't even turn them off to save power without putting them inside that cheap case.
        Apple has made some great products but I wouldn't be touching this first gen, it's flawed in too many ways.
        Airpod Max also doesn't have a physical aux in, for those who like more professional editing this is a must, which the Surface Headphones have.
        You can also charge and use the Surface headphones at the same time as using them, this is not possible with the Apple ones.
        I'm sure Apple will fix all of these failings in the 2nd gen.
        I use the Surface Headphones 2 in a professional editing sense, as do many of my colleagues, lows, mids and highs are definitely something I'd expect from headphones twice this price. Noise cancellation adjustment controls are smooth and offers numerous levels for comfort and various external environments.

    • My thoughts exactly, based on all the reviews I read a little while back it was always these or Sony ones that clearly stood out. I managed to borrow a pair of the Sony's for a couple days and they are pretty amazing the gen3s but I haven't actually seen these in the flesh. If they pop up under $300 will be very tempting.

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    Good headphones according to most reviews. Great first post OP :)

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    I haven't heard these yet; my only Surface headphones experience was gen 1 and they were rather awful.
    Hope there's been a massive audio improvement.

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      gen 1 and they were rather awful.

      not my experience at all - in fact, wearing them as I'm typing. Excellent for voice (Skype, Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Jabber, podcasts), noise cancelling, comfort and weight.

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        I judged them on sound quality only tbh. I agree with you that they are comfortable, and love the dial for noise cancelling.
        I tested them in the Microsoft Store here in Sydney and London and compared them to my Momentum 2.0, Qc35s, XM3s and M4U2s. The Surface headphones had the worst sound quality of the bunch
        As comfortable as they are, I buy headphones primarily for audio quality and they were lacking, hence I hope gen 2 are better. I’ve wanted Surface headphones for ages as I’ve got several Surfaces in the house but they’re just not up to scratch

        • They seem to be processing and emphasising voice, hence, detrimental to audiophile reproduction.

        • Did you jump into the EQ settings and try various sources of music? I couldn't disagree with you more. I use them for prefessional audio production using the physical aux in, a must for what I do, and they present a phenomenal dynamic range for the price. I don't think throwing them on in a store is a great environment to truly test them.

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            @DisabledUser110907: Yes I did try the EQ and various audio sources. As for not trying them in a store, that’s crazy. They’re consumer level headphones. People will use them to commute and in the office, a store is the perfect place to test them.

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              @beatsntoons: It's not "crazy" as you put it, because my reference is in reply to the fidelity standard of these, which is arguably mid to high end. They aren't just for use in an office. This may be part of their promotional video content, but heck, if that's all you want a set for, a $100 set in another brand will do you perfectly well. You don't need studio quality standards in an office. You have MANY options for an office environment which will be much cheaper.

              • @DisabledUser110907:

                I use them for prefessional audio production using the physical aux in

                when completely passive (ie. by cable and turned off at power button) these aren’t comparable to my ATH-m40x monitors - there’s insufficient “body” (ie. lower bass).

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    Good deal. BTW. Please include store @microsoft.com

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    I'm not a fan of these headphones. I've been using them for a few weeks for Teams calls. The Noise Cancelling makes me feel like I'm stuck on a plane and my ears wont pop. I think it's the combination with the pads that create a very tight seal. The Noise Cancelling function also can't be turned off, in the App it can only be set to 'Low'. I think these are expensive for what they are and don't look forward to using them, when I have to.

    If you think the over the ear comment is harsh, for comparison, I have a set of Audio Technica ATH M50x and think they are the most amazing headphones (but aren't bluetooth, have no mic etc.)

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      ATGM2 $69

    • For what it's worth, I had exactly the same experience the first time I got noise cancelling headphones. It was infuriating. But after a while, it just… disappeared. I don't know if my ears adapted, or I just got used to it. Hopefully it's the same for you.

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    Don't have these but have the gen 1's and I love em for work. So I can only imagine that these next gen ones are even better.
    Dual Bluetooth auto cutover magic between zoom/teams meetings on laptop then seamlessly back to my music on my phone is so awesome.
    I have met others that can't deal with the noise cancellation on these, but same goes for most noise cancelling headphones I guess.
    Would be a hard decision between these and sony xm4's I reckon.
    They also come with a full case, which must confuse the hell out of the clown department at apple's headphone department.

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      Haha yeah, the apple one is a "pouch" more than a case, and having it in the case is the only way to switch them off. Bizzare move.

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    Got the Gen ones, use them as a one eared reckon voice chat headset, works brilliantly when taking out zombies with all my team mates. If I didn't already have the first gen, this would have definitely been bought.

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    Stack with Amex $400 spend on Microsoft store for $80 cash back. Could get two pairs for ~$280 each or one of these for an extra $20 after cash back:


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    Obligatory please be nice because it's my first deal :)

    This is absolutely not obligatory

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    I got these for the last few months and I've had a good time with it, used it for WFH calls, gaming and music, very comfortable for long usage and no uncomfort, padding is very soft

  • Wish this is same price on their ebay store and 20% on top 🙂

  • Stuff it. I'm grabbing a second pair of these at this price, arghhhhh damn you Christmas, you make me want to spend money :)

    Thanks OP

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      Grabbing a second pair? Above I was talking about gen 1 headphones and you disagreed with me saying you use them daily now you’re saying you’re getting a second pair of gen 2s. Do you have gen 1 or gen 2?

      • I have second gen, which are exactly the same as gen 1 except for 3 changes.
        1) ear pieces can turn 360 degress, unlike gen one.
        2) available in matte black.
        3) greater battery life

        Everything else is exactly the same as gen 1.


        • Everything else is exactly the same as gen 1.

          Gen 1 had a single microphone, gen 2 is dual.

          • @AlexF: Thanks for the pickup 👍

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    Shame they removed student discount. Which was available till yesterday

    • Don't forget Cash Rewards or Velocity for a small but something extra 😁

  • I have had a pair of Plantronics backbeat go 810 headphones, they aren't that popular, but they tick a lot of boxes, over ear, noise cancelling, sound good enough, quite comfortable for all day use, supports dual Bluetooth connection for phone and pc. They have some niggles but been quite fine so far.

    Issue is, only 6 months (daily use due to WFH from covid) in I pick them up the other day and the headband breaks in half right in the centre. What's a decent pair that I can use for all the above that has a metal headband? And do some of the plastic ones not break after regular use?