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Asus Zephyrus G14 GA401IV 14" WQHD Ryzen 9 4900HS/RTX 2060 Laptop $2469 + $100 Cashback @ Centrecom


Asus Zephyrus G14 Laptop GA401IV 14" WQHD Ryzen 9 4900HS/RTX 2060 32GB Ram, 512GB SSD

$2469 + $100 Cashback

RRP = $3299
Scorptec and other stores = $2999

Great price for one of the most powerful laptops on the market

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  • Price in title please

  • Is there such a thing as extended warranty for ASUS?

    Something like what Lenovo or Dell can offer. Paying this kinda coin for a laptop for a standard 1 year warranty is a big risk…

    • People still buy extended warranty ? There is a little something called Australian Consumer Law. https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees...

      • You’d probably be covered for 2 years under ACL…and it’s a hassle to force a manufacturer to agree to repair it under ACL. Then there’s the cost of posting the item there and downtime. So in short, an extended warranty with onsite replacement is well worth it. Which is why I asked if ASUS offered extended warranty.

        This isn’t a circa $1k laptop…so for this kinda coin - I would want extended warranty.

      • No way

        Extended warranty is just a BS way to sell more for nothing. Consumers really need to read fine prints when it comes to these things.

        If a product has just 1 year warranty, I would say reconsider your purchase.

    • What are you even talking about? It says 2 years warranty?

      Which is standard.

  • I read somewhere that the sweet spot is the 4800 processor, the 4900 apparently produces alot of heat. Also the screen is wasted being WQHD and only 14 inches as you wont be able to tell much in terms of difference.

    • Nah 1440p is a fantastic laptop resolution. If you want to see it Apple use the non-wide version on their 13 inch laptops and it creates a very sharp image without taking too much GPU.

    • I've got the 4800 with the QHD screen and GTX 1660 Ti card and it's absolutely amazing. Paid $2149 and couldn't justify (at the time) the jump to the 4900 and GTX 2060.

      Couldn't recommend this machine enough, for gaming and productivity!

      • Have you undervolted the GPU?

        • Nah, but I've used the regedit fixes and other changes to improve the battery life and to keep the fans quiet during low usage. Easily getting 8-10 hours of battery life now plus there's a setting to charge to 60% or 80% to extend the life of the battery which is great if you keep it mostly plugged in.

  • waiting for 5900HS coming next months comments……

  • Always the way with tech, still a good deal

  • Wow good price, i picked up the G14 with 1660ti last week for $2200 - with $100 cash back and some headphones.

    Good laptop so far, screen could be brighter but overall its a pretty good unit.

  • I have one and it's awesome.

  • Got this eariler today before the post. I think I got last one from clayton

  • Got this eariler today before the post. I think I got last one from clayton. FYI. This one is animetrix version too

  • just beware guys ,
    - This laptop has only one NVMe slot meaning no additional storage and you have to replace the 512GB
    - No Webcam
    - 8GB ram soldered to Motherboard…wtf asus!??!

    • wtf asus!??!

      Clearly says 32gb on the listing, read more carefully.

      • Can confirm
        - 1 NVMe slot, just searching for a good 1TB SSD to replace the current
        - 32GB RAM (1 non removable)
        - WIFI 6 card (removable)
        - No webcam

      • @Redbret,

        Can you pls remove the module and check how much RAM the system has? even in bios or in windows , whichever way easier.

        All what i checked was 8GB + Module , maybe your one is module only.

        Thx mate

      • @Merlict ,seems you didn't understand my point nor read my text carefully mate!!

        In this series Asus soldered 8GB to mainboard and one extra slot!

        I'm not disputing the amount of RAM in this laptop , I was just explaining the layout. This laptop has 24GB(module) + 8GB soldered which is super suboptimal.

  • I took a chance and bought from Best Buy in the US. Used a US shopping service/freight forwarder. Total is $2100 including fees, shipping, duty and gst.


    I believe Asus offers international warranty so here's hoping it's not such a big risk.

    • Just be careful mate, not sure about the international warranty

      1. 1 RAM slot will be non removable 8GB on that version
      2. HD not 1440P screen (depends on your preference)

      On the plus side it already has a 1TB SSD vs 512GB on the Aussie model

  • Finally, a good price and Australian stock!

  • Is this a good price? What is the normal price?
    Don’t need laptop now, better to wait for better deal? Or is this close to best deal?

    • The thing is this laptop came out in April. There are a mix of options (screen res, refresh, CPU config, etc)
      This has been the best price for this configuration, but like most things there should be new models coming out next year.

      There has been AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX spotted in the The Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 https://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Ryzen-9-5900HX-mobile-APU-...

      So like most things tech, new stuff is coming, but you could always be waiting for something new.

      Also not sure you are able to get this thing anymore, as its an instore only, and now it looks likes its sold out