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JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day Sale: Hisense 75” TV $1446, Samsung Galaxy Note20 $1099 (Was $1499) + More


HiSense 75” was $1995, Now $1446
Samsung Galaxy Note20 256GB was $1499 Now $1099
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver LTE $449, $200 off
+ More in the photo links

Stack with TCN Gift cards to save an extra 10-15% off
Price beat at Officeworks to save an extra 5% off.
(cheers skido2)

Original Early Scan

JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day catalogue
Didn’t come until Sunday arvo, just did a search and didn’t see it posted yet so here you go!!

Let me know if anything isn’t high enough resolution. Can’t wait to see all the FB groups and News websites repost and give 0 OzB props! (Like when I posted the Black Friday catalogue)

Mod - Related JB Boxing Day Catalogue Deal(s)

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (Was $1099) | 10% off Apple Macs (M1 MacBook Air $1439.10, Pro $1799.10)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Breaking news

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      Breaking your old TV for excuse to buy a new one

      • +28

        I've been waiting for my 9 year old non smart 60" to die but that thing just keeps working. I thought having a toddler who likes to wack the screen with the remote would speed things up but it just doesn't want to die!!

        • +3

          I was doing same thing with a Panasonic plasma. Gave up waiting when LG B8 65 inch came up for $2.2k. Night and day. Since the old one still worked I got a few hundred for it too so maybe an easier sell to go now??

          • +9

            @Wombatstew: Same, can maybe justify the new one off the power saving long-term. So much for people saying plasmas would only last a few years then get too dull to watch though. My Panasonic plasma is over 11 years old and looks fine despite a lot of use.

            • +3

              @MrFrugalSpend: Same here, my Panasonic 50” is turning 11 years old as well… sigh

              • +5

                @obiwan: +1. Still got my old 2009 Jap built Pana Plasma in the bedroom. Weighs a TON compared to the new tv's..

              • +2

                @obiwan: Omg mine is 6 years old. You're telling me I have at least another 5 years before I get a new TV? :'(

            • +2

              @MrFrugalSpend: I'm also using my Panasonic 50" from a group buy off dtvforum.info 12+ years ago. TV has outlasted the forum, and is still going strong. It's not even full HD… when I do swap over the difference should be noticeable! But all my TV viewing is on mobile devices now. Times have changed.

            • @MrFrugalSpend: Bloody hell, I thought I was the only one. I bought my Sony 42’ LCD in 2009, it’s just recently turned 11 years old.

              It works better than ever. I’ve tried to negotiate with myself ways to upgrade or get a second tv but I don’t really need it.

          • +2

            @Wombatstew: I've got the last of the 65" Panasonic plasmas, lucky for me the difference between it and OLED is not night and day. In fact I'd say it still looks better than all the LCDs. 4k for home theatre on panel TV is BS, but it sells.

            • +4

              @R00D: 4K for home theatre on panel TV is BS? What are you talking about?

              • +3

                @nmartin84: For 75inch panel, you must sit 5ft (1.5m) or closer to appreciate the difference over of 1080p - pixel size.

                No one sits this close to a screen this size.

                • @R00D: What's the distance for 65"?

                • +2

                  @R00D: I sit about 1.5m from my 55" 4k TV when home alone in my Playseat Challenge. Dropping from 4k to 1080p in cyberpunk and project cars is massively noticeable as is most youtube and Netflix content.

                • @R00D: Visual acuity does not correlate with being able to identify individual pixels tho. The human eye/mind can differentiate the elements of higher resolution at greater distances.

                  Edit: Per the link, 75-inch 4K is good for ~1.4 to ~3.4m viewing distances. Seeing individual pixels does not equate to better viewing experience, it actually worsens it.


            • +4


              4k for home theatre on panel TV is BS, but it sells.

              These days there's not a whole lot of reason not to get a 4K TV, given how limited the choice is for 1080p TVs. I'd say the only reason not to get a 4K TV is if you're not looking at buying a new TV at all.

              The adoption of 4K has basically meant you don't need to keep in mind minimum viewing distance anymore. Now you want to buy a TV based on things like HDR performance, colour, contrast, response times (primarily for games), and so on.

              • +1

                @Diji: Agreed re. HDR, contrast, etc. Hence, the last of the plasmas still have better contrast than probably any LCD ever released, and in my eyes still provide a better, more true to life image.

                Resolution sells. 8k is even more ridiculous at the size people watch panel TV…

            • +2

              @R00D: I agree with you. I just bought a Sony 65” 9000H to replace my Panasonic 65”Plasma TH-P65VT50A, and while I got 4K, ATMOS, VISION, HDR, you’re right, the plasma image has more contrast in a natural way. Was going to sell the plasma, but now thinking it might need to stay in the man cave.

              • +1

                @ZenLifeOz: A man of fine taste. I've had the TH-P65VT50A for who knows how long now. "Enjoy the burn-in" they said. The thing's been on for most of the day, every day for 7 or 8 years. 0 burn-in.

                Looks better than any LCD past or present. The only "upgrade" worthy is an OLED, but I will happily use this one until the day it dies.

            • +2

              @R00D: 4K for home theatre is BS? What you smoking there son? 🤣 There is a HUGE noticeable difference between 1080p and 4K.

              • @DisabledUser110907: Yeah this dude is fixated on the human eye being unable to see individual pixels unless close up. Picture quality is more to do with resolvability or some such.

                Plus, anyone that has replaced a FHD with a 4K of the same size knows there is a difference as we’ve perceived it with our eyes and brains.

                • -1

                  @sickaunt: Picture quality is more to do with contrast in a 4k V 1080p situation. 4k makes a difference, yes, but not at a conventional viewing distance. Most people don't watch 4k anyway, maybe 5-10% of the time.
                  Anything below 4k resolution will almost always look better on one of the last plasmas compared to any current LCD. No LCD can get black enough, period.

                  • @R00D: Hahahahaha hahaha. Ok buddy.

                    • @sickaunt: He does have a point about plasma black level vs LCD. The thing he forgets is this is only one area that contributes to picture quality. There are a LOT of other factors where modern LCD outperforms plasma.

                      • @poxy001: Gaming, if you have a very light filled room you can't control. What else?
                        Watching a film under light controlled conditions, at conventional viewing distance, I'd take the plasma every time.

              • @DisabledUser110907: It's OK, the salesman in JBHIFI (and the like) are persuasive, I realise. The reality is different I'm afraid. Be happy with what you have.

            • +1

              @R00D: Haha I was in the same boat 3 years ago, but got a top of the range Hisense and its way better than the old Viera plasma. You are kidding yourself if you think your old plasma can hold up against the latest TVs.

              • @mlburnian: Sounds like you're doing a good job of convincing yourself there. That's OK, be happy with what you have.

          • +2

            @Wombatstew: Those damn Japanese made Panasonic plasmas. Blackest blacks. Wish it wasn't so big, heavy and hot.

            • @diddy50: No wonder Pioneer, whom Panasonic got their best plasma tech from called their Plasma TV's KURO, which means black in Japanese.
              I've got one of those Pioneer KURO based Panasonic Plasmas and is still going strong.
              People who comment here on Plasma VS anything else obviously haven't owned a KURO based plasma TV. (or even Pioneer Kuro which was a reference TV in its day used to compare everything else to it).

              Plasma TV quality is staggering considering its age.

        • +1

          You could buy a tv box to turn your old tv to a smart tv.

        • +4

          I think we are all in the same boat here! been waiting for my 50" Panasonic Plasma to die after purchasing it leading up to the China Olympics in 2008! - I guess it's certainly been a worth while $1400 spend.. didn't need the additional 5yr warranty extension though :)

          • +2

            @CrocDundee: The Panasonics seem very, very robust. Several of my friends purchased the last Samsung Plasmas in 2012, they've all died one way or the other.

          • +1

            @CrocDundee: Haha I bought mine before 2008 Olympics too! And yes still going strong and refuses to die!

            • +1

              @cam83: haha - I even have my receipt of purchase for it too! - here $1400 for the TV and $139 for the extended 5yr warranty! Considered a bargain at the time.. lol

              • @CrocDundee: 11/11/11

                • @Geekomatic: Haha - yeah I had a chuckle when I saw that too.. I took it home with me that day so I think the sales rep just had it automatically set to that date and didn't bother changing it.. lol

            • @cam83: Yes, I remember that government GFC handout that got most Australians a flat panel TV into their home to "boost the economy" 😉

        • +2

          +1 in the same boat, Panasonic 50" Plasma.

          Added a Vodafone TV box which fixed the F2A tuner and added smart functions - good to go.

          • @klownz: Would Google TV work just as well? .. I too have a Pana plasma that keeps on going

            • @orbital: I use the new Chromecast on my Pana Plasma . Works fantastic IMHO . I never used the smarts of the TV as it was pretty awful IMHO .
              I was using a RPi 1-4 from pretty much day 1 and the GCWGTV is a genuine improvement in ease of use and slickness . I actually find myself using the voice control which I never thought would happen .

              Edit : When you use the remote to turn on the TV it not only turns on the TV but switches it to the correct input as well .

          • @klownz: Same here. The beast doesn't want to die.

        • Same. My 12 year old Panasonic Plasma just won't die!!

        • +5

          We picked up a second hand 60" Panasonic plasma in 2014 - an ST60 model.

          It is just amazing paired with a Chromecast and surround sound system.

          Everything looks good on it - sport with no ghosting, movies are cinematic.

          I just can't justify upgrading. Apart from super expensive OLED TVs, there is no reason to upgrade!

          • @darkchoc: Heck yeah, we bought the same in 2013, still looks great, can't justify replacing it either.

        • +2

          My 17 year old pioneer plasma won’t die…

        • I can help guys. I offer a service where I can "accidentally" break your plasma and sell you a new OLED.

          [email protected]

      • sounds logical to me.

      • JV, you've done it again!

    • Bring out the old Wii let the kids play Wii sports

  • +3

    Damn was hoping they'd do something nice with 85" tvs

    • there is $1000 off a Hisense… still $3995 though

      • Yeah considering this one

    • There is another 85" on page-4 for $2495 ($700 off)

  • +78

    Nothing exciting

    • +1

      Wtf I’m watching borat 2 right now

    • Judging from the amount of upvotes on this post, I expected this to be an unpopular opinion but really there's nothing I'd bother getting?

    • That’s what she said !

  • +1

    I am surprise that eBay and Amazon are yet to announce any Boxing Day deals. No info on what they are planning to do. I miss the eBay 10% sidewide promo in the previous Boxing Day. Dunno why they stop doing it since 2019.

    • +12

      Amazon are yet to announce any Boxing Day deals

      basically anything that both jb and amazon sell, it'll be same price on amazon due to their price match algorithm. thats part of their Boxing Day sale lol

    • +29

      As a deliverer of junk mail, we got a sternly worded message that we were not to tell anyone about these 'great deals', nor scan the catalogue and post it anywhere before delivery day on Tuesday..

      OP musta got his catalogue elsewhere ;)

      • +1

        how much do you get paid?

        • +24

          It's the catalogue deliverers 'oath of secrecy' they sign when contracting for this highly lucrative and closely guarded secretive organisation.

        • Enough to make it worthwhile, not enough to live on …

      • Nope legit letterbox, also got a Priceline and baby bunting

        • Happy to get good guys at all?

        • Any good deals on the Baby Bunting catalogue?

          • +4

            @hoju83: Seems like 20-30% off store wide according to the front page.

            • @cam83: Sounds good, thanks!

            • @cam83: Wow, considering we're about to buy a $500+ car seat, that's the kind of news I like hearing about!

              • @Spiderboy: Best Buy usually excluded.

                • @sno0pDog: Yeah we've just noticed that. I think it's dropped $10 so still the best price about, but the only way we're going to get any more value from the purchase is via the 2.1% shopback.

                  Oh well, was a necessity anyway.

                  • @Spiderboy: BB sometimes 5% cash back on cashrewards. Currently 0%. Given price of the item won’t change, if you can hold out a bit longer that might be the way to go.

            • @cam83: cam83 - any chance you could post the Baby Bunting catalogue photo / scan?

          • @hoju83: would likely only be bringing their prices down in line with usual pricing from non-specialities the likes of KMart and BigW anyhow unless it's an item only they stock.

        • +1

          Sounds like the person delivering has plans to go away for Christmas

        • Funny how you got the Black Friday catalogue almost a week early too.

          • @Zivko: Yep was gold it came in Friday afternoon the week before. This one wasn’t until Sunday morning.

            Makes a good change from the last delivery person giving me the supermarket catalogues on a Friday for deals that started 2 days earlier.

        • Someone was naughty then :)

      • Marketing stunt?

        • I don't follow …

          How is it a marketing stunt when only a few dozen would see it?

          It's not the first time this sort of message has been sent, and not only JB's do it.

  • No iPads :-(

    • good luck finding iPads in stock (the cheaper ones, anyway)

      • +2

        Officeworks has the 8th gen 32gb in stock. Price matched it on Thursday with studio proper - $456.

        • Did the exact same thing last week.

      • GoodGuys have the new 2020 models.

  • +7

    Add in ZIP's 10% cashback on Saturday's in December offer and these prices look very good! To maximise this you would just pay in $300 installments at the counter.

    • +1

      Haha wow I have been buying gift cards in $300 instalments when I could have just done this :D

      • +1

        Same difference :) You still win with the 10% cashback!

      • not if you're item is over $1,000

    • If I am buying 85Q8, how fo I tell the sales guy that we will have to do the tapping dance 14 times? 😬

      • They're used to it. Just help them by ripping off the paper, and scratching the pin number.

      • Haha - just do it when they're not busy.. which I guess will be difficult being boxing day.. ultimately though the counter staff are pretty good and will understand if you explain it to them.

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