Installing Windows 10 on MacBook Pro 2020

Hi guys I just wanted to buy MacBook Pro 2020 but I am not familiar with the mac software. Would you guys think it will be a good idea to install windows 10 on mac book pro ? I just wanted to use for office works and streaming some videos and movies pupporses ? Can someone who is already Using it would be able to advice .


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    The new MacBooks have the arm based m1 chip which is leaps and bounds ahead of any Intel mac….

    Arm is still in early beta for windows 10 and parallels (the only program offering windows 10 arm beta testing) is also brand spanking new

    Right now if you want a mac with windows suffer with an Intel one or buy a windows based machine

    I personally would buy m1 (wait I did buy one!) and wait out windows proper support in time

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    Isn't there office apps for the mac already? And a mac will stream and do movies

  • Not yet, but it'll happen sometime next year. No one has said it will happen, but Parallels are obviously hard at work on it, the M1 is obviously capable of emulating x84 Windows 10. Don't count on it, but it should happen because it's what everyone expects to happen. And people behave the way they think they are supposed to behave, everything thinks they are supposed to get Windows running on the new Macs.

    Why do you want Windows though, for gaming? Microsoft have released native M1 versions of their Office apps already. You can already do office work on MacOS, and streaming videos, and watch movies. I actually far prefer doing all that within MacOS. Whenever I use Windows I still find myself trying to use MacOS shortcuts that just aren't there. Windows is slowly catching up, I noticed last year Windows finally lets you scroll through windows even if you haven't clicked on them. Now that was annoying, in Mac for decades you could do that but they only just recently added it to Windows. Microsoft doesn't care about user experience in the same way that Apple does.

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    Sounds like your after an apple device for all the wrong reasons.

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      +1; if you want Mac aesthetics with Windows, that's what the Surface Laptop range is for.

      • There are so many windows laptops with the sleep mac feel, but without the stupid mac price tag

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      What do you mean? Please elaborate ?

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        Buy a new 2020 Mac to use as a Mac. The OS is so simple that you'll grasp it within an hour. It is, afterall, designed for idiots to be able to use.

        If you want to run windows 10 without hassles then buy a PC. There are plenty of awesome PCs with the build quality (probably not the battery life of the M1) of a Mac and pocket the change.

        • I like macOS because it combines simplicity with things like POSIX compatibility and good command line.

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    Dont buy a Macbook if you dont want to use Mac Software

  • I am not familiar with the mac software

    Just get familiar with Mac.

    • Honestly, this. Same goes for switching from iPhone to Android or vice versa… There's maybe a day or two of 'oh shit, I'm still trying to use the old shortcut combinations', before you become accustomed.

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    OP: "But I want to be trendy and over pay for technology I dont understand"

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    Analogy “Buy a sports car, to freight shopping and kids, but want more storage space”.

    • But that exists. Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

    • So then you get a ute or a wagon with sports car performance specs…..

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    What’s the point of buying a mac just to have windows on it? It’s like saying I want a Lamborghini urus for my family but only want to drive it like a grandma

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    You can install Windows via bootcamp but the experience is gonna be crapola. Windows + Arms apps are buggy as hell.

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      You can't install Windows via bootcamp on the ARM (M1) Macs. Driver support for Intel Macs under bootcamp can be a bit behind, though.

      • Ah yeah, you are right.

        Just read it on the Verge lol

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    As an MBP user for the past 10 years, why in the hell's bells are you buying one if you want to use Windows?

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    OP buy one of these instead

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    The jump between windows and Mac isn't hard.
    I would suggest a M1 MacBook Air and just use Mac software.

    The Air starts at $1000, won't take long to get used to and is far better than a surface pro. The surfaces suck unless you buy a high end one ($2000+).

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      Air does not start at $1k?

    • Air starts at $1000 in the US. $1,599 here.

      • oops I was thinking of the Mac mini

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      Why always compare to surface only? There are some damn sexy Windows notebooks that'll do the Pepsi challenge with the MB.

      And being a Windows person and technician for 23 years, if you are used to Windows the jump to Mac IS NOT easy at all. Don't get me wrong I know my way around both, but saying it's easy is simply not true. I've watched people switch and really it is not if you're used to doing things Windows way.

      As a technician I prefer Windows because 9 out of 10 of my customers are on Windows so far easier for me to support, and FOR ME it's easier and less frustrating because of the pretty intense MacOS safety features to get done what I want.

      This is a GOOD thing for non-technical people as there's less chance of them getting themselves into trouble on a Mac, but I need the fine grain control a bit more to make the machine do exactly as I want in my line of work.

      There's arguments for both and it's personal choice depending on what type of user you are, but really you can buy some really smashing Windows hardware also - forget the surface.

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    This has got to be a wind up.

    • And I fell for it twice

  • I run a 2014 Mac mini with a fusion drive and run virtual box a few times per year to run some MAUS software that only runs on windows. WIn10 is slower than win8 but it’s bearable

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    Ask yourself this first; are you happy to be bound by Apple's walled-garden? Everything locked up in Apple services that you'll never be able to take anywhere else or too frightened to leave? If you're an idiot and say yes then buy a Mac and learn to use it. If, however, you enjoy having choices without the lock-in then buy a Surface (or eqivalent) and be happier.

    Apple reminds me of Telstra - everyone got Telstra internet back in the day and hence their email addresses but then they could never leave Telstra because they didn't want to lose that Bigpond email address so they would keep paying the bills whilst getting taken for a ride.

    Apple are a wolf in sheeps clothing - the hardware is fantastic, the OS is fairly solid, but their practices are shady at best.

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