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6x Tampax Pearl Super Tampons 18pk (108 Total) $4 + Shipping (Free with Club) @ Catch


6 x Tampax Pearl Super Tampons 18 pack
Price Drop EXTRA 74% OFF
usually $15.99
Retails $38.10

Leaks be gone! Tampax Pearl super tampons come with FormFit technology that gently expands to fit your unique body shape, while a LeakGuard braid helps stop leaks before they happen!

Free shipping with Club Catch.

Pack contents: 6 x 18pk = 108 tampons
Limit of 5 packs per customer
Expiry Date: 28/02/2024

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  • Thought only Americans used applicators?

  • Thanks. Bought two.

  • +9

    Grow up gents…far out

    • +4

      Yeah, it's not funny, period!

    • +1

      When you're 14, that stuff is hilarious, apparently.

  • +4

    Interesting to see how OzBargain rules are so stringent on certain things, yet consistently allow users to post comments like the ones seen above with no repercussions.

    Pretty ridiculous in my opinion, and I can imagine a lot of people are over it.

    It’s 2020, time to grow up lads.

    • -2

      Think a lot of people (you), need to get over it.

      • -2

        Or maybe a lot of people (you) need to grow up? Little wonder there are so few females on this site.

        • +1

          Because they can't joke about menstruation? Shame there's such a stigma.

          • -1

            @King Steuart: It is definitely a shame there is a stigma around a perfectly normal human bodily function, but "joke" comments such as your earlier one add to that, don't they?

          • -2

            @King Steuart: Sniggering about menstruation is possibly understandable if you're 14. Context and timing is everything. Irrespective, the "jokes" are juvenile.

            • -1

              @DisabledUser67242: Bloody hell

              • @King Steuart: Hilarious. In case you were wondering, I didn't neg you, no need, although I see one of you "jokers" is following me around randomly negging my comments. Did I mention maturity already?

        • +2

          Grow up?

          I'd say part of being grown up is being able to hear incredibly inoffensive jokes that aren't even aimed at any individuals, and not feel the need to tell people to grow up.

          As much as I hate the phrase, wow, you must be fun at parties.

          • +2

            @TheDukeOfNukem: Offensive? They're not close to offensive unless you think they're super edgy due to being 14. They're incredibly repetitive and dull (every time something like this is posted, here come the comedians!), funny only to the sub-80-IQ crowd (i.e. those who think US sitcoms are funny). For good examples of this, look down the thread and see the complete idiots coming here and posting the same stupid thing that was posted 12 hours earlier.

            • @mickeyjuiceman: Inoffensive, ie, NOT offensive.

              Calling someone 14 for a joke they made on the internet isn't exactly the height of maturity either.

              All people who think US sitcoms are funny have a sub 80 IQ now, okay. Can I have one of your farts next time you have a few? You're clearly so far up your own ass that they must taste great.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: A "joke"? What is funny in those comments?

            • @GG57: Well the first 4 comments in particular were all amusing, and of the same nature, almost as though there's plenty of people who find such things funny, and then you kind of get the idea.

              Though, I'd also say people losing their shit being all defensive and looking down on people for having a laugh, as though their opinion is rule and only their sense of upper class holier than thou humour matters, is pretty funny too.

              • @TheDukeOfNukem: The first 4 comments have all had plenty of votes; a few positives, but the majority negatives. Perhaps read the room.

                • +2


                  Perhaps read the room.

                  This is Ozbargain, in general that criterion has sfa value.

              • +2

                @TheDukeOfNukem: Fortunately most of us grew out of your particular puerile brand of humour when we left out early teens. There's a time and place for most things, something most people eventually learn with experience and maturity. You might be an exception of course. I've seen some very funny jokes about menstruation by professional comedians - often women. They like to send up childish/bogan (usually male) attitudes towards "female problems", which IS funny because we all know the stereotyping exists.

            • +1

              @GG57: 😅 I'm a 27y/o female and I thought the period jokes were pretty funny. The only reason I clicked on this deal was because I wanted to read the comments.

    • -3

      No matter how childish it is, if it "drives engagement" (i.e. posts) then it's going to be allowed in here by the mods. They appear to get paid per post.

      • -1

        They appear to get paid per post.

        What are you talking about? No one is paid for posts.

        • -1

          Traffic = dollaridoos. It's the best bargain of all!

        • Even in this thread that post is a fair effort.

        • -1

          when did Scotty stop the rewards program?

    • Not appreciating the Ozbargain tee hee behind the dunny juvenile mindset Bushy?

  • Now that's a bloody good deal

  • +3

    Seriously, why are these not free?
    They are in some progressive countries.

    • +1

      Not only are they not free, up until 2 years ago they were taxed 10% with gst.

    • +2

      Should toilet paper also be free because it’s essential for bodily functions?

      We live in a capitalist country. People earn a living to pay for their own essentials.

      Luckily, we have a safety net with our welfare system to give people an income to buy essential products, including hygiene products.

      • There is probably an argument that toilet paper is not essential, and then we go down the rabbit hole about what is / isn't essential.

        I'm thinking that this is more about equality for females, dignity, non-discrimination, etc.
        I understand that the term "period poverty" can be accurate for low-income females (which males do not need to use their welfare payments for).

        • +2

          Everyone has their own essential items for their own individual situations. For example someone with incontinence would need to find money adult diapers. Then there's people who have health issues and need to find money for medication. Everyone has their own individual expenses and problems.

          But back on topic, aren't menstrual cups a solution for so called "period poverty"?

  • -3

    Bloody great deal

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