Long lasting data prepaid


So I just bought a laptop that takes a simcard for data.

I think i can pay $5 a month to share my current mobile data plan which sounds ok.

But also exploring options for a prepaid data sim card where say you buy 20gb and it will last as long as it takes you to use it without expiring.

I actually have no idea how much data i'll be using on the laptop, so figured something like that might be cheaper or at least help me figure out how much i use.

Do these exist? or anything similar? like even a year expiry or 6 month.

Cheapest I can find is boost $200 for 110GB for 12 month expiry.

Anything cheaper? I doubt ill be away from wifi much, but nice to know i can use it without hotspot when i need to


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    hmm, since you already have a mobile data plan, why not just use your phone as a hotspot when needed?

    • definitely a viable option. though phone battery life seems to be one of the first things that run out these days. hotspotting would definitely eat up a lot of battery i think

      sounds like that or pay $5/month for an extra sim card are the most financially efficient options

  • Aldi: 30GB data + data rollover and 365-day expiry for $95
    I've seen similar from Coles for $89 but that was on special.

  • $150 for 120GB on Optus prepaid. 365-day expiry.

    Price beat at Officeworks for a further 5% off.

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