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[PS4] Anthem $1 @ EB Games


Worth a play for $1 if you haven't played this game yet. Currently $1 due to "Half Price Christmas Sale" from EB Games.

Purchase in-store only but at the time of writing, it appears that most stores have this game in stock.

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    Yeah Nah not worth $1

    • I took it as they're giving us $1 to take it. No?

  • Are the game servers even online anymore on that flop?

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    I paid $4 and felt ripped off

    • Sheesh, you could've got it for 75% off!!

  • +16

    Worth a play for $1 if you haven't played this game yet.

    It’s really not.

  • Cheap coaster.

    • +11

      Cheap replacement case.

      • Cheap paper insert?

  • +7

    I got this for a dollar. Its been surprisingly ok. The gameplay mechanics are solid. The grind gets to you after a few hours but $1 for few hrs of entertainment; its worth it IMO.

  • How much does a game case cost? The case is honestly more valuable than the game.

  • +1

    I got a few hours enjoyment out of the story with a mate. The potential was definitely there and flying through the air is good fun. Gets well boring and repetitive though (most games do these days don’t they!) but with a massive overhaul apparently on the horizon not a terrible pick up for a dollar.

    • Respectfully disagree about most games being boring and repetitive. All games have a gameplay loop, but the best games execute it well such that it's not boring, but makes you want more.
      Right now, I can't stop thinking about Hades :)

  • I thought $1 was RRP

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    The only way you’ll get any enjoyment out of this is if you put the disc in the microwave and watch the lightning

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    They gave me $1.30 credit for my brand new copy a month ago.

  • -1

    The worst game ever made on PS4?

  • +1

    No YOU give ME $1!

  • Buy it for $1 keep it sealed. sell it for $50 20 years from now. Winning !

    • +1

      You will still end up losing. Time value money and cost to keep it in mint condition, yeah nah.

      • I was joking. Obviously.

        • I know it was a joke. Couldn't resist.

    • I can only see this being worth even less in the future for some reason

    • Does this game even work without an internal connection? If not, I doubt the servers will still be up in five years.

  • -1

    How long till Cyberpunk gets here?

    • +5

      Won't get there. Although it's broken, it does have a nice story and a heap of side missions.

  • Anyone holding out for the Anthem reboot - sorry, but the project leads has been reassigned from this project to the new Dragon Age project. Don't expect any improvements to the game, it is a buggy and unstable game, as much fun as it provided for the first 10 hours.

  • +1

    I'd be happier with the dollar…

  • +2

    Toughest crowd yet. Don't hold back folks.

  • Terrible game not even worth $1 !

  • Apparently there's a full overhaul in the works. I'd still get it, it fun to mess around with a few buddies

  • Holy crap… I didn’t know a game can be that bad.

  • I got this for free with my PS4 Pro. Never bothered to take the shrink-wrap off and EB refused to take it as a trade.

  • If I remember this game is getting a massive 2.0 reboot for next gen? If so then it's worth grabbing it now?

    • I reckon there's close to zero chance that ever happens and if it does it gets released as a free 2 play game…

      • They are literally posting updates regularly.
        2.0 is happening and soon

        • Hey I bought a $2 copy of this game last year as insurance for the 2.0 update, but realistically not holding my breath for EA and Bioware to ever deliver.

  • Do you need the PS subscription thing (like xbox live gold whatever) to play this?

  • Still too much.

  • I gave it the benefit of the doubt at $1.50… I shouldn't have.

  • Isn’t a big next gen upgrade coming for this?

  • Pay $1
    Store game and wait for anthem 2.0
    Hope 2.0 is an improvement and bam… you paid $1 for a redeemed game.

    • That's some real optimistic thinkin' you got there. 2020 would like a word…

      • Given the stream of updates the devs have been putting out regarding 2.0 its pretty safe to say they plan to revanmp the game.

        the game is not for me but certainly for those who wanted what was promised there is very high chance they will be getting it.

  • It's been a dollar previously, but because of inflation, and the concept of a dollar being worth less today than it was this time last year, this is technically a new historical low.

    Also, OP, $1 for PC in store too, though looks like limited stock where I am.

  • I paid $5 and i felt ripped off. Don't expect anything from Anthem 2.0. They've only talked about UI changes. Bioware's resources are focused on the next Dragon Age / Mass Effect title.

  • +2

    I bought it from JB for $4

    I think it's about a 12 hour campaign and I got roughly half way through. It's not a bad game. I'll probably finish it although I'm not desperate to.

    Graphics are very good. Gameplay is smooth and solid, yet unoriginal other than the fly on a jetpack thing.

    It's not a bad game at all. I suppose you could say it's repetitive but what action game isn't .

    The single player campaign has drop in co-op, and I had people drop into most of my missions. The game seemed easy enough to progress if no one drops in, although co-op certainly helps and for some will make it more fun.

    I think people are upset at this game because the end game was not very good.

    So if you're into a single player campaign there is no reason not to buy this game.

    • can you play it without PS plus?

  • Any chance they could fix it up down the track with a big patch?