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25% off R.M. Williams Boots @ The Iconic


The Iconic has 25% off R.M. Williams boots until midnight tonight (11:59PM AEDT on 24.12.20).

For example the Men’s Comfort Craftsman is on sale for $446.25 (RRP is $595.00).

Delivery to most locations is free with standard delivery or $3.95 for express delivery.

You can also use Cashrewards for 8% cash back or ShopBack for 3.5% cash back at the Iconic (bringing the cost after cash back down to $410.55 or ~$430.63).

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  • Decent deal if you don't need a wide/narrow fit. On par with Nungar for price, with presumably much better delivery speed.

    • damn, i need the wide H fit. any deals on that at any stores?

  • If I wear us men size 10.5 for Adidas

    Would I get size 10 for these?

    • +2

      Get both and free return the one you don’t like?

    • +2

      I wear a 10.5 for Adidas and wear a 9 in these, the sizing is Australian sizing so a little different, i think an Australian 9 = US 10. However id highly recommend trying these on in store first. I find the wider fit is much more comfortable and go with that lettering.

      • Thanks 👍

        Will pop into Myer and give it a go.

  • +13

    Decent price when stacked with CB. Still waiting for sub $399 pre cashback. Not in Finance or anything - Really only want to get a pair of these and hit the pub with the boys on a Friday night after early knock off for Some schooner mcgavins and a sesh in the disabled torletts with some Grant Packets. Round it out with a lazy 3pm Saturday wake from hangover, a large kfc zinger box, 3 out of 8 leg multi gettin up and the misso putting me on final warning for ruining another Christmas brunch with the inlaws.

    • Pls buy shirt
      <link to shitty overpriced meme tshirt>

  • RM's, the 'look how true blue' I am of lawyers and corporates.

  • any chance I can buy a pair which are slightly too big and exchange them at a RM Williams store for my correct size?

    • I highly doubt it.. why not just use free returns?

      • The size and colour I want is out of stock but they have the colour I want in one size up

  • The Iconic have a terrible customer care service - beware, if something goes wrong….. I won’t risk ordering anything with them again, certainly nothing valuable

    • I 100% agree, I used to buy from them all the time, and then the one time I actually had to contact customer care, it was a terrible experience which had to be escalated, literally never considered buying from them again until this deal.

      The Iconic are only good if you don't need to contact customer service.

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