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Cooler Master MWE Gold 750W 80 Plus Gold $99 + Shipping (OOS), WD Black SN750 1TB $178 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Good prices for these, part of the Boxing Day deals at SE. 5 year warranty for the PSU.

Cooler Master MWE Gold 750W 80 Plus Gold ATX Power Supply (OUT OF STOCK)

WD SN750 1TB 3D NAND 3470MB/s NVMe M.2 Gaming SSD - Starts 10am AEDT on the 27th.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Oof, I just picked one PSU up for $150 on umart. Knew I should've waited. Good deal OP.

    • yeah I just bought one too… I feel the pain

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      • Just for clarification, I didn't buy this exact PSU, I bought a different 750W Gold power supply for a little over $160-ish. Sorry if there was a confusion.

        Edit: Thanks for that link as well, I'll be sure to avoid getting this if I ever find myself needing one.

    • -8

      It's a crappy PSU with a 5 year warranty, you never should have bought it in the first place. But paying $150 for it is too funny. I recently got a v750 v2 gold FM for ~$130.

      • Above comment ^.

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      Same, literally just bought a $150 Seasonic Focus GM Gold 650W PSU from Umart today…

      • Ehh, it's always a bitter feeling knowing you could have saved a pineapple but you won't/shouldn't get any dramas with the seasonic. Umart, on the other hand… intense ellipsis

  • what is the difference between this one but for $89

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      That one is not gold rated, this one is

      • -1

        so…worth extra $10? for a say 3090 down the line?

        • 750W PSU with a 3090 might be a bit low tbh

          Edit: Just checked online 750W PSU is the recommended amount of Wattage for an average system so should be fine I would get Gold rated for the extra 10 dollars just for the extra efficiency

        • If you're buying a 3090 you might as well buy a PSU which is at th same level as the 3090 so I would definitely recommend at least a 750 gold rated psu like the above.

        • If you're spending the money on a 3090, don't cheap out on the PSU.

          Obvious troll comment.

    • +5

      I think the model you listed is just 80Plus while this one is 80Plus Gold. It is an efficiency badge to make it easier for consumer to understand. To put it simply you would want the Gold model because it is more efficient and the components has to be upgraded to meet this standard. In other words, you're getting quality and more reliable components which translates to better power stability (due to the higher standards required to attain Gold standard). There's also the platinum badge but I don't think it is worth the price increase over minimal improvements to efficiency.

      • +1

        Well explained mate, cheers

      • 80 PLUS Titanium is worth it, because it's the only one that specifies a minimum efficiency for 10% load.

    • -2

      You should check out PSU reviews before purchasing any particular unit, but gold rated with a 10 year warranty is really the minimum criteria you should be using. It's worth spending the extra to get something that will last a very long time and won't damage your PC components.

      • 10 year warranty isn't the minimum criteria, nor is it an indication of quality. There are numerous 7 year warranty units superior to 10 year warranty units.
        Case in point: Bitfenix Whisper M / SuperFlower Leadex III are both 7 years, both superior to Corsair RMx (10 years) all 3 are far superior to the EVGA GA garbage unit (10 years).

  • How good is this M.2 ? I have win10 that upgrade from win7, I have no idea where is the cdkey ( on the PC ). How do I reinstall window on to a new drive ? Thanks in advance ?

    • +2

      You can use disk cloning software to move all your stuff over, or you can install Windows through a bootable usb using the media creation tool. A quick google search shows that the SSD itself has fairly good reviews across the board.

    • +1

      The WD Black SD750 is one of the better drives beside Samsung 970 Evo Plus, Pro, etc. If you have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, the Windows activation key is embedded on your motherboard BIOS. You can switch to the new drive in one of the 2 following ways:

      1. You could duplicate your current drive over to the new M2 SSD and then swap them physically.
      2. You could swap them physically, install a new copy of Windows and bring your files over. You can install by downloading Windows Media Creation tool. It gets installed into a USB drive and you boot to this drive to proceed with the installation. Once you get into Windows, it will self activate when internet connection is available.

      Some Windows 10 installation are now linked to your Microsoft account like mine. In my case, I logged onto my Microsoft account and activate the PC machine from there.

    • +1

      You can install a software called "Belarc Advisor" and when you run the software, it'll create a report of your PC. That report also contains the cdkey being used for Windows.

  • -3

    Bois. Please be careful when you order things from this seller. I ordered some parts on last Black Friday sale and I've not still received them yet. Unfortunately, AusPost confirmed that it is missing, so I sent an email to the seller immediately last Monday for a full refund, but still no reply. They do not also take a phone call either due to Covid-19 as they are working remotely. Is this a bull shit or not? I would say they should change the company name like "SHOPPING SLOW". I am so upset about this delay and I can't build a new rig now.

    • +7

      well, if auspost confirmed it is missing, isn't it auspost fault? why vent on shoppingexpress then?

      • -2

        Because Auspost advised to the sender that it was being delayed due to a package problem / address label and they should not reply my email within 48 hours? I just need their confirmation email for a full refund,

        • +4

          So now you're saying is delayed (not missing?) - why would the seller issue a refund if the package is only delayed…

    • +3

      Never had a problem with these guys. Lots of orders over the years and almost always they turn up the next day.

      Maybe I'm lucky but in all instances with missing things it's been the carriers fault, e.g. Aus Post have just lost 3 keyboard combos I ordered from Amazon. They got to Aus Post at Eastern Creek and then vanished (aka stolen).

  • So I take it, this is the "Non-muodular mode PSU or is it semi-modular.?????

    Unless I've missed it, I couldn't see anything on their website.

    Nevermind, did some deeper digging, and it's apparently the non-modular model.

    Note: The is also a v2 model of this which is fully modular.

    • From the picture, it seems to be a non-modular model.

  • Low grade power supply. High failure rates, steer clear

    • I've bought heaps similar cooler master psu and never had any problems. All on reasonably high end systems.

      • Component quality varies from model to model. Similar is not the same. This model is trash, but go ahead and save a dollar now - you can pay for it a year or two down the line.

        • -1

          "pay for it a year or two down the line". You don't know what you're talking about.

          • -1

            @mckayver: You realise a bad PSU can take out a whole system? Ever had it happen to you? I have. I know this is OZB but sometimes quality is worth paying for, no matter how much of a cheap (profanity) you are.

            Have fun until it bites you in the ass kiddo.

            • -1

              @Evanlet: The problem I have with this is that there's enough bad reviews and bad customer comments that I'd be reluctant to buy one.

              If it was the same price at scorptec or someone local then I would have less of a problem as you can issue an RMA easily.

              However this mail order mob???

              GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Wish there was one on the SF750 plat, missed the last one by a couple mins :(

  • Good deal! Got the normal V2 720W white for $89 2 months ago.

  • How is this compared to the Corsair RMx ones?

    • +2

      RMx are better but more expensive.

      • Have had a great experience with rmx - particularly a fan of their 0rpm idle fan. also aren't RMXes fully modular? Really nifty bonus. Fully agree though - completely different price bracket

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    The Linus forum, recommended PSU tier list:

    Power Supply Tier List

    • I don't understand the list, where is this PSU on it?

      • Midrange tier B:

        Cooler Master | MWE Gold - Reactor Gold - V Gold 2018 [MPY] <=650W

        Cooler Master MWE Gold is the main brand, the rest are variations in name only. We know it as MWE Gold, then different names for a different country or region. The V Gold 2018 [MPY] <=650W, for example, is a brand name for a different country and that brand name is used for their power supplies, up to and including, 650 Watt.

  • is this nvme worth it over like the standard a2000? like i get the speeds, would that be noticeable?

    • Yes it is, because they make their own controller and NAND, they likely get the best quality chips available.