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Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12 Month Contract - New & Port-in Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


A JB employee has informed us that this deal is available today (24/12) and Boxing Day (26/12). I rang 13 52 44 to confirm it was on. It should be the same as these 2 deals in November 12/11 & 27/11 BF. Not advertised online.

From what I understand from previous deals, this is the info and JB take $10/off and add a further 20GB to the 60GB plan. Thanks brettyfxu.

You can sign up in store, or they should be able to do it over the phone (edit, phone is 26/12 only, but available in store now 24/12, see below). $59/Month for 12 Months = $708.

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers.

Edit: ETC from previous deal and linked CIS is $414.

Edit, appears to be in store 24/12 & 26/12, but over the phone 26/12 only - Thanks mark1237.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Reposting my previous comment because inevitably the question will arise - tl;dr you can still access this deal if you are on an excluded network (Telstra, Belong, Boost), but you will still need to pay ETC if not out of contract.

    To be clear, this deal is very much available to existing Telstra customers (with near zero port out/in downtime), you just have to go through a few extra steps.

    Go in store, sign up for the deal and ask for a new number. Doesn't matter what it is. Get the gift card and be on your merry way.

    Later, jump on to Telstra support / chat and let them know that you want to combine two services (they should be on the same Telstra account if you provided the same details to JB). Be clear that you want to take the old number and combine it with the new service (plan), so that you are cancelling the old service and the new number. They will do it for you, although it makes take a couple of days for the number transfer to complete.

    Have done this multiple times with these deals in the past with no issues. Telstra doesn't care what you do with your accounts and you already have the gift card so JB isn't going to block you either.

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      I can see how one would be able to do this when on a Telstra account already. However are you still able to do this even if you’re currently with Boost or Belong though?

      • Personally I haven't done it through Boost/Belong, but I understand from others that it can be done. I think it's possible to link your Boost/Belong service into your Telstra account, but someone else may be able to chime in with some further details.

        • -1

          Same question, need a phone asap. Currently with optus prepaid (but haven't been away for 30 days) can I activate a new service and then port my number over after?

      • Best to switch to another provider, I changed to Vodafone 2 days ago from boost and now to this telstra offer without any issues

    • safest bet is to perhaps use the gift card on the spot, if possible that is

      • +2

        Definitely not an issue to use it afterwards, there's no way they will cancel the card, but if you feel safer doing so then more power to you.

    • +3

      Does this still work with the current non existent support from Telstra?

      • Haha, YMMV. Some people in the past have needed to get a different rep to do it because the one they happened to get was confused.

      • -6

        Not sure what you mean by non existent support.
        Never have any trouble resolving my issue.
        Could be a common denominator.

        • +1

          Uh yeah sure. Codi is rubbish and it's almost impossible to get through to someone who can actually resolve your issue.

        • +5

          Have you tried since COVID has caused major issues with their indian call/chat centres? It's a totally different ball game now. You are best off making a booking to go instore and see someone.

      • +2

        After going through the saga of trying to do it online, take my advice and make a booking to go instore and get it sorted, it will likely make your life a lot easier.

    • I did the same 2 months ago and ended up using two numbers :( maybe I was just unlucky

    • Thank you 🙏 you answered my exact question

    • thanks I can confirm merging old number to the new service plan worked via telstra chat.

      took about 30mins on chat and process was complete.

      no need to change sims, keep current sim with your preferred number

      thank you

      • How did it work? The guy on my online chat insisted me to have another plan, he said he can only transfer from postpaid to postpaid.

    • Are there any issues with this if the old number was originally with Optus?

      • If the old number is with Optus you just port in and no need to hassle with the above.

        • The old number is currently with Telstra but was originally an Optus number.
          I thought I read somewhere that the number has to be "released" or something and if it wasn't originally a Telstra number it can be 'lost'.

          • @1tightwad: Right - I haven't heard anything about that, so best to check with customer support. Can't imagine it being an issue though.

    • Hey thanks a lot for the write up!

      Can I please clarify a couple complications?

      I'm currently away on holidays, don't have access to a jb hi-fi til the new year.

      I called the 13 52 44 number and they advised it's all good. I can just leave my details with them and they'll call back when they're ready because apparently they're getting hammered anyway so all phone enquiries will take a few days to get to.

      Just want to confirm that when they do call me (hopefully across the next couple days), I can sign up and get them to activate a NEW service for me over the phone? They also advised they'll send the JB Gift Card via email.

      Then once the new SIM is activated, I'll just wait a day to be safe then ask Telstra to combine, cancel the old service and the new number.

      Just wanted to check I can do this all over the phone? I don't want to risk losing my current number (would be a nightmare for business purposes etc)


      • +1

        I've always done this in store, but just be mindful that there can be delays in combining the services - usually up to 48 hours for me. Could be worth a shot, but I can't say for sure.

    • Hi, if I can’t get it combined, will there be any cooling off period or something on the new connection? I dot want to take risk of porting out and come back.

    • Anyone got a success on this with boost?

    • -1

      JB sales guy tells me Telstra have caught onto this approach and put a stop to it in the last couple of weeks, so I’m hesitant to try. Anyone made it work recently?

      • Thats gonna be very bad news for me if thats the case

        • I hope it works for you. Will you let us know?

        • Let us know how you go!

          • @Hirolol: First attempt no success, they didnt understand

      • +1

        Worked for me on 26/12/2020 evening. Had an old Telstra prepaid and combined it with a new plan over the chat. Process was easy and smooth and took approx 30min like other ppl mentioned as well.
        If Telstra stop doing it, then just cancel the contract and return the gift card, sure it will be covered with a cool off period, especially if you haven't used sim and gift card.

        • May i know what did you say to the agent? I've got impossible answer by the agent

          • +2

            @countmein: Try a new agent.

            Easiest way I could communicate it was.

            1. Cancel #1

            2. Change #2 to #1

            Took me 3 agents, but the 3rd agent did it and it occurred within minutes.

          • +1

            @countmein: of course,here it is:
            Would like to take my number(phone number)and combine it with the service(paid plan), so i'd cancel my old service and new number.
            Then agent replied:
            Do you mean you want to change your post paid number (phone number) to (phone number) and cancel it from the prepaid number?
            replied :

            and all sorted.

        • Unfortunately somehow they are 'allowed' to not have a cooling off period on this contract.

    • Just to mention that I had success with this on Christmas eve. Happy days!

    • I’ve had zero luck with Telstra in doing this so far as they say it isn’t possible.
      I know many others have had this work so I’ll keep trying

    • -1

      Hi gang. A report back on this. I went to JB as per above instructions and got 2 x brand new numbers for my wife and I. They were added to my existing Telstra account. I wasn’t trying to do this but they found my account when they entered my drivers license.

      Anyway got it sorted and got the 2x$500 gift cards and 2 new sims with new numbers.

      Waited two days and went into a Telstra store to get the accounts merged and the guy flat out refused. Said I just wanted to merge or combine two services on my account and he said no since the bee accounts were new accounts setup for new customers he is not allowed to do it in the system. Checked with his manager and the manager wouldn’t allow it either. Said JB hifi messed up and shouldn’t have let me open that new account. Said I need to talk to JB Hifi if I want to make any changes. Said it’s actually really easy to do but he won’t do it. He said you just cancel the existing new number, bring the old plan number over and then close the old plan all together. But said he won’t do it and to talk to JB.

      Went to JB and said I want to merge 2 services or phone numbers. She said Telstra can do it I said they told me to come talk to JB since JB set up the new account. Etc etc. she asked if I got the gift cards and I said yes. she said nope nothing she can do. Said she could check with the manager if they would let us cancel the new plan all together but the manager said no and to go talk to the original JB store that I setup the account with or call Telstra. She said the contract has no cooling off period.

      Anybody got any tips. Now frantically trying to get Someone to do it over chat but been through 4 agents so far who ask how can I help you but never get any further than that

      • +1

        The rep is right in that you are not combining the services, you are asking for them to cancel one service and move the number that was associated with it to another service. It seems you've had rotten luck with the reps, but it is definitely possible - no need to mention JB as that may confound the issue for them. Just say, hey, I have two services, want to cancel one, move the number to another.

      • Ok good news. Got through to someone on chat finally who understood and got it sorted! Amazing. For anybody else who needs this. It’s kind of hard to explain what you want to do. But the way the agent understood was to say “Use service one's number on service two's mobile plan” and list out the two numbers and call out exactly which one you want to keep.

        Then I received a “disconnection request” email from Telstra. Then immediately could use the new sim with my old number.

        Got the same agent to do the same thing for my wife’s number and all worked out.

        So ya life is good. Got it sorted thanks OzB. Easy $1000

        • Also thanks @hydridex for the tip! Lifesaver!

  • What is the Optus equivalent? Only from HN retailer? Currently on Telstra, JB.

    • +1

      I’m really keen to know this too so I can jump between them both annually. HN deal seems average

  • This doesn’t work if you are porting from Boost right?

    • That's correct

      Excludes current Telstra, Belong & Boost Customers

      I'll add that into OP now.

    • Port to another provider and then port again to Telstra.

    • how is this deal better than boost lol

  • Ah man I was waiting for this deal but instead bit the bullet on the $99/month with a free phone deal.

    • Yeah back then with Optus there was a Xmas special iPhone 8, Samsung s8, etc.. $59 for 12months.. now these days they got these 24/ 36months contracts.. no deal

      • That would be no good for me as I am 1 month into my 12-month contract. Would need to cancel my service first

  • Do you lose the $10 credit after 12 months ?

    • +3

      Technically yes. But just chat in and say you’re going to cancel unless they can match the current deal.

    • I had the previous port in credit deal last for over 18 months. Until I left a few months ago. Will sign back on now to Telstra :)

    • +1

      You should lose the contract after 12m (or 11m and pay 1 month’s termination fees so you’re ready for Boxing Day 2021), port out to prepaid and re-apply after a few weeks for a similar offer.

    • You are better off porting out after 12 months either way.

  • How long do us with Boost have to port out to another network for before being eligible for deal?

  • +14

    Porting to this plan in Nov was the worst experience of my life. 3 visits to JB, multiple calls to Telstra, raised a complaint with Telstra over the billing, raised a TIO case when it wasn't resolved. Still not 100% resolved.

    I'm going back to Optus the second this plan ends. Telstra customer support is shockingly non-existent.

    • +31

      Your life has been pretty smooth sailing.

      • +8

        Haha, of my mobile phone life I meant!

    • What problems did you encounter?

      • +2

        Plan did not activate.
        Quota was wrong (no 20GB bonus credit)
        Monthly credit was not applied.
        First bill received 2 days after I signed up due 4 days later. Plan not even active at the time. Bill for full amount.
        JB fixed these issues and confirmed telstra had the correct info.
        Telstra said it not correct and was JB's problem
        I said to Tesltra - since you have a reseller arrangement with JB, why don't YOU call them to sort this out. They say the problem is you, you say its them.
        I have now received a second bill that covers the first two months, which seems to have credits applied (addresses my original problem).

        And lastly, my MyTelstra account (created by Telstra) is not in my legal name, so it won't link to my service (which is in my legal name) because it says the names don't match. So I have no way to login and check my details.

        When I signed up for the service, I presented 100 points of ID. Telstra just entered it wrong, but now want me to re-send photos of my ID to some random call centre people overseas. I refuse to do this for security reasons (it's one thing to have the details - numbers etc - quite another to have photos of my ID docs). I have spend more hours talking to Telstra than actually using the service for calls.

        • oh bloody hell. That sucks! I hope if I jump on this, I won't get the same problem. haha. I'm still contemplating….

          I hope it gets sorted out soon!

        • +2

          Anything more than one month not solved, contact Telco ombudsman (tio.com.au) straight away. Telstra service is now so horrid.

          Without GC or extra discount, better find something else if you're not living in rural areas.

        • In the past when I've had issues, I've straight up said the service isn't what I expect and they should refund me for the months I've been affected and normally they are fine to do that. But yeah honestly I'd drop telstra and just go to optus if I were u cos they don't deserve your money.

          • @Ibz: That would be great if you could actually speak to someone. The only form of contact is their messaging app and when you start a session it tells you - "type here and someone will eventually respond". In my experience it's at least 1.5hrs before the first response and typically you wait again between each sentence. It's abysmal and enough to make me swap providers.

        • Learn how it’s done mate.
          If I try and fix something and telstra support can’t do it after 2 times, I always just lodge a complaint.
          They will assign you with a complaints department team member and you only speak to that person.

          They will make sure your problem gets fixed.

          • @Hirolol: Well I did speak to Telstra complaints. They kept saying it was a JB problem, JB kept saying it was a Telstra problem. JB even showed me their Telstra screen confirming that Telstra had the correct info. So I lodged a TIO complaint when Telstra complaints didn't resolve it.

            I should say, my description above is an abridged version of events. It does not list everything that happened - just the general gist of the issues.

    • Mind telling us what the problem was/is? I still got 1 more month in my current contract and hoping for the same deal next month. Incidentally I am with Optus.

    • had a similar experience with their customer service. after reading reports here by others who successfully switch from Boost to Telstra, i tried it myself and wasn't able to come to the same solution. So I had to port out from boost to optus to telstra (prepaid) then swap the numbers since the prepaid and my jb hifi plan were on the same account.

      Seems as though everyone's trained differently or try to dodge my request by suggesting a different solution and charging me more which i didn't accept. I'd tried about 6 different live chat requests before finally getting what I wanted, with multiple reps telling me it was impossible to transfer from boost to telstra.

    • -1

      read all that and still have no idea what is your issue with Telstra.

    • +3

      Can also personally confirm Telstra Customer Service is absolute shite…

      However, having ported to Optus to get said deals last month, I can also confirm that Optus reception is more shite than Telstra’s Customer Service.

    • +1

      This is also my experience. To me, Telstra doesn’t have a customer support.

    • +1

      Same as me bro. Optus isn’t amazing but they get it done. I’ve had the same rubbish with Telstra, once when I tried to move 3 mobiles there and also again when I tried to get an adsl 2+ service back in day and more recently NBN. Every time they have stuffed mine. I’m honestly not making this up or joy hating. I always tell myself how good their reception etc but now - never again. I’m gonna need a $1000 gift card.

  • Is Good guys going to match this deal

    • It will be good if they match this ( they both are owned by JB after all ) Good guys have better offers on home applicances

      • +2

        Even though both are owned by JB HiFi, they will price match and price beat each other. You can get JB to price beat whatever deal on home appliances the good guys are doing.

        We had the good guys take $1000 off (off listed sale prices, not rrp) a deal with a tv, fridge and washer, then they printed that quote out, we took it to JB who beat it further, then we stacked a 5% discount code and used the gift card I got from my phone deal.

        • Excellent , will stick to JB then as they are closer to me, cheers

        • Since when does jb do price beats? I thought they only do price matches. I tried to get a price beat offer a couple weeks ago and the rep said we only match the offer.

          • @Adamz1: It's not a policy of theirs, they have always been flexible on price. You just need to ask them for a better price. Their PDA's will tell them what price they can go down to. Managers can go lower if you are willing to go that far.

  • -2

    thanks I'll go to the closest jb. what if they don't know about this deal? or they offer the $300 instead?

  • The link says $300 gift card with this plan, but title of page says $500. Am I missing something?

    • It's not advertised online, the link is just the generic link for mobile offers. You'll need to ask for the offer, good idea to ring first just to make sure.

      • Cool, thanks. I was planning to buy a new phone and a $300 Boost sim for the Mrs but this is a much better deal!

        $300 sim + $999 Pixel = $1299
        $59 x 12mths + $999 Pixel - $500 voucher = $1207 with only $499 upfront

        That's an easy decision.

        • hey im also thinking of grabbing the same thing

        • Went a similar option when they last had this deal, but waited for black friday and got them to match the Telstra black friday deal on the pixel 5 ($749) Worked out pretty well.

          Edit, forgot to add, paid for the additional 249 with the 15% off gift cards that were available for black friday.

  • +1

    Do they still make you wait 30 days before porting back in ? I only ported out 2 weeks ago so don't want to waste my time if im ineligible

    • Also keen to know!

      • I believe so. I was there yesterday (I recently ported to Aldi, ready for one of these deals) and the guy said as long as it's been 30 days, you can come back.

        • Thanks.. ill save myself the boxing day crush. Hope they have this deal again in Jan

          • @TheDuck2020: I was told by Telstra that I could do the JB deal with a new number; once the deal is sorted I could port over my old number and then swap over the old number for the plan and lose the new number.

            I plan to get the deal tomorrow, port the number as soon as I can after that (not same day, just wait a bit). Then do the swap and lose the number. Doing this, it seems, you won't even need to wait for 30 days…. but if you had to, you would lose only about two weeks of having both numbers active.

            Sure, when porting my number back, I'll have to choose a minimum cost plan for it with a month to month contract; but it shouldn't be a big deal.

    • I went through the process last year and was able to sign up and get the gift card with no issues, despite only having ported out 2 weeks beforehand. Perhaps I just got lucky?

    • ported off on 27 Nov, and they rejected us in store today as had not been 30 days.

      • I also ported on that date (after the black Friday deals) and they had no issues.

      • If they ask you whether you are a telstra customer just say no.

  • I got this deal but with a $200 gift card. Should’ve waited

    • Ring and complain. It's always the answer.

  • Can you just kick start a new service, add your current number to the plan and then can the new number, carrying over the plan to your existing number?

    • +1

      See first comment in this post.

  • How long is the gift card valid for?

    • JB gift cards have no expiry.

    • The expiry? JB gift cards have no expiry anymore.

  • +1

    Just a note, I'm on this plan, it comes back seemingly every month or so last few months

  • +3

    Anyone else currently start feeling the congestion with Telstra 4G Network?

    • No issues so far, and I'm on boost.

    • +2

      I was told 2Mbps was an “acceptable 4G speed” by Telstra in my area as an ongoing service.

      You can guess what I told them to do with that 2Mbps! :)

    • +2

      I agree with you, had Telstra a few years back - moved to Optus and got even slower and now recently back to Telstra and it's slower again

  • -1

    It shows $300 giftcard with the $69 (before discount) deal ? How to get $500 GC with this plan?

    • +1

      Did you read the description? Not available online.

      • I did, I thought it was about the $10 off, not the GC

  • Can i use this plan for running all of my home devices and i can get rid of my NBN plan

    • +2

      Absolutely. Couple your Telstra SIM card with an Optus 4G modem (e.g., E3372) and save yourself $70+ per month

  • I'm currently on Aldi $25, waiting for one of these offers.

    Should be able to get Google 4a 5g for $799 + $59*12 ($708) - $500 gift card at time of purchase = $1007 over 12 months?

    Or, buy phone outright for 799 and continue on Aldi for $300 for the year - $1099 over 12 months.

  • -1

    Thanks OP. I am wondering whether it’ll be a good deal to get iPhone 12 promax via this deal?

    • you can use the gift card for anything mate.

  • I'm currently with Optus 80gb for $40/month.

    Not sure if it's worth porting to this plan..

    • I am also on optus $40 80gb plan including international calls. Telstra does not include international calls but after $500 gift card it turned out to be $17.33 a month. I guess if you need to buy a phone or something else from JB it is worth it.

      • -1

        With WhatsApp and similar types of apps, international calls are not a concern.

        I'm mainly interested in the difference in speed.

        It does seem Telstra is usually faster, but some areas Optus beats them.

        Also $500 gift card has no expiry or you could sell it for $450 on classified to make it $20/month.

    • Im on the same plan and this seems good if you need to get anything from JB anyways >$500. Works out $59x12 - $500 = $17 per month for a 80gb plan

  • Does anyone know if I could cancel my current post-paid Telstra if I got to Optus and switch back boxing day I will be eligible?

    • You will, with caveats. See the first comment

  • Is this 80gb a month? As I have a 80gb plan on boost for a year and it seems for the pasts two/3 years i have never used more than 50gb in a year.
    And i pay $150 for that plan and to pay $57 more to get this seems like a good deal after the $500 jb gift card.

    • Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month

      This is certainly a better deal for heavier data users. If you only use 50 or 100GB in a whole year then you are probably better off with a cheap yearly prepaid mobile deal. The $500 JB Gift Card still isn't cash and you need to find something to use it on.

    • Currently on $6/month for $13 and it's fine by me. Not really sure how people use so much data; maybe if it's your only computing device w/no home or work wifi?

      • +1

        Who is that with? I am $10 a month for 2gb, so your deal sounds better. Every now and again I go over the 2gb in the last week. So even 3gb would be good. I agree about data, wifi at home and wifi at work, wifi at friends and families. I don't use much when away. But I understand that some people only have mobile data and nothing else, so need a large data plan.

        • My comment didn't really make any sense, now that I re-read it.

          6GB/month for $12.5, wife on 18GB/month for $22. It was a Jenee plan on a promo deal, Jenee got bought out by Vaya, and now it's a grandfathered Vaya plan - you don't seem to be able to buy it for them now.

          Vaya is currently offering 3GB for $16/month, or 18GB for $24/month.

          Hard to find any deals of comparable value for us, being relatively low data consumers.

  • +2

    Good deal. Tried calling to buy over the phone, but operator said telephone sales for it will only be available on Boxing Day.

    • Thank you, added to OP.

    • Talked to JB mobile over the phone. They can't process telephonically today or on boxing Day because of volume and staff shortages so took down my details and said they'll call next week and will honour the deal. Suggest calling in again if you're keen on it.

  • +2


    • +1

      It's in the linked document $414. Seems to be correct as it's also mentioned in previous deal and here.

      • Anything about something called ‘gift card reimbursement fee’ if we cancel the contract?

        • +1

          just signed for this plan. received a congratulation on the new service email from Telstra with the attached plan saying that in case of cancelling the contract within next 12 months you will have to reimburse pro-rate amount of the received voucher up to $300. The salesperson at JB HI-FI has confirmed the same

          • @igorinich: Ditto for me. Signed up a couple of hours ago.

          • @igorinich: Hmm this is new, this is the 3rd time this year I have signed up for this offer this year (previously I was able to get out of the ETCs) but this is the first I have heard off a voucher reimbursement…

        • Same here. Have to pay back the gift card if cancelling early

    • I did the ETC with the last Samsung S20 FE deal via JB/ Telstra, still no final bill? This was back on the 19th of October, does anyone know how long it normally takes to get a bill from them after doing the ETC?

      • +1

        Considered yourself lucky

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