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Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12 Month Contract - New & Port-in Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


A JB employee has informed us that this deal is available today (24/12) and Boxing Day (26/12). I rang 13 52 44 to confirm it was on. It should be the same as these 2 deals in November 12/11 & 27/11 BF. Not advertised online.

From what I understand from previous deals, this is the info and JB take $10/off and add a further 20GB to the 60GB plan. Thanks brettyfxu.

You can sign up in store, or they should be able to do it over the phone (edit, phone is 26/12 only, but available in store now 24/12, see below). $59/Month for 12 Months = $708.

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers.

Edit: ETC from previous deal and linked CIS is $414.

Edit, appears to be in store 24/12 & 26/12, but over the phone 26/12 only - Thanks mark1237.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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      • CIS says:

        Voucher for new/eligible customers: $300
        Max Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee: $300

        I reckon in court you could argue (and win) that it should be $300 max, but given the voucher is $500 not $300 logic would suggest the max voucher reimbursement cancellation fee would also be $500.

  • -1

    Does a $500 voucher can buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max? (it help reduce to buy one)

    • +1

      Of course. u can buy anything u want at JB

  • +1

    I had resigned myself to only getting a $400 gift card after holding out for $500 all month, and my prepaid was due to expire tomorrow so I walked in today to sign up for the $400 and use it to buy the missus an iPhone for Chrissy. I hadn't checked OzBargain before I went in and asked about the plan and then what the card size was, $500, you beauty! Got the $10/month credit as well. Ported while standing there, walked out 20 mins later with new iPhone 12 mini. Added bonus, while standing at the checkout picked up < $20 on sale secret santa gift for work. I am sure they will love their Flea Market voice changer megaphone!

  • For those that missed out on the $10 off or the extra 20GB, it's listed in my products table as "Mass Market Offers - $10 monthly credit - 12 months"
    "Targeted offers - Mobile data bonus 20gb - until recontract"

    • Does this mean you need to choose between 20gb extra OR $10 off? I did ask the JB rep (I wasn't too keen on the 20gb extra and would've preferred the $10 off) and he told me there was no $10 credit this time around

      • +2

        You get both

        • Ok. I'll check with them again, I can definitely see the bonus 20gb on my contract form, but no mention of $10 credit

  • For those who ported out, who are you instantly porting to? And how does this avoid 30 day port out rule, or did you get lucky on this front?

  • Got the deal today guys thanks heaps for posting it up 👍

  • Would this be the cheapest and best way to get an iPhone 12 Pro Max under a plan?

  • +3

    Got the deal too!! I followed the OPs instructions and got a new number and changed it over via chat. Very fast process via chat this time..took 1 hr to complete. Very happy.

  • Is the 80gb data 4g or 5g?

    • +1

      5G access is included on this plan, but not on the cheaper $49 plan.

  • Is this a ‘reseller’ provider or directly with Telstra? Has anyone added an Apple Watch number share to it?

    • It works

      • Awesome thank you!

  • Does this plan include 5g…looks like it does if its the discounted $69 plan?

    • +1

      Yes it does

    • Yep, can confirm. You're right, it is the $69 BYO plan with $10 x 12mth discount and 20gb/mth bonus data and does include 5G access. I signed up for this on 24/12.

  • Been waiting for this. Thanks

  • +1

    I dont mind having the Pay As You Go international calls - is there any option to get the Telstra $10 international call pack on this plan - couldn't find any info anywhere (or if its an eligible)

  • Can someone confirm,
    I have just transferred from boost to Vodafone prepaid offer yesterday.
    Will I be able to sign up to this offer?
    A lot of people are talking about wait periods?

  • Below listing shows that $10 discount on the plan may not be available. I am going to try tomorrow if i can get $59 plan


  • Has anyone had success with getting a delay in start of contract/porting?

    I left Telstra on the 4th December, a normal wait of 30 days would mean that I need to port in as a new customer on the 3rd or 4th of January?

    If I visit JB, will they allow me to get this deal on the 26th and delay the start of the contract and porting until the 3rd (if allowed) or the 4th if the 3rd is no good?

    The 4th should definitely be beyond the 30 day rule, at least I expect it should be unless there are delays in the system somewhere.

    • Okay, Telstra has told me that I can sign up for a new number on this plan at JB tomorrow (26th). Once that is sorted and I've got the deal, then I can separately port over my old (current) number. Once that is ported, then I can request a swap of those two numbers so that my old number goes with the new plan.

  • Why doesn't it say if its 4g or 5g

    • This plan is 5G. The cheaper JB Plan tops out at 4G

  • Hi can anyone help please!

    If I get a new number with the new plan and I I can’t combine with existing plan which is out of contact, like someone couldn’t. Will there be any cooling off period or something for the new plan? Thanks.

    • See my reply to myself just above… ;-)

      I just finished a chat session with Telstra. I ported my number away on the 4th December. I will get a new number tomorrow on this deal. Once that is sorted, I'll port my current number back, so I'll have two numbers with Telstra at that time on my one account. Then I'll get the old number assigned to the new plan and lose the new number that will no longer serve a purpose.

      • Hi man. Is your original number a Telstra number? I've heard whispers that it the number was originally issues by a different telco, it has to get released back into the pool or something and you can lose it? I would like to do what your doing except my current number, while currently under a telstra contract, was initially issued by either TPG or vodafone or something like 10 years ago and it would be a disaster if I lost it. Do you know anything about this?

      • Thanks, will try in store today and let you know.

  • Signed up the deal on the 24th, got $10 off and vochure, however missing 20GB bonus offer. Checked on the contract, there is no where mention about bonus GB offer. What should I do to get bonus GB back……..Should I get back to the store and ask for it? Thank you!

    • It is fixable, but as I understand it, JB can fix it and/or Telstra, but I've heard of them passing the buck between them. As you made the deal at JB, I would go back to JB and make sure they set it straight; I think they may have just missed a step in the signup process, but I'm not sure as I don't work for them (or Telstra).

      • Thank you very much for the tips. I will back to JB and ask the sales to get retified.

    • Check with the store - I was told that the bonus 20gb wont show on the contract paperwork, but is active regardless

  • I went to JB and told them I havent completed the 30day period and asked them if they will still sign up. The rep said system wont allow them but will try and if the process completes will give me the 500 GC. He initiated the procedure and had to leave half way. Another guy comes and says he cant give the 500GC because its well within 30 days. I argued that this was clearly explained to the other guy. and he still says he cant give the 500GC but since the order is submitted he cant do anything. I stand my ground and he said he will move me to 55 m-m plan to avoid the cancellation charges but that had to happen yday. The port took 2.5hrs and JB closed for the day. He then said, he will apply the $700 cancellation credit to my account and then shift my plan to $55 m-m tomorrow.

    So guys, if you are under the 30 day period, port to telstra basic plan first and then signup for a new number and talk to Telstra to shift the number across. JB guys talk about some ethics and all but they havent completely listened to me abt me still being under 30 days. I dont know if its their way of signing up.

  • Great deal, signed up on 24th :) Thanks :)

  • What’s the process over the phone?
    I have a spare Telstra sim with me and prefer to avoid going into store.

  • +1

    For anyone that’s interested in signing up over the phone for the deal. I called jb first thing in the morning but was told they’re unable to do it over the phone. Called two different stores and was told the same thing :(

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me :(

    • What was their reasoning? Based on the comments I thought it was only possible to do it over the phone?

      • Because paperwork needed to be signed in-store, they can’t do it over the phone

  • 7am store open at Fountain Gate shopping centre.

    Done the deal, new number, $500 gift card.

    Soon to port old number on cheapest possible plan onto same Telstra account and then swap the plans over and lose the new number whilst keeping my ported one.

    Had to do it this way because my number ported away on the 4th of December; 30 days would have made it the 3rd of January and this deal is, as far as we know now, only good for today now…. until the next time whenever that will be.

    • Did you get it for $59 or $69. Also did you get bonus 20gb

      • Yes, definitely both of those clearly in my contract, no problem.

        • What paperwork do you need to sign up for the deal

          • @sakg: Driver's license and medicare card, that's all they needed and they found my old Telstra account to attach the new contract to. Simple, just slow Windows computers taking forever to process things…. but that's what you get with Windows.

        • I've removed both the phone number and SIM number.

          White Pages Listing
          Packet Data 3G PAYG Access
          Customer Initiated Normal Barring
          Bigpond Mobile Content Credit Limit
          Premium SMS Credit Limit
          Outbound Roaming
          Video MessageBank - Consumer Rates
          Service Contract 12 Months
          International Day Pass
          JB/Good Guys Mobile Plans 07-2020
          JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys Mobile BYO Plan $69
          Free 5G Access - $0
          Mass Market Offers
          $10 Monthly Credit - 12 Months
          Targeted Offers
          Mobile Data Bonus 20GB - Until Recontract

    • Hey, when you say you will be porting to the cheapest possible plan, are we able to just port on a cheap prepaid service? Thanks!

      • No, there are specific plans to sign up to, in this case the $69 with $10 per month for 12 months and with 20GB bonus data to bring it up to 80GB and together with the contract, but not listed on the contract is the $500 JB HiFi gift card.

        The only reason I need to port outside of the signup is that my number was ported away less than 30 days ago.

        The idea is to have two services under the one Telstra account, then swap them so that my original number becomes the one for the 12 month contract here.

        • Yeh, im in the same situation as you. In goin into jb today to sign up to this deal on a new number

          I meant, with the original number you’re porting back to telstra, what plan are porting to? Telstra’s cheapest plans seem pretty expensive. Thanks

      • I'm expecting this $10 plan to do the trick.

        But I've already got a $30 SIM that cost $15, so I might just use that; the $15 online only offer for the $30 SIM starter kit is available until 29th December.

        • Oh sorry, didnt see this message. Thanks!

  • Confirmation please. Scenario: I am Voda corporate plan, about to convert/port to Voda personal plan (I have no control over this). If I want to sign up, do I:

    Option A: Port from Voda personal to Telstra JB. Easy peasy…. OR:
    Option B: Port from Voda personal to Telstra prepaid (buy $2 SIM), signup for Telstra JB, merge Telstra prepaid & Telstra JB via Telstra (ideally store)

    If someone is in store can you please kindly ask if the deal is today only? Thanks!

    • +1

      Option A (if that number has not been on Telstra for 30 days)

  • Trying to phone today on the 135244 number to connect but couldn’t get through to anyone - says to leave a message and they’ll get back to me within 48 hours on a weekend. The recorded message implied I had phoned out of hours.

    Don’t want to miss the deal… anyone got through today?

    • Nevermind, I got through

  • I just tried the transfer number across by going into a telstra store after getting a new number from JB (got the $59 , 80 GB , $500 Gift card) and they said they can't do it

    • trying to do it by chat now

      • does anyone know what the technical name of the number transfer process? FRN?
        I can't remember the acronym

      • Hope it works

      • Were you able to get it done?

        • +1

          still on chat …i think so … just got an email saying my old service is disconnected (I am off contract btw). so it is a work in progress

          • @meat030: Did you figure out what it is called?

            • +1

              @elenia: No … I simply described what I wanted to do …cancel old plan move number across on new plan … All done now

              took about an hour on chat

            • @elenia:

              You can sign up with a new number for the mean time, once you have the deal going, you can organize transferring the old number then once completed, you can swap the number to the old one.

              That was from Telstra chat in "My Telstra" app.

  • Hi, could I confirm the voucher is included in the phone deal today? I am unable to see it on the JB website. Is it provided as an e-voucher? Thanks for all of the information.

    • +1

      yes voucher included …I didnt see it advertised in store but the staff know about it

      • Thanks

  • How can I ask for $10 credit per month?
    There is no live chat link on Telstra website.

  • Is it possible to get an additional data Sim to put in iPad from telstra
    Or is that an additional cost?

    • Additional cost

      • Would you happen to know how much?

  • Called them on 24 Dec, been told the deal was valid on the phone but they had so many enquiries that I had to be put on a call back list and should expect a call in the New Year. Post code 4152. Anyone else had this happening to them?

    • +1

      Yes same. Rang today, stated they were too busy and would be called in approx 1.5-2 weeks but would definitely get that deal.

      Lady today stated if I could get to store it would be done in store today, or I could wait for the call back.

      I’m in Melbourne.

    • I asked about this on the phone today (since a delay would help in my circumstance) and they said strictly 24th & 26th only. Said callback offer was wrong. Might want to get that in writing somehow. (Victoria if that helps)

      • +1

        Correcting myself, called back again and they said definitely callback only, expect callback 1st - 6th Jan. Go to store today otherwise.

  • $69 a month voucher is only for $250 in ACT :(

  • Went in store just now (Barkly Square Brunswick VIC), all sorted. The staff member confirmed the $10 credit, extra GB and $500 gift card. Ported from Optus prepaid with immediate success.

    I'd guess that if you want the deal today, you have to head instore….

  • Can We add $10 international Calling Pack to this telstra plan ?

  • Confirmed - in store only.

    • So over the phone doesnt work?

  • so does anyone know yet if the waiting period applies to boost members

    • All good
      Good guys is matching jb hi fi.

      $59 80gb/month on 12 month plan.
      $500 gift card which they said i should get in 10 minutes to my email.

      Can anyone confirm if you got a physical card or email voucher at jb hi fi or good guys?

      • +1

        Got a physical gift card from JB hi fi.

    • Also no waiting period for boost members, changed to Vodafone 2 days ago and now on telstra plan

  • -1

    I did not realise the JBHIFI + Good Guys deals were only for BYO… so if I am looking for a new phone with plan I can use the gift voucher to put toward the phone however, I don't want to buy outright due to finances…. I'm not sure it makes it a very appealing deal then?

  • Confirmed in store today (Liverpool nsw) as a port from Optus
    Confirm $500 voucher confirmed discount and extra 20gb
    Also confirm there was a line of people for the same deal

    Used the $500 voucher today and just waiting for port confirmation

  • Where is this deal even advertised? is it in store only, so the rep knows about it? I dont want to walk in ans say "hey oz bargin says your doing this deal" and get a clueless jb rep.

    • +1

      All staff got an internal memo, don’t k own why it isn’t advertised though

  • Got the deal today. Gift card not given until port is successful. Came from catch so still waiting….. Have to go back to pick up voucher later.

  • Does anyone know the good guy has some deal with $500GC??

    • +2

      Same deal at good guys

      • also with $500GC?

        • Yes.
          Just did it there but they said that I should get the gift card through email so not sure as I just signed up about 10 minutes ago

  • I called up and got the same response as Ozyack and Kayelle83. Got told they'll honour the deal as I called on boxing day, and that I should expect to get a call in the New Year. Fingers crossed

  • Can people confirm that Telstra prepaid is definitely excluded from this?

    My Telstra prepaid just expired today (needs a recharge) but I'm guessing if this deal is only for today then I won't have the time to port to another company and then try to port back again.

  • +1

    Just went in store and did this.
    Have two phone numbers on my service now and just waiting to hear from Telstras live messaging support as to changing the phone number over.
    The new live support is a lot slower than the old style

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