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Motorola G9 Plus 128GB (Navy Blue) $319 @ JB Hi-Fi


6.8 inch display HDR10
Snapdragon 730G
128GB storage + MicroSD
Android 10, will get 11.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • This vs Xiaomi poco x3?

    • +3

      This if you cant wait and need it now.

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      Its a nice comparison, but if you get this, its local stock and warranty, which is a huge bonus, just in case anything goes wrong, what your morring is a faster refresh rate (not like a 732g gonna get that anyways), i also dont know what fast charging this has, but i think poco is 18w.

      • Poco x3 NFC charges at 33W. It's crazy fast. Poco X3 owner here, bought it for $350 on Amazon.

        • oh my bad, its been awhile, i bought one too, a black poco x3 from the early bird release. i bought it for my 11 yr old nephew who is starting middle school next year. i hope he likes it (xmas present) :D

      • If you don't care about warranty, which had better specs?

        • +3

          Poco has an edge in specs. The 120Hz screen on Poco is stunningly fluid and crisp (for an LCD and phone in this price range). I really like the UI (MIUI) on Xiaomi phones more than Motorola. Phone is super-responsive and has replaced my Samsung S8+ as a daily driver.
          Also, you can expect better software support on Poco phones.

      • This has 30 watt charging. It's battery is HUGE 5000 ma/h. I get 3+ days on standby with moderate use. Recharges in 45 mins.

        • The Poco is superior in both the wattage charging AND the battery capacity m8

  • +5

    Price match at OW.

    • +1

      price beat at bunnings

      • Can't see it on the bunnings website. Can you link me?

  • +5

    Awesome phones , I've had a couple of the G series. Great for their price!! On a galaxy A70 now, love it, if I hadn't got for the eBay $300 phenomenal deal here the other month, I'd be all over this G9 plus!

    • +1

      Same i'm on an a70. The camera drives me crazy, snapchat is a dog. Never had issues with any Motorola.

      • Why? Does bother me…. U don't like the cam quality?

        • No. I need to get out of the app, use the camera and get back to snapchat. Now I look at it I guess it's a snapchat problem, however I never had the problem with a Motorola.

  • I have the G7 and it's awesome, easy to use and all the needed features, so this would be even better I guess.

    • Except it loses the stereo speakers. Now a single downfiring speaker.

      • +2

        Its super loud…. No Stereo is no an issue for me as long as I can hear it clearly.

  • +1

    Motorola G 5G Plus is just this phone + 5g?

    • Cameras are different, but mostly yes. Which is not a bad thing!

  • +3

    I'm glad they've finally changed their design. Its kinda ugly before.

  • +3

    They Motorola Gx Plus series drops price very quick , my last G6 plus and G7 plus I bought for $100 each , 6 months old from there owners

    Not a good investment if your planning to use for less than 2 years

    Looks like they dropped support for triple tray sim and stereo speakers (Hybrid dual SIM (2 Nano SIMs / 1 Nano SIM + 1 microSD))

    • +5

      my last G6 plus and G7 plus I bought for $100 each

      That's very anecdotal. eBay "Sold" prices show higher values.

      • 3 X G7 plus used phones sold since October on ebay. You can see they are not popular hence why I was able to buy them at a bargain price

        I bought mine from fb marketplace.

        • +1

          Did you do any checks to see if they were stolen or lemons

          • +3

            @mokr: Yes, original invoice included, i dont buy second hand unless they can provided proof of puchace 🙂

    • +25

      Yes, totally agree that a mobile phone is a bad investment. Especially a non mainstream model. But I've heard they are pretty good for making phone calls and running apps. I recommend buying it for that purpose. :P

      • +2

        if you keep your phones until it dies or the battery doesn't last long, non mainstream models are very good value.
        My most expenive phone was $1400 that had battery and performance issues after 4 years where my non mainstream phone lasted similar time with a much smaller loss.

      • +1

        i kept my moto until no more android updates then got a new phone for latest android version, the moto lasted 3 years, they are great phones from my experience. you don’t need to spend $800 to get android 10,11 , security patches and a big screen.

        if my nokia wasn’t due to get android 11 in first qtr 2021, i’d get this moto ( if on budget) or a google pixel 4a 5g if i had $650 ……. and the moto has australian warranty and charger …..

        • +1

          This is true, you don’t have to spend big money at all anymore to get security updates or a couple of Android versions and a big screen. Even my fathers $150 A20 that shipped with Android 9 is getting Android 11. I expect this to be the norm now in many phones nowadays. Samsung I know are supporting their cheaper lines for a long time now. Motorola did cop a bit of flack for initially only promising one Android version on their expensive razr.

    • +3

      "Investment"….it's a cheap phone, like completely immaterial.

  • +2

    This or xiaomi redmi note 9 pro.? Advice please.

    • +3

      They are both nice. Choose the one you like or the one that's cheaper.

    • +1

      I'd pick a Moto G plus over a Xiaomi-whatever any day

      • Why?

        • +1

          Xiaomis are bloated and ads infested, aren't they? I've been using G plus 3 gens now and I'm content with the near-stock android experience they offer.

          I like Xiaomi vacuum sticks though.

          • +2


            Xiaomis are bloated and ads infested, aren't they?

            this sentiment is exaggerated from what i've seen mainly the indian/chinese version have them, otherwise there are ways to opt out of the ads experience, if it's local/global stock should not have it that bad

      • -3

        I'd pick (and have) Xiaomi over Motorola any time due to far superior software support.
        If you're into custom ROM's, Xiaomi have a huge selection available.

  • Anyone know if it supports wireless charging?

  • this compared to s9+?

    • +1

      I mean, it's a $300 phone you're comparing to a former flagship here…

      • True,….but still a possible comparisson as the S9+ can be bought for close to this price ( good condition seconhand mainly ).

        • +1

          The only advantage I see with this phone against an older flagship like the S9 would be you’ll get Android 11 and perhaps it may get more software support long term. Samsung will push out security updates less frequently from now on with the S9, but I wouldn’t expect much support beyond the end of next year. Aspects like the screen, audio output, performance and camera you would expect to be better on the S9. Buying an older phone second hand is gonna mean battery degradation and other potential issues. So there’s always that to consider too.

          • @Ronnnie: Well summarised. Although your right about software and security updates, for many people that does not matter much for at least one to two years, I mean unless you get hacked you don't see any difference.

            But a degraded and smallish battery capacity is one thing that would bother most people aspecially if you need to charge twice or more daily.

            I am still using a HTC 10 as my main phone ( only bought it 18 months ago as new and battery still good ) but juglle a second ( currently Moto G5 + for more battery intensive internet stuff ). Funily I am thinking of replacing HTC 10 with a S9+ and already have too many middrangers to replace the Moto which replaced a much loved Xiaomi RN4 as my juggler phone lol.

      • I cant see a 2nd hand S9+ for less than $500.

        • I bought a note 9 snapdragon dual sim for $300 second hand

  • Is it 4 or 6 GB of ram. Official specs show 4gb of ram, but retailers all list 6gb

  • I'm after better camera. This Or Google Pixel 4a 5G?

    • +1

      Without a doubt Pixel. This phone is much cheaper for a reason.

      • yeahhh the pixel is great at $650 now if you have the extra $350 to spend above the $300 moto price tag. once you own pixel or android one, it’s hard to go back.

      • +1

        What's the reason? G9 Plus has equal or better specs on paper compared to Pixel 4a.

        • there are 2 models, pixel 4a (older lower spec) and the 4a 5G, newer model higher spec better Cpu, etc.

          i wouldn’t buy a pixel 4a, but the 4a 5g is a very different phone.

  • How much better is the realme 7 pro for $100 more?

    • Realme 7 Pro is a great phone.
      All the specs are much better. Definitely go for it if you can afford to pay extra $100 - $130.

  • +2

    I have owned every single model from G3 to G9. G3 is one of the most durable (real water proof), G4 is the worst (stupid screen ghost issue), G9 has strange issue where mobile data is randomly disabled. G8 is probably the best one so far

    • +1

      I have the g9plus and have not had that issue. My biggest issue is my ear touching all the controls while on a phone call, it puts into flight mode, DND etc. To beat this i turn off the phone after answering or making a call.

  • +2

    This must be the new ozbargainers' phone.

  • +1

    This phone is fantastic for the price, I am on my second Redmi Note but as a phone to recommend to those who don't want to wait, want AU plug & warranty, this will be my new recommendation when at this price.

    NFC, 5000mAh, 64mp, 730G, side fingerprint.

    If this has B28 then this might be the best value AU-store phone atm.

    • wait, phones from Bangood don't have AU plug?

      • +3

        Normally they have Chinese power brick with a cheap AU travel adapter

        • +2

          Burn the house down lol

          • +4

            @davidbowieisalive: not burn the house down, but often the travel adapter and power brick disconnect if plugged into wall power point due to weight and gravity and you find your phone didn’t charge overnight …..

  • Anyone have an idea of this versus Poco X3 camera?

    • If it's like the G7, nothing to write home about.

    • be nice to friends, they often really don’t want to look at your pictures , they’d rather you look at theirs, it’s like listening to parents tell you how good their kids are,

      how good a camera do you need ?

  • +4

    In terms of local Australian stock, it's probably the best value phone on the market right now. Especially at this price point.

    • How does it compare to a Redmi 6 and an Oppo A52? Better cpu yes. But in other ways?

  • Noob question as I don't know much about this stuff - if I'm looking for a mid end phone, are there any clear reasons the Google Pixel 4a is better than this at $599?

    • +2

      Android updates come to Pixel first.
      Better photography.

    • no, you’d buy the pixel 4a 5g at the $650 deal that is a much better phone than this or the pixel 4a but it’s double the cost.

      break the screen on the $300 moto, get another phone, break the screen on a $600 pixel it’s a repair.

      • So are you saying that the general quality of componentry is better in the pixels?

        • no you get better software support on pixel, google use pixel to promote android so it’s the brand where android issues or tweaks are fixed and released fits.

          in regards to screen reliable and quality, no, no to and pixel are bothe good build quality but if i break the screen on a $300 phone, i’d bin it due to repair cost vs another $300 phone and get new warranty and model……on a $600 phone it’s worth getting screen fixed compared to buying another $600 phone.

  • +13

    I have had a G9 plus for 2 months now…… Zero issues and ITS A GREAT PHONE….. I paid $345 for mine to replace a G7.

    Couldn't kill the G7 after 2.5 years of use it was still going strong. Based on that sort of durability, I recommend this phone 100%. The battery life is nothing short of amazing 5000ma/h. I get 3 days + depending on how many calls I get. It recharges fully in 45 minutes but you can get 50% in 10 minutes. AND it is quite a fast phone. The screens pop up very fast. Only thing missing is 5G

    Best part is the Android is very close to 100% untouched. There is NO bloat ware. Mine is local stock as well…

    Camera is quite good as well. Not IPhone 11 good. But respectable.

    Do I recommend it? Hell yeah. For the money this has no equal….. No way I would pay over $1000 for a Samsung when you can get 98% of Samsung for $300….

  • +1

    according to:

    4G: LTE band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28/38/40/41/66
    Hybrid Dual SIM (2 Nano SIMs/1 Nano SIM + 1 microSD)

    too bad this isn't 5G ready, I still lean towards the OnePlus Nord N10 5G with B28

  • +3

    This VS. Realme 6 for the same price?

  • +1

    This or Oppo A52 which is cheaper as well

  • +1

    I bought this the last time it was on special at the same price at JB Hifi about a month ago. For the money I think it's a great phone. I came from the Moto G6+.

  • looks like OW price match on boxing day

  • +2

    The Good Guys have also price matched, plus now have 5% cashback with Cashrewards:

    • Or 6% from shopback!

  • Does it come with a case like the G8 Plus did?

    • +1

      Yes, a clear bumper Case.

  • +4

    It's disappointing to see that no one has mentioned this thing has no compass / sensor that you need for google maps to figure out which way you're oriented. A lot of user chatter on the web about that but nothing here. So just keep that in mind. For me, I depend on google maps a lot when in new places so it's a deal breaker otherwise i was going for this phone.

    • +2

      Oh, that sucks. It's fine for drive navigation.

      Awful if you're not good with cardinal points.

    • +2

      I read your comment after picking up a couple of realme 6's for the in-laws. Was feeling like it was a flip of the coin between this, but feeling good about the purchase now.

    • +2

      Google maps works perfectly fine without a compass. I love my G7+ but no compass on G9+is an upgrade deal breaker for me - I use the compass extensively when boating. Suppose I could just buy a compass.

      • It's helpful when using maps while walking (apparently). It might be ok with driving but it throws me off when I can't see an arrow showing the direction at a glance and it's just a moving circle.

  • +1

    That would be a deal breaker for me - they omitted the compass from some of the earlier models as well from memory. I need it for photography applications so it's a massive pain when it's not there.

    • What photography application? You don't need it for geo stamping.

      • I use photographer's ephemeris and photopills. Both are useless without a compass for planning shoots and tracking stars etc - I know from experience with a previous moto g that excluded the compass. To be honest I find it stunning that any modern phone would not include a compass

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