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Inno3d Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Twin 2X OC 8GB Graphics Card $899 + Delivery @ SaveOnIT


SaveOnIT launched their Boxing Day Sale and have 10+ Inno3D RTX 3070 dual fan cards in stock for $899. This is a low tier card and isn't the best deal, but it is the cheapest RTX 3070 I could see in stock anywhere.

As it's the OC version it does have a 1740MHz clock speed so will perform better than top tier 3060ti cards. I couldn't see any reviews online of this specific model, so if anyone finds one please post below.

Inno3D product page
Inno3D product video

FYI for anyone undecided about cards, this YouTuber has some good guides reviewing down to a component level with 3060ti and 3070 comparisons being the most thorough.

RTX 3060 ti
RTX 3070
RTX 3080
RTX 3090

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • I have the Zotac twin edge 2-fan 3070. In case anyone is wondering, you shouldn't be afraid of losing performance from buying a 2-fan 3070. If your case has the usual basic airflow you will likely not have trouble reaching boost speeds. The limitation with 3070 is still power limit, so you'll probably hit that before you hit temp limit.

    • Not all 3070 have same power limit.

      I would stay away from 2-fans cards unless your case is small or they are much cheaper than 3-fans cards.

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        Most 3070 cards have 220W power limit, while top end cards have 240W. In most cards you can boost it by approx 9 - 12%.

        From my experience, boosting the power limit by 10% does increase the performance by approx 10% in synthetic benchmarks but the performance gains is not that good in actual games. YMMV depending on the game, and i've not confirmed this on Cyberpunk 2077.

        I would say at least for the 3070, its not worth it paying the premium for the 3-fan units unless noise is a concern (as a comparison my Zotac is definitely quieter than my 1070 Gaming X but louder than my 3-fan Gigabyte 2070 super).

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          Watch this video to see differences between 3070.


          • @Mistredo: Same vid I linked in the post
            It's got a bias to power in his reviews (as creator admits) but is an excellent comparison resource. Sadly he didn't include this specific card

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            @Mistredo: This is a really good video on the importance of power limits BUT at some point, other things become a bottleneck. For example, all 3070 GPU chips contain the same number of shader units, so there is only so much you can get from pushing the same chip.

            One thing this video leaves out is actual benchmarks of real games. A comparison of the best vs worst 3070 from techpowerup shows an approximately 2% - 3% difference, and the performance per dollar of most of these cards are significantly worse.

            The lesson here should be that unless you're planning to do bios modding or some heavy OC you should aim for the cheapest card in the class.

            Lastly, other considerations may come into play too, say better warranty/customer service or just concerned about noise levels.

            • @bpop99: My only worry would be the thermals. This card and other 2-fans cards will get hotter, so fans will spin faster and produce more noise. Also they will not able to sustain boost mode indefinitely, and they might even throttle performance to keep temperatures down.

              • @Mistredo: Not necessarily. When I did my purchase of a 16 series card I googled a lot.
                The thermals for 1 fan cards is definitely worse, but for 2 fan and 3 fan cards they are about the same.
                You have to consider that the chip is not bigger than even one fan. The heat sink spreads the workload but it never work ideally.
                I eventually opted in a one fan 1650 super. Performance wise I did not see any difference. I game a lot an the card never slows down mid way gaming. But one fan is definitely noisier.

                I agree with bpop99 that performance wise you won't see much difference, if you don't mind the noise, the number of fans does not matter.

    • you can do a bios flash, the power limit you see is most likely an artificial limit and not a physical limit, though in saying that, people shouldn't decide against a 2 fans card because of the performance difference lol, it is more an acoustic issue

      • I suspect the VRM may only support 7 phases and mosfet may not handle higher power options even with a different bios. I of course haven't tried though.

        If the cooler is decent and your case supports it, you could deshroud and replace with quieter fans and lower temps, then maybe try a shunt mod to unlock power limits. Probably won't be warranted so is up to you if the extra 5 or so percent is worth the effort.

        I suspect this is a bang for buck option without mods for most buyers

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    I've heard of Inno3D, but most reviewers don't talk about them, and people usually recommend brands like EVGA, Gigabyte, Asus etc. How is their reliability and after-sales support?

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      That's because Inno3D doesn't send cards for anyone to review. They are a basic no frills brand like PNY and Leadtek

      Most reviewers will only find time to cover the Tier 1 AIB partners because they get the most views and have the most interest from the DIY market

      • +2

        ikr, unfortunately that is just how everything is. My usual go to brand for gpus over the past ten years is Colorful.

    • Horrible. I had Inno3d or a similar no frills brand card, had an issue during warranty period and card had to be shipped to Taiwan for repair. 6 weeks without GPU. I'll never buy no frills GPU ever again.

      • Which brand was it specifically? I know it's a risk but hoping to avoid similar issues

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    Shopping Express have a mystery 3070 for $849 tomorrow. Might be worth waiting for if you manage to get one.

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      It will probably sell out in seconds.

  • I had exactly the same design 2070 Super before I upgraded to 3070 recently. Nothing too fancy and works well without a problem.

    Not the bargain of the day, but a good price for in-stock 3070.

  • man, this and Galax 3060 Ti only differs by $150 AUD; urghh hard decision!

    • yeah it's difficult. I ended up buying a 3060ti for $789 and now I'm thinking I should have waited and bought this for $110 more…

      • Do you think a 3 fan 3060ti for $150 less is the better choice?

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          Probably is, I'm no expert but around $150 less seems like a good deal. If you look at a variety of benchmarks on youtube you can see whether or not the difference in performance is worth the price gap for you.

        • +2

          Probably depends on which card at that price, and more importantly if 1440p with ray tracing (or 4k without) is important for you. Real world 3060 ti vs 3070 gaming performance reviews show ~17% average frame rate difference, but synthetic benchmarks show ~10 to 15%. You can game on either just fine, but sacrifice frames, quality, or resolution as you go down the stack. Not all 3 fan cards are quieter than 2 fan also, though that is generally a reason people prefer 3 fan. On either card they are still 200w to 240w typical (check the review link in post) so it's not as important as 3 fans on a 3080 would be.

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      There is also 3060 ti from EVGA for $709.

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        I haven't seen that in stock since launch day. Did you find some?

        • Yes it's been on Dec/Jan ETA for a while.

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            @fidelio: Got it. If it's actually in stock at that price in future, please do share it as it would be a good deal

            • @TheLurker: Yeah I posted it as a deal last time.

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                @fidelio: I think I saw that. I thought PLE delayed those multiple times already, and won't give any more info until 7th of Jan?

                I am worrried about the new trend with suppliers taking orders and money for product they can't fulfil, while leaving buyers hanging without updates in the hope they don't cancel. Sadly PLE seems to be leading the charge, so I won't post hardware pre orders in future.

                • @TheLurker: There's been comments people have already received their items.

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                    @fidelio: Great. And others can join the back of a queue if they wish. Or buy in stock cards if they wish. I'm done with your pointless insecure negs.

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    Checking on 7th on Jan and the link shows 15 units in stock at $899.

    • 14th Jan and still 7 units in stock at that price. Not a fast selling card it seems

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