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Cashback via ShopBack: 10am-2pm Myer 17% | 2-6pm Liquorland 25% (Cap $25) | 5-9pm Groupon 30% (Cap $20) | Uniqlo 20% (Cap $30)


Some offers from Shopback for Boxing Day. Time is in AEDT.

Other upsized cashback include:

  • The ICONIC - 20% (Cap $25)

Plus more smaller upsizes

Bonus Cashback from challenges:

  • Myer - $3 Bonus (No min spend, First 1000 to complete transaction)
  • Uniqlo - $5 Bonus (No min spend, First 200 to complete transaction)
  • The ICONIC - $10 Bonus (Spend $200, First 250 to complete transaction)

These can be found under "Earn More" -> "Challenges" in the Shopback App.
They are stackable with the upsized cashback (as long as its not fully claimed).
You need to opt in the challenge by clicking "Start".


Referral Links

Referral: random (3845)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Uniqlo is capped $30 btw

    • thanks, their front page banner is showing cap $20, but clicking into the link of the store, shows $30

    • And $60 min spend for free shipping in case anyone needs to know.

  • No Amazon this time?

    • Amazon upsized to 10% for a limited selection of categories

  • +1

    Miss their 20% Amazon CB

  • Is the Groupon 30 % sitewide?? Or only local category?

    • I'm assuming sitewide. Usually with these upsized cashback, its always sitewide. But will confirm when more details are out.

      • Thanks. If not sitewide it's not worth buying goods from Groupon

  • Assuming Apple is excluded from Myer deal?

    • Don’t think Myer sells apple anymore? If they do, then it would be included as it’s not in their excluded brands list

      Cashback not applicable for Products from brands such as: CHANEL, Dior, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Review

      • Damn Chanel. I don't think Cashback ever applies. Wanted a new fragrance

    • Myer stopped selling Apple products a while ago

  • Liquorland 2-6pm AEDT?

  • +4

    Shopback eBay spend $10 , get $10 cashback
    2974/12000 at time of posting
    Get in quick!

    • +1

      Thanks. Didn't know this one

  • C'mon shopback! Match the Cashrewards 12% site wide cashback offer!

    • ….For Amazon au?

  • +13

    Unfortunately there are a lot of exclusions for Myer for people to be aware of

    Ineligible Cashback kitchen household & personal care appliances, electronics, heating & cooling, TVs, eReaders, laptops, audio, headphones & speakers, tech, phones, cameras, smart watches, smart home products, mattresses, frames, kids and baby.

    • Thanks for that, i was keen to get a coffee machine, but it looks like it will be in the exclusion list

    • so………..only clothes?

    • That’s a lot of exclusions.

      So a Dyson hair dryer wouldn’t be included?

  • +1

    When are the coupons for Groupon valid? Will they still be available during the cash back promotion period?

    • Until midnight tonight

  • 25% cashback on Beer as well at Liquorland?

    • yes, as long as there is cashback for beer (even if it’s 1%), the flash sale upsizes it to 25%

  • Do you think Myer gift cards will work with the Myer 17%?

    • +1

      No, even partial payment with gift card will invalidate the cashback. Also check the exclusions.

    • i used a gift card for partial payment, mines pending but its for the full cost of the the item (excl GST)

  • +2

    Sill trying to get my last 25% cashback from liquorland. Paid through the shopback app as well. Be careful
    ..dodgy bastards

    • I got it very quickly. Is the app working OK on your phone?

    • I’ve also got it tracked as well.

    • Update the app before buying. Seems to have been a game changer in tracking accuracy for me.

      • Good point. I do this frequently. Works really well then.

  • Will cashback apply if I pay with a myer gift card?

    • Read the t&c or this thread. Your question has already been answered 2 rows above.

  • +2

    Has anyone been having trouble with these flash sales on Shopback. The last 2 times with Groupon and Myer, sales have not tracked despite me only having 2 windows open, the shopback site and then clicking through to the shop. Don't know what else to do.

    I chase it up with Shopback and then they refuse.

    • Use the mobile app

    • You really gotta clam down on these Groupon purchases, with shopback and cashrewards both do absolutely shit with false Groupon cashbacks.

      Best advice if it doesn't track,.
      1. Submit claim.
      2. Report to store rep on ozbargain
      3. Message on FB.
      4. Email the store.
      5. Let other ozbargainers know that shopback and cashrewards aren't doing their job properly.

      Don't get me wrong but these Groupons are very high value cashbacks, i.e. over $20 at least for me

  • Looking for dyson HP04 .. is that included in the cash back ?

    • Ineligible Cashback kitchen household & personal care appliances, electronics, heating & cooling, TVs, eReaders, laptops, audio, headphones & speakers, tech, phones, cameras, smart watches, smart home products, mattresses, frames, kids and baby.

      Literally nothing eligible

      • +1


  • +14

    Keep in mind you need to record the screen if you want to ensure you get the cashback.

    Just don't assume you'll get that cashback and don't buy only because of it, because there are so many factors that can make you purchase illegible for cashback.

    So you go to the store via Shopback, you think you're getting 20%, clicks are registered in Shopback, but no automatic cashback - so you open a claim, wait a week, they respond the seller can't acknowledge, so there's another 35-day dispute you'll eventually don't care about.


  • So, I’m confused. Does a non-electric wok and pan set count as an excluded item under their below exclusions list? I wouldn’t call it a kitchen appliance, but do they?

    Ineligible Cashback kitchen household & personal care appliances, electronics, heating & cooling, TVs, eReaders, laptops, audio, headphones & speakers, tech, phones, cameras, smart watches, smart home products, mattresses, frames, kids and baby.

    • +1

      At the top of the product page, it seems to show the type of appliance. I was looking at a vacuum but looks like it is excluded. It seems almost everything is excluded unfortunately.

      "Myer>Home>Appliances>Household Appliances>Vacuum Cleaners>LG A9 CordZero Handstick Vacuum Red A9NEOMULTI"

      Looks like there are only 3 types of appliance.
      Kitchen Appliances
      Personal Care Appliances
      Household Appliances

      • Yep. I sent an email to shopback and they confirmed non-electric woks and pans are classified as ‘kitchen appliances’ and are therefore excluded from cashback.Myer would have been better off listing their inclusions than the very long list of exclusions to this ‘deal’. Such a croc

  • I've just received a confirmation email that ShopBack tracked my purchased - so my original comment below is irrelevant.

    I've used CashRewards for a long time - this was my first try with ShopBack. I created a ShopBack account using the link from ozbargain - to buy something from Myer. I verified the code that came through to my mobile phone (all on a desktop browser). I hadn't yet verified my email address.

    I then went and purchased something through ShopBack. Will this be tracked even though I only later saw on the account screen and saw that I could verify my email address (and did so)?

  • Will Dyson Vacuums fall under electronics for the purpose of their exclusions ?

  • Does Dyson V11 outside eligible?

    • I don't think it is eligible, when you look at the top of the product page, it shows the category. Because "household appliances" are excluded, I doubt it is eligible.
      Myer>Home>Appliances>Household Appliances>Vacuum Cleaners>

  • WTF..bought from myer through the cashback link and I get an email saying my cashback is A$0.00

    • Did you buy something on the long exclusions list?

      Ineligible Cashback:
      * kitchen household & personal care appliances, electronics, heating & cooling, TVs, eReaders, laptops, audio, headphones & speakers, tech, phones, cameras, smart watches, smart home products, bedding products, kids and baby.
      * transactions with Myer team member/staff discount
      * brands such as: CHANEL, Dior, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, YSL, Review
      * purchases on the Myer app, Purchase of Giftcards and Purchases with the use of Giftcards ( Whether Partial / Fully ) / Myer Loyalty / Promo code not listed on ShopBack

      • Kids and baby = toys too?

  • LEGO will be discounted with cash back???
    I’m planning to buy LEGO technic with 40% off on second product (20% each) then with ShopBack could get 17% additional? Or is LEGO excluded under Myer cash back?
    Please help

    • +1

      Yes lego is fine. They are under toys and games which is not excluded on shopback

      • So would that mean I would get 20%+17% on the LEGO when order from Myer+ShopBack ??

        • +2

          It would be a bit less than that

          For example,

          $100 item @ 20% sale = $80

          $80 @ 17% cashback = $66.4

          So more like 33.6% as opposed to 20+17=37%

          • @skido: Thank you. I was over excited :)

          • @skido: Less than 33.6% because cashback excludes GST.

            • +1

              @wtfnodeal: True too many catches. I wish I can just open a cashback business that uses unique codes to provide instant discounts rather than having to hop through many terms and conditions hahaa

      • This will be really deal to get…

        • +1

          Plus additional $3 bonus if you activated the challenge. But make sure you do not use a Giftcard.

  • Need to make all these cashback sites much more transparent.

    Ie, at the moment you check out the price is set with the cashback value removed (your products are eligible or aren't up front). The price is set, no arguments in the future.

    They can still take full payment, with the cashback later. It's just the transaction is clearly documented up front.

  • Hey OP! You awoke me from my alcoholic slumber. Thanks a lot!
    Liquorland - $105 worth of wine. Free Delivery. Also I think that I qualify for 2000 flybuys, and maybe another 500 flybuys. Plus 25% ShopBack Cashback.
    The more that you drink, then the more that you save. Even if I don't qualify under the fine print for them all, I will be able to numb my 'disappointment pain' :o)

  • -1

    Shopback only showing 3% for me for Liquorland at the moment, any suggestions?

    • +1

      Something funny going on. It's showing 25% on main page, but then shows 3% on the details page….

    • It ended at 6pm

      • The shopback website says 4pm - 8pm AEDT

  • The shopback website says 4pm - 8pm AEDT

    • yea they screwed up. front page showed 2-6pm. Boxing Day page showed 4-8pm…

  • what drama!!! I referred my friend to ShopBack to get the myer cashback, she purchased $600+ of staff and I found out ther purchase got tracked into my account. No wonder how ShopBack got hacked. In fact, no hacker need, they did it themself. I feel really back referring to my friend now.

  • Hmm, my Uniqlo purchases tracked but not at the right amount. 20% of $14.90 should have been $2.98, but it tracked as $2.71.

    • They calculate cashback on the ex-gst component, so 20% on $13.54 will get the $2.71 you're seeing.

      Incidentally, how long did it take for your uniqlo transaction to appear? It's been about 14hrs and mine hasn't appeared.

      • Ah thanks. It only took about half an hour for me.

  • My Groupon never tracks i swear bloody Groupon so greedy false cashback advertisments.
    But i did do a screen recording this time. To proove the shopback and Groupon wrong

    • Mine groupon hasnt tracked yet as well :(

      • So am I. I never have problem before with groupon/Cashback, I wish they only delay for this long weekend.

      • I just got tracked. Wish u guys too.

        • Mine just got tracked too (Groupon)

          But that ebay one from near Christmas day still not tracked $2off $3 spend that one

  • Will there be another Myer shopback boost?

  • Got Cansdian Club slab, $60 after cash back