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Apple MacBook Air M1 256GB/8GB, 8c/7c CPU/GPU 3.2GHz $1439 + Delivery/Click & Collect @ The Good Guys


Runs m1, dont buuy intel shit, yeah yeah yeah. Good performance, Runs arm, watch out. Rosetta 2 runs alright, if for work dont risk. Get x86 laptop. Cheers

Oh and of course cashback, giftcards, commbank reward, employee reward wahtever blah blah blah. Post in comment for whoever comes up with cheapist way jesus. DAM just buy it in 3 years time so its sub 1k. eassssy win for your eyes and ya head and yea money

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    too many xmas beers? OP, you sound a bit drunk lol

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      up 1:31 am shopping

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        drunk shopping is actually a thing lol and its "an estimated $45 billion per year industry"

        btw, these MacBooks are also on sale for 10% off at JB, HN and Officeworks

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      Idk about you but I upvoted purely for that description

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    always this price at apple education store btw

  • Why is this not recommended for work?
    “ if for work dont risk. Get x86 laptop.”

    • Some programs may not work

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        MS Paint may not work.

        • If I can't use MS Paint, what's this all been about, what am I working toward.

    • Not sure whether Microsoft Team native app is available yet or not. Some people reported on M1 you need to use the browser?

      It's mainly an issue if you use docker on Mac. While there will be more ARM based docker container images, most, if not all work images are still x86 based. It's more due to the cloud providers tend to use x86 based servers. This issue will eventually be addressed. However, it will take some time (because work won't be switching everyone's Macbook Pro's to M1 based anytime soon). Another issue is Macbook Pro 15/16 inch refresh needs to happen first. Most devs get/use 15 inch MBPs (and 16GB RAM minimum).

      Honestly, it is not an issue. Since for work, you would be using work supplied Macbook Pro.

      M1 should be fine for most people. While it is nice to run bootcamp on a Macbook. Honestly, it is only useful when you travel (so you only need to carry 1 laptop) a lot. I have not used bootcamp for a year now.

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        Basically any consumer app should run on M1 fine. When you get into stuff that is either unmaintained or niche like homebrew stuff, it gets iffy very quickly.

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    Can you run parallels on it and then install Windows?

  • Very interested! But what can I do today to get it a little bit cheaper or is it worth waiting for the education bundle that happens in Jan?
    (I think last year they had headphones or something similar that came with it)

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      If you really want one right away, then you could consider it. Most people don't really need it, it is just when we see the reviews and the benchmark charts, it is hard to resist.

      The cheapest deal is if you know someone who works for Apple. They will be getting 20% off early 2021, but I think it is 1 only per staff. That works on customised products. However, their friends and relatives probably already eyeing for that.

      • yeah i was hopeful something like this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/429900 might come up in the education store. cause the price is education normal price so nothing too special for me.
        If it had the beats or some kind of special, that would be neat, but I can't find a post for 2020 (only 2019 and 2018) maybe Apple in their infinite wisdom to save the environment stopped doing these education bundles? haha

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    24 hours with the new M1 Macbook Air. So far, great!

    I've loaded up all the apps I'm using on my 2017 Macbook Pro and they seem to work fine and load a bit faster. They are all x64 apps, the only M1 versions of apps I've tried are Photoshop and Word, and they seem blistering quick. I've also run a Java app which works fine too.

    Looking forward to more M1 versions being released over time, making everything faster. So in short if you're not using any mission critical niche work apps, go for it.

    The best part is my discount was about 23% off RRP. Got for $1,225 - 10% off at JB, with 15% off TCL HIM cards.