Help Me choose a New Car 25K Budget

Guys need some help in choosing a car.
I have shortlisted Suzuki Vitara , Mitsubishi ASX, Hyundai Elantra,Honda civic.
I am just not able to decide on the car.
I currently have a Suzuki swift and BMW 320 and want to replace the swift with any of the above.
It doesn't matter if it is a sub or sedan. What really matters to me the reliability and engineering/technology ofcorse within that budget.
What would be your best pick.
I haven't test driven any of them due to time constraints.
Wondering what are your thoughts.
More than happy to reach out to any of your friends or references . Helps me and help their individual targets aswell.
Baulkham Hills Sydney. Thanks


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      Lol. Good luck with that mate. I would love to see where you will be 10 yrs from today with that strategy.

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        With that strategy, he would become tightarse 2.0

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        12 years following that strategy :)

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        my 2003 magna that was 1k seems to endorse this strategy

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          I've got a 2000 Honda CRV that I daily. Bought it for 5k 130,000kms ago and its been as good as gold. With regular maintenance it will go another 150,000kms

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      Have always used this strategy and has always worked like a treat.

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    Falcon on gas?

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      You’ll get 5 for your budget.

    • Surprisingly unreliable.

      • In what way(s)?

        Consider how it stacks up against alternatives of a similar utility at a similar budget.

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      Hahaha. Haven't heard this comment in a while.

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    The 2020 Honda Civic VTi should fit within your price bracket.

    Not sure how desirable / fun a vehicle it is though, given it's position in the range.

    • Dislike the tires on Honda . Only Vitara has a 17 inch .

      • Do you mean tyres or wheels?

        Just fit 20s or even bigger on the Civic :)

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    It doesn't matter if it is a sub or sedan.What really matters to me the reliability and engineering/technology ofcorse within that budget.

    Might want to get rid of the BMW rather than the Swift then

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      I luv my beemer. Next will be another beemer for sure. Swift has to go very soon.

      • brand new, under 25k. How do you get that cheaper than a new yaris?

        • ASX Vitara MG Elantra civic are priced around 25.

          • @WPExpress: The BMW

            • @Calam05: Haha.. drakesky meant I should sell my BMW if reliability is what matters to me most. I am happy with the beemer. But the swift needs to go

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                @WPExpress: I think you need to log off OzBargain.
                What you want, and what this site offers are two very different things.

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                  @Kangal: I know what I want. if people can't read correct. They can opt to stay out and not respond

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                    @WPExpress: Read correctly*

                    The irony…..

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                      @phoenixx: Saw his downvote and reply just now.
                      I honestly could not think of a better response to him than what this community offers. Well done phoenixx, Merry Xxmas!

      • The "Scotty with specs" is showing off his white beemer. Make sure he knows once the Chinese will take over and fail within a decade who is next to run his show!

  • Honda civic.better

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    Honda more reliable than others.

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    SUVs tend to be more expensive then sedans when comparing similar bells and whistles.
    As mentioned test drive them and decide, the suv is obviously higher up driving position if this is important to you.
    Hyundai, KIA all have very modern well packaged sedans you can easily be content with

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      Thanks mate.

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    Suzuki Vitara - 1.6L is underpowered. Avoid it if you can't afford the Turbo
    ASX - old car, old engine/gearbox, resale plummets due to the number of hire cars out there

    Really none of the cars you've listed have anything going for them. There's no driving enjoyment, so just go for whatever suits your needs and size requirements

    • Interesting point of view.
      I have MG series , Honda and Elantra then.

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        No, no MG

        And I didn't say the Elantra or Civic were any better

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          There don't seem to be many choices under 25k then

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            @WPExpress: Then buy something 1-2yo that's still within warranty

        • Looks like i will have to move up the budget to 30 K now.
          Kamiq Tcross and korando to the list.
          Tcross and kamiq are 1L engine and also too compact. Such a confusion you have created now..haha

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            @WPExpress: "Too compact?" But you said it's an a to b car?

            Just buy a 1yo Corolla jees

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              @spackbace: It is A to B car. But I am shelling out 30K mate. There is no way I am getting a used car . So that option is ruled out.

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                @WPExpress: And what's your reasons against a 1yo car?

                Just curious…

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                  @spackbace: Dude thinks he's a maharaja or something.

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                    @Orico: Well with a 5k bump up in his budget, he's basically the sultan.

                • @spackbace: Prefer a new car.

                  • @WPExpress: If you can afford BMW, then it doesn't make sense you cannot afford to buy a new one. Please don't tell us that you love BMW.

                    I think you are showing it off tobgey a hot chick.

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    Saw the ASX I think there's a new model due very soon so no point buying it now only to have it superseded quickly. You really should test drive them too because on paper they might be similar but the drive experience can differ greatly!

    • Yes that is another issue. I was going to get the Elantra 2 months ago which got delayed and now we have the i30 sedan which is the Elantra replacement.

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    2019 build/2020 compliance ~ status symbol intact
    This ~ save $$$

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    Maybe consider a Subaru Impreza? I'm pretty happy with mine and also previously owned a Honda Civic and the exterior body of the Impreza feels a bit more solid.

    • +1 for Impreza. I wasn't sure until I drove one, it is unreal compared to the i30 and Cerato I was comparing to. Those are also nice cars but I couldn't go past the subie.

  • Get a vitara or ASX for the hatchback body shape. Its more practical than a sedan body.

    In terms of reliability, those are all established brands with reputable reliability and engineering quality.

    • I am inclined towards both .

  • Mitsubishi ASX

  • Not really the segment you want. But if you can make it work. And if you fit in it.

    Get a ND1 Mazda MX5. You can get a 2015-2016 model for $25000.

    Everyone should own one at least once in their life. And they are more comfortable then a lot of hatchbacks/sedans.

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      Absolutely 1000% agree with this, and a terrific suggestion.

    • Picked mine up for 25k earlier this year. Good Times but not workable if you have a kid

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    ASX all the way.. reliable, value, head turner…

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      I lost you at head turner…

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        I turn the other way

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    Get a Hyundai i30. They are perfect..or anything Hyundai/kia

  • Trade in the BMW for Camry

  • Why are you replacing the swift? Just curious

    • 5 yrs now. Misus wants it to be changed.

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        Umm, maybe missus needs to consider keeping it.

        • Come too far . Don't wanna step back and disappoint fam . This plan is going ahead.

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            @WPExpress: How are the Joneses?

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            @WPExpress: So you want a new car to impress your friends and family? Surely you’d be better keeping a 5yo car and telling everyone you are X years closer to paying off the mortgage.

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              @Euphemistic: Wonder if the friends and fam know he’s asking for advice on ozbargain though 🤔

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              @Euphemistic: I hope he didn't buy a used house.

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                @brendanm: Or a new house but the toilet got test drove by the tradies…

                Sorry 😂 Off topics but I can’t help it…

      • Maybe time to change the missus then

        Lol just joking

        What do YOU personally feel about the Swift, or do you just do whatever your wife and her family want to keep them happy all the time?

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    Partner just picked up a Kia Cerato S with the safety pack for around 23k. Has radar cruise / lane keep assist / rear cross traffic, Android Auto / Carplay and seemed to be best equipped in the class for the money. Seems to be a bit thirstier on fuel (the turbo'd Cerato GT could prove cheaper in the long term as fuel usage is lower) but we've been enjoying the car so far.

    An older i30 premium (now called N-line) might be worth looking at as well, but may be slightly over budget (a little bit older as the current i30s have been around for a while and have recently been facelifted)

    • Seems like good value

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    Invest in the ASX so you can afford better than the ASX.

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    Get yourself a late model falcon. Barra the world.

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    You are almost there, trust in yourself. You can do it. Parents telling what to do. Your Priest bellowing from the pulpit telling you what to do. Trust the voices in your head.
    You can do it.

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    Subaru Impreza, or if you can negotiate the new i30 down it is packed full of features.

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      i30 hatch again.

      • I30 diesel chipped and the Golf drivers appear in the rear view mirror!

    • Subies were such great cars in the past, then Toyota bought the virtually so they are stuck in tradition. They will supply Toyota's next electric car just as they had to take on their failed 86 sports car lol….

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        I thought the 86 was hugely popular?

        • Plenty on the road.

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          The Subaru twin brother not so much.

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            @Euphemistic: I believe they sold 2:1 .

            I wonder if it means Toyota has better brand recognition?

            I have heard anecdotally that Subaru dealerships in Australia are held only in a few hands, consequently the cost of services and parts is not as competitive as Toyota.

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              @Shacktool: Subaru were more expensive at launch

              Subaru sold theirs online, Toyota did it normally

              These 2 factors could've caused the difference

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                @spackbace: The contract Toyota have with Subaru is for Toyota to take something like 75% of production.

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    I own an i30 SR from 2017 and partner has a 2018 Cerato. I would buy either the Hyundai or Kia again for their great tech and technological safety pack. If you go for either of these brands, I'd recommend making sure the one you opt for has adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning with autonomous emergency braking, blind spot assist, rear cross traffic alert and auto headlights and wipers. The adaptive cruise alone I would never go without anymore. Only downside is that neither of these cars really have that cool factor…

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      Just slap on an N badge

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    Cerato. Their last face lift focused on noise vibration harmonics, with thicker glass and a ton more glue to bring it up to the level of a Mazda 3. Due for a facelift early next year so pricing should be good.

    Elantra's while sharing many common parts, are optimised differently.

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    Reading through the thread says so much about trust and culture. OP seems adamant on buying a new car because he doesn't trust the used car market.

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      Nah, just screams trying to prove to his friends and family’s he’s a baller who’s made it and can afford a new car.

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        Whilst picking the shittest options possible

        And put the blame on a new car on paint correction… I think he thinks the car is gonna be some shiny pimped out gem of a car

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        Having a new car might be a sense of achievement for you mate. Not all are in your boat.

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