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Sony WH-1000XM4 $349 (Sold out), Edifier S350DB $295, Edifier R1700BT $129 & More @ Wireless 1

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Do we know if JB or OW price match?

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    Purchased from these guys last deal. Speakers arrived damaged, then told me warranty doesn't cover physical damage. Buy elsewhere is my advice.

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      My shipping experience with them has been terrible as well. Just the item wrapped in a black postage bag that wasn't even padded. Box arrived heavily damaged. Would also recommend avoiding this company.

      • My speaker domes were pushed in. Which can't even have been a postage problem. So annoying.

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        Hi shaibankek2 ,

        Thanks for the feedback, we have recently changed our Logistic partner, and we will take your feedback to our team.

        Please also PM me your order #, and we will 100% feed this back to our couriers/Logistic team. And we will do our best to rectify it.

        W1 Team,

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      I'd go to the ACCC with this. This is terrible and you're still (probably) eligible for a refund. To be fair though, I'm a student so maybe my time's worth a little less than yours.

    • Hi Gary Gary Gary,

      We are sorry to hear your experience, please PM me your order # and we will feed this back to our CS team and Logistic Partner and will try to rectify it.


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    Just price matched the XM4 at OW. 330$ total.

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      Using ZipPay tap and pay should also give $30 off as well? $300 for this headphones is an absolute bargain.

    • I thought Officeworks doesn't price beat offers using coupon codes? Is it depending on who you speak to?

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        Yeah my Office works wouldn’t to it because it’s not their list price.

        • Without seeing the receipt, I don't believe that person got the XM4 for $330 at OW

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        I told them the coupon code is not just for me but for everyone coming to their site, it's given on the homepage to use the coupon. So they agreed and matched it. Maybe it depends on who you speak to.

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          Can you possibly upload a tax invoice for people to price match.

        • Gave that a go but no dice. Thanks anyway.

        • Good job. I've never had success doing that, so I'd say you got lucky.

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      Can you please provide a reciept so i can price match?

    • Never heard ow price matching with coupons

      • Tell them the coupon is for all customers and it's advertised to use the coupon for all products as a part of boxing day. Worked for me.

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          Also worked for me price matching at OW. I just showed the staff the wireless1 website with coupon, they just wanted to confirm $349 price at checkout online with item in cart ready to order, and were ok to price match.
          Ended up paying $331.55

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            @artiscape: Same for me. First store I tried wouldn't do it, but staff at a 2nd store put it through without any fuss

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    great price for the s3000 pro. i got them a week or two ago, bass is incredible vs the 350db. really recommend, ps need alot of desk space if using them with pc
    wont fit on a 1200mm desk with an ultrawide monitor

    re shipping - they come double boxed with foam above and below and an inch gap between speaker to the first carton, pretty hard to damage. someone has to be really trying to or they've fallen from a decent hight (i doubt anyone will stack them at hight as the carton is about 25kg so its work for them)

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    OW told me no price match because it's all coupon :(

    • Same. Is there any way around this?

      • I went to JB and bought it for $380 not a true OZB I know but CBF TBH

  • What’s the difference between XM4 and XM3? Costco has XM3 for $243

    • Xm4 are meant to be better sound and noise cancelling.

    • Also, XM4 can connect to 2 devices at once.

      • Thank you, that's big difference for me

    • Also they've fixed the poor phone call quality.

  • I have XM3 but I often I cannot wear during Summer due to the heat around the earpads. I am unsure if XM4 has improved this part.

  • I have just ordered the UDM with this coupon and it comes down to $428.99 before 1% cashback. similar price as this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/588355

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    Officeworks price match receipt here. Have removed store details as manager was very hesitant to approve it as they generally don't allow matching with coupon codes but did it for me as a one-off.

    I just asked very nicely and showed that it was a public code for boxing day and that it wasn't some private or personal code that others couldn't access.

    It really will depend on the staff you speak to, as the first store I went to absolutely refused. Luckily this other store was only 10 minutes away.


  • Is this a digital receipt or a picture taken with your phone?

  • Bit of an odd question, I have the Audio Engine A5s from about 10 years ago but I've never loved the sound from them. Technically buying the 350Ds would be a downgrade, am I silly to consider them as a replacement for the A5s? I like the idea of smaller satellites to get some desk space back.

  • (profanity) good guys and harvey norman wouldnt do the price match

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    Got a set from Officeworks today and got them to beat Videopro by 5% - Stacked with Zippay 10% cashback and did 2 transactions… Grand total 317.90 :)


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    Order on the 26.

    Still have not gotten any notification about my order.. wondering if they are back from Christmas?

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      same, still waiting

      • I'm still waiting too, any luck on your end

        • Nevermind, emailed them and it was dispatched yesterday!

          • @Ibz: nothing here, hopefully they update soon.

            • @zuuutoootuuu: I got mine delivered yesterday but I'm based in Sydney as are they. I reckon wait till end of this week it should arrive. Sucks that they send no dispatch email though. They gave me a tracking number when I emailed them.

  • I bought the Edifier S3000PROs last time they were $599 and they shipped quickly, very well packed and sound better than I expected.

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