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[VIC] Banana $1/kg @ Coles Chadstone


Was at Chadstone 5 minutes ago, saw the price of bananas went down by $2 from $3. P.S. Could be nation wide.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • That's a excellent price but not sure worth 40minute drive to just get 5kg

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      You mean the 40 min drive to get out of the car park?

      • Actually there weren't many people as expected after 7pm at Chadstone.

      • Plus the 40mins walk from car park to Coles.

    • They’ll also last around 40 mins before they go brown lol. Not worth the hassle. Go to a market under $1 a kilo every week and better quality

    • It's 79c/kg at Sunshine if you're in that vicinity

      • Nah in the north but that is closer 30 minute drive.
        Can you share address of that coles.
        Will give them a ring to see if same price…today
        Need to head that way anyway this week.

        Might get 10kg😅

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          Not Coles it's Sunshine fruit market hence why they're cheap. Address: 21C Devonshire Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020

          • @nightelves: Oh thanks

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              @michael9865: Heaps of cheap fruits and vegetables in the area. Much cheaper than what you pay at Coles and Woolies. If you're buying 10kg worth it'll probably be even cheaper.

  • Guess the hordes of "bargain" hunters there today didn't head to Coles.

  • Pretty cheap but that tends to be usual price at Springvale/Dandenong.

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    Are these boneless?

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    Here's a recommendation for banana slicer to go with the giant bananas-

    This is well rated product. Enjoy the reviews :)

    • Wow, so people are really that afraid to use knives

  • overstocks …browning

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    Most look ripe from that chart.

    Good for making banana bread.

    • Plus peel and freeze for smoothies or stock up for yonanas 'ice cream'.. left over apricots, half a banana .. delicious…and healthy.

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    also got 99c banana's at woolworths Narellan, NSW today.

  • $2 in SA this afternoon

  • sweet, I'm going to fly there from Sydney to get this awesome deal.

  • I wonder what will be the loss for a hard working farmer whose produce is being sold for a dollar. I don’t participate in such sales(not even buy $1 milk) which are just another profit for the supermarkets but a crunch for farmers.

  • Everyone has given out their Christmas bananas. Bad timing to be stuck with a bunch.

  • Dam, it seems like only victoria gets the awesome deals.

    • and you based that on a 🍌 deal!!!

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    Was at the Dandenong markets on Christmas Eve. Amazingly could find parking without an issue. Even more amazingly, could find bananas for 49c per kilo.

    • Any other well priced fruit and veg there? I’m considering a trip tomorrow

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        Depends on what you're looking for. I went around 3:00 so about an hour before close. At that time, mangoes were around $15 per box, the cherries, chillies and apricots were all $3 a box. So I'd say it's even cheaper than if you went in the morning.

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    After looking at the quality of the Bananas in that photo they're actually not bad, another day and they'll be ripe. Wish the staff filling the section took a bit more pride in their work.

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    99 cents at Coles Boronia yesterday. All the shelves looks pretty sad at this store though.

  • Cant even find carsport in my own street next to chadstone SC

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