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Pizza Hut 100% Cashback ($10 Cap, 11am-11pm AEDT Monday) | Book Depository 50% Cashback ($10 Cap, Now Expired) @ Cashrewards


Hi all. A couple of very popular offers for all our members, with tomorrow's deal basically a free pizza to the value of $10. Please read the terms below carefully as it will save a lot of questions. As always, thank you for your support. Have a wonderful festive season, stay safe, and enjoy :)

Book Depository Terms (Cashrewards link to Book Depository here)

  • During the 6 hour promotional period, 50% cashback for Book Depository is capped at $10 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 12:00pm AEDT to 6:00pm AEDT 27/12/2020.
  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

Pizza Hut Terms (Cashrewards link to Pizza Hut here)

  • Pizza Hut 100% cashback promotion starts 11:00am AEDT 28/12/20 and ends 11:00pm AEDT 28/12/20.
  • Cashback is capped at $10 per member account and limited to one (1) transaction per member. Subsequent transactions may track and will be declined.
  • Order must be completed online via Cashrewards and paid by credit or debit card at online checkout (not in-store). No cash payments.
  • Cashback is eligible on pickup or delivery orders. There is no minimum spend requirement.
  • Cashback is eligible on the use of all Pizza Hut promo codes.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchases made via the Pizza Hut app.
  • Cashback is ineligible if used in conjunction with Zip Pay or other 3rd party promotional offers.
  • Cancellations or changes to any order will result in cashback being declined.
  • Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

Ensure you disable 3rd party plugins and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost (feel free to try our mobile app). Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $20 (they get $10) - tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. Check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4860)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +15

    Free $10 from Pizza Hut!?! I'm still full from Christmas lunch 😂😂

    Amazing offer TA :)

    • Yep. Who doesn't love a free pizza!

      • +2

        It's not free pizza, if you have expensive tastes and order more than $10 !

  • Can this stack with the 10$ bonus targeted deal earlier? For pizzaHut of course.

    • Also would like to know, but for book depository.

      • I stacked this offer with $10 bonus targeted deal for book depository. Seems okay.

        • Nice. Thanks for letting us know.

          • @HolyFosh: You’re very welcome!
            FYI, I got cash rewards tracking confirmation and bet you goy one if you purchased😉

        • Isn’t it for tomorrow?
          Edit. Sorry pizza is tomorrow

          • @Kanari: Oof yea, can only work with depository since pizza is tmr

    • -1

      I wonder if hypothetically you could be paid to buy something between $10 and $20 if so? Either way I bought a $25 book which should only set me back $5 (as long as it tracks this time..)

  • Free pizza is equivalent to a dominos value range… guess I'll use it on their pasta range

    • Can get two lunch time ($5 - medium) pizzas?
      Or a large and a personal size :p

  • +7

    Cashback still hasn’t tracked for previous Pizza Hut deal. Tracked fine for me in previous deals considering it’s a clean browser with no add-ons. Funny how everything since has still tracked with no changes except Pizza Hut.

    • Same here, I wonder why.

    • +21

      Please simply lodge a ticket. Pizza Hut has honoured untracked claims with no issues. Any concerns at all, feel free to PM me tomorrow (logging off now for some family stuff). Thanks heaps :)

      • +1

        Thanks TA you the best

      • Should we wait for 1 week before lodging a ticket or if it's not tracked yesterday, we should just lodge now?

        • +1

          Hi tajid. You have to wait the 7 days. After this time, you'll see an icon appear in your click history allowing you to submit the claim directly there. Please ensure you upload the invoice, and the team will take care of the rest :)

    • +3

      Similar experience - Pizza Hut orders tracked once but never since then🤷🏼‍♂️
      As tightarse said, simply lodge a ticket. I did, had back and forth emails (7 in total) to receive $0.31 as Pending 🤦‍♂️ Didn't bother to lodge again for further purchases 🙂

  • Any good cheap reads for $20?

  • +1

    Just ordered from book depository, hopefully it tracks. I don't usually trust mobile orders, but taking a punt this time

    Got cash rewards tracking confirmation, noice!
    Took less than 5 minutes

    • Same here!

  • +2

    Book depository limit is always so low, so I've never bothered with this deal for the audiobook on CD I've wanted.

  • +2

    Read a book while eating a free pizza… bargain! Thanks OP

  • +3

    I used book depository during their last cashback event. Order took longer to dispatch than stated and also longer to deliver than expected meaning the book I got mum for her birthday in early Dec ended up arriving just in time for xmas. Also, some of the books I was interested in were cheaper elsewhere even with the 50% cashback.

    • +1

      I have noticed that too. Have to check all sites well to know the true cost of the book.

      • +2

        Have to check all sites well to know the true cost of the book.

        Booko.com.au will do that for you. Checks multiple sites pricing, and some sites will give you free shipping if you click through the booko link.

        • Good to know Thank you.

  • Any click needed? Or do I just order through cashreward? No activation needed? Thanks .

    • No activation needed instead should place an order through cashreward

  • +8

    Surcharge for Boxing Day Public Holiday at Pizza Hut Tomorrow.

  • +16

    Just remember that there is a 15% holiday surcharge fee from Pizza Hut on monday.

    • +2

      Even if I pickup on tuesday?

      • +3

        Can you preorder for Tuesday and still earn cashback ?

        • I did it last time and did get cashback however I’m not sure if they still charge a surcharge if you preorder for Tues

        • +2

          No where in the T&C it says I can't do that.

        • +1

          Would be good to get confirmation on this especially with how easy it is for our cashback to get dismissed.

        • +2

          You certainly can. It's the time of order that matters

          • @DisabledUser27274: The surcharge is the cost of the worker's effort on a holiday.
            If the worker is making the product on the Tuesday,
            the company should not ask for the surcharge
            especially when automated booking/payment systems are accepting the payments.

            • @whyisave: I'm not sure why you're talking about surcharge. I was replying to @domo653q if he's eligible for cashback if he orders for pickup on Tuesday.

              • @DisabledUser27274: i meant the Public Holiday surcharge, because Monday 28/12, is a Public Holiday.

                if/when ordering today (Monday 28/12), Pizza Hut could/would charge extra,
                even if the pizza is being made / picked up on a different day .

                so, i did not like that idea of surcharge, if indeed Pizza Hut charged it today, but pizza was being picked up another day!

        • +1

          Preorder is available for 7 days ahead, just remember to pick it up later.

  • +3

    Me: trying to lose some weight after a big Christmas feast
    TA: “Sooooo.. free pizza? 👍🏼”

    Thanks TA 😂

  • +2

    Thanks TA.

  • cashrewards tracks regardless of the account being used correct?

  • +2

    Thanks TA. Purchased from BD - tracked in 7 mins. We might try the Pizza Hut offer tomorrow.

  • +2

    The pizza hut Hershey cookie is pretty good, so it be considered fraudulent activity if each of my family members place an order? Family coming over tomorrow and they've already signed up to CR before, then there's me and my husband

  • +1

    Book depository tracked under ten minutes. Hoping that I'll also get the $10 spend bonus with it!

  • What do people do after they read their books? just let it sit on the shelf for a few years?

    Kindle crew here

    • +2


    • +2

      We have bookshelves full of books, I've forgotten most of them, I could probably start reading them again, I like the idea of the Kindle, but prefer a physical book.

    • +4

      I donate the books kids outgrew to a charity that rehomes them for families in need. My books sit around, hoping that the kids will read them when they grow up.

    • +1

      i cant go back to novels after getting into audible, but travel books and things like that i still like paper copies

    • +1

      I bought a few books earlier this year. Still on the shelf unread 🙄

  • Hi OP. Will the Bookdepository cashback work on pre-order books?

  • I have noticed that my CR referral code is changing all the time, does this matter?

    I checked and updated it last night, but today it has changed again, seems weird.

    Edit: It's normal, and old codes don't expire.

  • My purchase has yet to be tracked. It's been like 30 minutes?

    • +3

      For Book Depository? Mine tracked within minutes.

      • +1

        Same here

  • -1

    Why nobody asked: WHEN is the estimated approval date for this cashback promo?

    • +1

      Because it's in your Transactions? :/ To use this example, my ETA for my Book Depository transaction is mid-March.

      • -1

        Because it's in your Transactions? my ETA for my Book Depository transaction is mid-March

        so are you saying the only way to find out is to see the ETA post purchase? thanks for the downvote.

        • +3

          Estimated Approval
          Up to 75 days

          FWIW, my last approved 50% Book Depository cashback for the November promotion was approved in about three weeks.

  • pizzahut fans - is their pasta any good? would like to try some of them at $9.95

    • +1

      I bought a share pack last time the creamy chicken alfredo very delicious

      • +1

        Thanks, needed to know too, as the pizza is a bit average

        • +3

          Pizza Hut is makes delicious pizzas at my place, unlike Dominos

      • Do you think the pastas would freeze well?

  • Is paying through Paypal ok for this Pizza Hut offer ?

    • Wouldn't risk it, best to use debit / credit card at online checkout

      • want to use amex card with paypal and very happily they tracked. but yes, credit card option is little safer. it took longer processing time than credit card

    • "and paid by credit or debit card at online checkout"

  • Pizza Hut fans do not buy the ribs EVER. You get a tiny rib literally and it doesn’t even taste that good.

    • +3

      That is right but the pizzas are crap as well . Pizzas and ribs that John West has rejected .
      Leaves very little to buy .

      • It depends on your local store, or even the people who work on that day.

      • At my store the pizzas are very good

  • For pizza hut, can we order any sides rather than than jist pizza. I am planning to buy just for $10.

    • +3

      I'm assuming $10 at Pizza Hut means $10 on anything and not just pizza.

  • +3

    Can we place an advanced order during the promo period, but for pickup/delivery for Tuesday 29/12, and still get cashback?

    • +3

      Asked CR before and the reply was yes, you can

  • thanks order placed. Had to pay pubic holiday surcharge (pick up today)

  • can we stack with 30% off code?

    • +1

      "Cashback is eligible on the use of all Pizza Hut promo codes"

    • Which code?

      • +4

        HUT6366 30% off for large pizza

        • +3

          Or HUT5130.

        • Damn missed it.

        • Doesn't work on unreal large pizzas?

    • Any codes for discount on sides or wings or pasta?

  • +1

    Error on CR site - says CB capped at $15 per order. Shouldn't it be $10?

    • Corrected now on CR website.

      • I received $10.46 cashback for a $10.46 value order.

        A $14.95 pizza with 30% off code.

        • +2

          Unfortunately you didn't… you must've checked your CR acct prior to receiving the tracking email. It initially tracks to your acct at the full amount, then auto-adjusts after a few minutes as per the cap at which time you'll receive the tracking email showing $10 cashback. Thanks.

  • +1

    So buying a 7 AUD pizza will give me 7 AUD back?

    I am aiming for a 9.95 AUD pizza, this should be eligible, right?

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