This was posted 10 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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HP DeskJet 3630 All-in-One Printer $18.74 @ Officeworks


Good price for a Printer :)
HP DeskJet 3630 All-in-One Printer $18.74

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    Better than buying a cartridge. Eh

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      Cartridges are expensive and I’m talking about the knock off ones. Cost $30+ .. reason why no one buys these and why it cost $18

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      Can anyone recommend me a long-term affordable printer which won't become landfill in a few months?

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        Brother laser printers do well.

        But keep in mind laser colour printers still need multiple cartridges.

        I just have a black laser printer and use Officeworks for colour because I hate how everyone thinks putting electronics in landfill is cool and normal

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          Have brothers for years (5+ yr) and still working

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        HP m15w mono laser printer. Has AirPrint and is a tiny unit. Works well.

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        +1 brother laser. did 9000 pages in 18 months on the $120 brother laser.

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        I am still using one from this deal:

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    should have bought this instead of the catridges cost me $55

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      People forget that what you get here is a starter cartridge that’s only about 1/4 of a full cartridge…
      At least in general for these types of printers

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        makes me feel a bit better 😂

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          Or 3 spare printers with an equivalent 3/4 full ink cartridge :P

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        The true OzB way™ would be to refill that starter cartridge.

      • Thanks for commenting that :)

        Was just about to purchase this instead of the cartridges as I thought it would be better value… Guess I'm sticking to the cartridge refill then haha

      • Most, if not all, HP printers do/did come with what HP described as "calibration cartridges".

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        Starter cartridges can hold between ~35% to ~70% of a normal replacement cartridge. It depends on the exact model.

        Usually closer to half than a quarter.

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    Trent the tv man. Any 55-65” Sammy /LG bargains about mate?

    • Trent is a legend but this is so random

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    I was so glad to get rid of the 2 I had. I would have paid someone to take them. As a printer it was ok. I could never get it to work reliably with my daughter's mac book. Windows was slightly more reliable.
    Im just so over inkjets and their cartridges drying up.
    Yes I went laser. Soooooò happy. I don't care what it costs me

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      This is also a problem for my printer, ink drying up. Do you have a colour laser printer?

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        Just went mono as I wanted simple and reliable. One of the brother mfc models. Crappy user interface when compared to the Hp listed but works a treat and I'll never have to throw out an inkjet printer again.

        • If the dry up on you, make sure you leave them plugged/powered on, All inkjets should wake up every now and then and run a maintenance routine to prevent that happening.

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      I’ve had a HP laser jet P1102W for the last 7 years and it hasn’t missed a beat… it’s only mono but other than that it’s got wifi AirPrint, accepts $16 generic cartridges and doesn’t take up too much space.

      Will probably get an equivalent colour laser if I ever find one going for $250-300.

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        I would recommend getting a second identical laser printer if you're going to stock up on cartridges in case the first printer dies, especially if you're using original HP cartridges which are more expensive than the printer.

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      Fully agree. The first one I got could not scan. The replacement one they sent could scan and print, but the admin password had been changed from the default. I lived with that for a while, but then the new genuine ink cartridge I bought for it clogged up and I couldn't get the head to clear properly as I didn't have admin access. The only thing it could then do reliably was operate as a door stop. An interesting thing I discovered after a lengthy support discussion with HP was you could not do a full factory reset of the thing which I thought was apalling. It went to recycling, and I will never get a HP printer again even if it was free.

  • Any cheap wireless ?

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      It's compatible with wired, wireless, AirPrint and mobile printing capabilities.

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    Im just here to see the land fill comments

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      My current all-in-one landfill died so I’m totally in the market for a new one now…

  • HP needs a way to make money and HP "Instant Ink" subscription is the golden ticket.
    HP Printers - Enrolling in HP Instant Ink

    • Not supported in Australia?

      • I was told it is worldwide.
        If it is not supported in Australia, then good.

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    3rd party ink options possible on these?

    • Yes. the knock off ones are around $30 plus ship. If ur planning to keep the thing for more than a month Then id seriously consider buying 3-4 units cos it will Work out cheaper than buying replacement cartridges.

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        This comment makes me sad but it is what it is.

        Btw does anyone know how we are supposed to dispose of this I would imagine just putting it in the normal garbage waste bin would merit a fine or something.

        • Most local councils have ewaste collection. Otherwise, a lot of Officeworks have ewaste facilities

          • @LlamaLlamaLamp: Yeah unfortunately because of work or other stuff I keep missing them I think they are only a few times a year or can be called few times per year

        • Check with your local council's landfill sites. Some have free ewaste/battery/oils etc drop off facilities where you can go in Mon-Sat.

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    I think this deal means more parts for my 3D Printer, cheap smooth rods, power supply that never will get used.

    Just joking… Those printer uses DC motor with feedback loop control to make the price cheaper - they are not using stepper motor.

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      Yeah same.

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    I've had this printer for about 4 years and have no complaints.
    Nothing special, but it'll get the job done. Ok quality print and pretty good quality scan (if you only need it for documents and stuff).
    The cartridges are the expensive part.

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      Can this scan straight to pdf?

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        I use the software on my computer to scan. Mac's system scanning software creates PDFs.
        Never used the scan button directly on the printer.

        • Cheers, and do you buy genuine cartridges for this? Have you tried 3rd party cartridges?

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            @OCD Completionist: 3rd party black and white cartridges work great (I only use them), but colour doesn't work for some reason. Colour has to be genuine.

      • I use HP Smart app on my android to scan. Super super easy to use, can save as jpg or PDF. Quality not as good as $100 HP scanner but did I say how easy to use wirelessly when scanning. I've got a P1102W sitting next to it, also wireless for printing.

      • With NAPS2, yes. Free program, give it a google

      • Yes

    • Does the scan function still work even though all the ink cartridges are empty?

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        Yes, i believe it does. I often use HP smart app for Android for scanning.

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        Yes it does

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    Can this scan paper documents to pdf format on usb drive?

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    What you save upfront with this printer you will erode very quickly with cartridge cost.

    And if you use it infrequently the ink jets will dry up.

    • Or if you use aftermarket ink

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    My last one just died after 4 years service, so, thanks OP! Saves me searchin' :)

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    Best value printer that is reliable, simple, cheap toner, accepts non generic ink: Brother! HP printers are the opposite.

    The cheapest Brother printer has been serving me for years, but I'd recommend going for the next model up that supports duplexing and wireless printing

    PS: HP is evil

  • How many pages (regular A4 text BW) can we print with this (standard cartridge)? can it do around 100?
    Also how much are the cheapest BW cartridges?

  • didnt know they still make inkjet printers!! this is so 90s and most of them end up in landfill.

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      Need to upgrade my BubbleJet…

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        My 9 pin dot matrix is still flying but the tractor feed has failed sadly along with the fan in the acoustic cabinet

        • 😳 Do you still have a parallel port???

          Where have you been getting the cartridge thingies?

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    Just logged in to say that I had this printer until a month ago and can let you know that it it an absolute ass of a printer. The number of times I'd have to reboot the damn thing to print over wifi was not funny (even though I had a DHCP reservation for it on my router). Copying was the only feature which worked OK, scanning over wifi also was reliable (although you may need to install HP bloatware to scan). Do a favour to the environment and don't buy this prime candidate for landfill. If you are after a reliable MFD then this is a good option

    • Wifi on these is rubbish, but plug-in the USB and it works fine. I've had mine a few years, replaced the cartridges, and its still printing scanning well enough for a low end home printer.

    • I had the same model and never had issue with wifi.

      The print quality is not that great and I had trouble get colour print work with 3rd party colour cartridges.

    • Karteej, if it is a pain in the ass your answer may be in the past below ⬇️ you may need to locate and use "but plug-in the USB and it works fine.

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    reviews :D

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    I recycled 2 old printers at Officeworks today so if someone is actually thinking about buying it for the cartridge then you can recycle it back at the store.

    To add to that, they take:
    • Computers and laptops
    • Monitors
    • Keyboards
    • Printers
    • Mice
    • Hard drives
    • Cables and chargers
    • DVDs and CDs
    • Computer power supplies
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Motherboards

    • Printer cartridges and ink cartridge

    • Mobile phones
    • Phone batteries
    • Phone accessories

    • AA, AAA, C, D, 9V
    • Laptop batteries
    • Mobile phone batteries

    • Pens and markers

    • Thanks! In particular, I was looking for somewhere to recycle batteries. Still looking for somewhere for lightbulbs, maybe they'd take them since they probably also sell them.

      • +1

        Aldi also take recycled batteries if that works better for you

      • Ikea

    • I wonder if they take a laptop from India it has some weird wire thing sticking out of it along with of course an Indian power port.

      No idea how I am gonna carry a printer in my backpack though all the way to Office Works on the train.

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    This printer does not like refilled cartridges, has software to sniff out non oem cartridges.

    • Why does refilling the cartridge it comes with not work well?

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    Got this printer a while ago for ~$22. Solid for the price. Has wifi and an app which makes printing super easy. I bought aftermarket cartridges from BigW for ~$20 and quality is good. Recommend if you print occasionally.

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      Have you got a link to those BigW aftermarket cartridges?

      I might be interested in this if I can confirm my local has them.

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        I might be interested in this if I can confirm my local has them.

        The models released recently have newer firmware which includes HP's "Instant Ink" which is a subscription based model for a lot of HP-branded printers.

        The list of printers can be found at HP Printers - Enrolling in HP Instant Ink.

        • So we can or cannot buy them cheap anymore from Big W… yes or no?

          • @AlienC:

            So we can or cannot buy them cheap anymore from Big W

            The inks will need to be "genuine" HP ones.

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      Chuck us a link for the cartridges?

  • Bought One. Thanks OP 👍👍

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    Get a epson ecotank. With these cheap a$$ printers, the cartridges are super expensive.

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    Thinking of getting one just as a scanner.

    Does the scanner function if there are no cartridges in place? I hear some All in Ones need to be loaded with ink before they do anything else too.

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      Good to use for a scanner … though you can use your iPhone or iPad to scan documents….

  • About 20 left at Officeworks QV

  • Do not buy HP. I am about to replace mine for the Ozbargain favourite - Brother. The cartridges cost a fortune and generic ones do not work. It will cost you a fortune in the end.

  • Bought one :) Apparently, my office reimburses cartridge cost, not the printer cost, indeed a good deal

  • I've got a canon maxify mb2160 which when it works is great.. takes 10 mins to warm up and tell you its out of ink every single time you go to use it.

  • Got 3, thanks OP. Will send 2 to the Philippines and keep one as a flatbed scanner.

  • There's dozens upon dozens of them at Officeworks Glebe. Picked one up for printing occasional returns labels and WFH scanning. Thanks OP.

  • does this have bootleg cartridges that work off ebay?

    otherwise can someone suggest a replacement for an old canon mp630, i just need a basic no frills injket printer/scanner that can be used with cartridges off ebay

    • Many discussions on here about Brother printers meeting your specifications. Just search through old posts.

  • how long these ink last inside the cartridge? we already using an inkjet printer but at this price look to get a backup. wonder if the ink might have dry up when we start use this one.

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    For years 've been using a cheap HP like this as a scanner (cartridges unopened) with printing being done with a cheap Brother laser printer. OS/software is Linux (various ones over the years) and it's always worked solidly without any messing around with software. Cheap and effective.

  • Just got this and was appalled to see the ink cartridge labelled as single use. So are they implying there's only enough ink for a single print?

    • Could be that it cannot be refilled.