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MSI B450M MORTAR MAX $119 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ PCByte


Good price for this board, just picked up one and might pair it with the Shopping Express $299 deal for the R5 3600

Support for Ryzen 5000 series available via BIOS update (see comments)

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    The fact that I can use (almost) every Ryzen product with this chipset blow my mind. That alone is a great deal

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    Already has bios update available for Ryzen 5000 series


    Release Date

    - Updated AMD AGESA ComboAm4v2PI

    • Thanks Fatboy, will update description

      • It's beta and the ComboAm4v2PI version currently lags behind 550 and 570 chipset.

        • What does this mean?

          • @asdffdsa: It means support for B450 is still work in progress. Also, you currently don't receive all the performance tuning and minor bug fixes like B550 or X570.

            Zen 3/5xxx series CPU is hopefully better. For Zen 2, Ryzen 3xxx series, B450 BIOS update support was okay, not as fast as X570, but generally only 2-3 weeks behind. That's one thing about AMD CPU/BIOS at the moment. At times, you do need to wait for the micro code update.

            Things will smooth out later on, but initially, you are looking at B550 and X570 getting the updates first. It was due to the big backlash, AMD reverted its position to allow Zen3 CPUs with B450/X470. AMD did indicate support will come later. However, honestly, if you can afford to build a Ryzen 5xxx based system now. It makes sense to go for at least B550.

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              @netsurfer: People want to save the money, they don't need a rolls royce for their motherboard as long as it supports overclocking. Even the A320 will take the cpus best paired with a 3300x as that won't overclock much.

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    That is the power of AMD hahhahahaha

  • +3

    I have one of these, good board.

  • +1

    any itx deals?

  • Mine wasn’t bios ready tho, I had to USB bios update after

    • For 3rd gen ryzen?

      • -3

        Easy to do it, just need a spare computer

        • +3

          All the mortar maxs are flashed for 3000, not 5000 though. That's the difference between the "max" and the non max version.

          • @RI4V4N: It’s a easy step, I would re doit if need it, best board I had so far, paired with vCard Radeon 5600x

        • +1

          Most PC shops will flash it for you if you ask..

  • +1

    Ya 5 3600

  • +2

    The fact that it the motherboard has two M.2 slots and four DDR4 RAM slots makes it a great deal.

    • -4

      the 2nd m.2 slot will disable the 2nd PCIe 16x slot when occupied.

      also having 4 dimm slot on a 4 layer PCB means you will be hopeless running faster ram using all 4 slot, and if you use 2 slot only than 4 it won't clock as easily as if you only had 2 dimm slot.

      In the old days of DDR3 if you want more than 16G ram 4 slot make sense, but now you can easily pay for a set of 2*32G kit.

      If only the mortar has 2 ram slot.

      • +1

        I run 8gb x4 at camp 3600mhz on a Mortar titanium which is the older model different colour. Works perfectly despite being two kits. Balistix kits which I think are micron revE.

      • -1

        whoever neg me, tell me which sentence I type is wrong?

        2nd M.2 slot is not only half speed only but it also disable the 2nd pcie 16 slot, so effectively if you have a bigger GPU that's more than 2 slot while also have a 2nd M.2 SSD, there is no room for a PCIe WiFi adapter.

        and 4 RAM slot is a gimmick, surly with easy IC like CJR or RevE it pushes 3600, maybe even C16, how about every other customer who doesn't even know what revision their memory IC even is? For a good example Corsair happens to use V8.31 Nanya A-Die on dual rank a lot recently, how about pushing those to 3600c18? Who's going to help those customer when their perfectly fine board blue screen all the time?

        How about trying to push 4 of Samsung B-Die to 3733c14?

        Should you neg me because you have this board and it runs fine, you probably would just be fine with just about any other board.

  • This board is really good for overclocking ram and CPU. I got way better results than my gigabyte 350 gaming 3. That board was trash.

    • It's a really great deal. You couldn't pass by the $119 price.

    • -2

      It's really good for the price, but "really good for overclocking ram and CPU"??

      You call that on a 4 Phase VRM, and a 4 layer PCB??

  • I wouldn't expect stock to last too much longer.

  • +1

    I have this board it's a beast for the price

    • 3 years warranty ain't bad either.

  • I have a kraken x63, can i fit this in a itx build or do i need a mobo like this one ^

    • +2

      This is a Micro ATX motherboard. That won't fit in an ITX case. It's designed to fit in a case designed for Micro ATX.

      An ITX case will only fit an ITX motherboard. It's of a different size and design. ITX is even smaller than Micro ATX.

  • bought for $200 so a great deal for a great matx motherboard with possibly best vrm for matx b450

  • Got my opencore hackintosh working on this board.

    Only thing that doesn't work OOB is the inbuilt sound, everything else is working fine even sleep mode.

  • So get this or go with a B550? I'm looking at a ryzen 5xxx based system

    • +2

      Get a B550 for Ryzen 5000 if you can afford it. The B450M Mortar Max is a good board though, I use one with Ryzen 3000.

      • is the main advantage for going for a B550 board futureproofing with PCIe 4?

    • The ryzen 6000 series, when that comes will be a different CPU socket so you won't ever be able to upgrade the CPU to a new generation. So you'll either be "stuck" with it for a long time, or you'll have to sell the whole thing.

      So if you wanna keep it for a long time, PCIe4 might be worth it for NVMe and graphics cards from the future.

  • Asrock b450 $65 at umart, get that instead of this.

    • +1

      Much worse vrm, etc. compared to this posted MSI board, but for a 4 or 6 core with no overclocking it would be fine

    • Not even in the same league

  • my order still says processing two days after I placed it. I messaged them and haven't got a response either.

    It's been updated, says shipped and tracking number is supplied. all good.

  • I love this board but wake on lan doesn't work and the RGB options are janky. The onboard LED and the two pinheaders both run the same color and the tuning options are limited.

    I thrash it for days on end though and it handles 3900x fine.

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