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Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced Rum 2×700ml $66 ($33 each) @ Liquorland


Note: Currently there's a glitch in the Liquorland system and the 2 for $66 offer doesn't activate when you place two in your cart. It is available in-store, though. (Fixed)

Cheapest around right now.

Pair with 22% Cashback (Capped at $25 Per Member, 12pm-4pm AEDT) @ ShopBack if you're into that stuff.

Also don't forget you can get $10 off $100 Click & Collect with code NYETEN.

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  • +1

    Store in title, also I'm not getting the discount. Shows as $76 in cart and on paypal checkout.

  • Good price but doesn't seem to work.

    76 when you try to check out

    • Ahh really? It works in store at least. Bugger!

    • bought them in the shops today.

  • +1

    This stuff ain't too bad to drink - especially with fresh apple juice + lots of ice as they suggest.

    • tbh it goes pretty well on its own. Just ice my friend :) maybe a little squeeze of lemon

  • +7

    I notified the online team regarding the price error at checkout. They're working to have it fixed to $66 before the end of the 4pm Shopback deadline.

    • Thanks man, it does seem to be an error on the website side.

    • Thank you! I was going to call them myself, cause I dig this stuff.

  • Still nothing

  • When does the catalogue cease?

    • The current catalogue ends tonight. However, as there is no Liquorland section (at least in the online version), the Captain Morgan Rum isn't in it.

      But, since the new catalogue (starting tomorrow) does have a Liquorland section and the rum doesn't show up, my guess is that the special price will expire tonight.

  • Still $76 for 2 bottles.

    • I just called them then. First it was my computer's fault, then I was told there was no issue (it was supposed to be $76), then I was told a technical team would look into it, then finally told I was never told it was my fault.

      Takeaway: they might try to fix it in the next day or two.

      • Contradicts u/ChmpgneTasteBeerBdgt's experience with support two hours ago…

        • +2

          They better hurry up, otherwise they will miss out on my money!

        • +2

          Then I guess that's the first time an international call centre has been contradictory.

      • +2

        Misleading advertisement is one of the main reasons that ozbargainers really dislike.

        • We also like a good bargain, which is why no reports on this post yet! So many lurkers waiting haha

    • You could try placing an order, and then ringing Customer Support to get the price changed. Not sure how that would affect the cashback, though.

      You can always cancel the order if they won't update the price.

      • +1

        Would probably invalidate the cashback, costing a similar amount.

        • Well, there's nothing specifically mentioned in Shopback's Terms & Conditions that updating an order's price will invalidate the cashback.

          I think a problem is more likely to arise on Liquorland's end if their system doesn't correctly handle changing the price of an order that's cashback tracked.

          • +1

            @robinCTS: The trouble being the cashback is based on the purchase price. If that changes, who knows what hoops would have to be jumped through.

            • @bootlace: Yeah. I thought I'd read somewhere (maybe Cashrewards' Terms & Conditions?) that the final cashback value that's paid out may be different to the value that's tracked. That would (only?) make sense to allow for price corrections on an order.

              If it's not the case that such a price correction is properly programmed into both the cashback company's and the partner store's systems, then yes, there will be a lot hoop jumping. (That's assuming that they actually have hoops for you to jump through 😉)

  • GG Liquorland

    • Tough crowd…

      • +1

        It isn't against you, the negative vote is against the retailer. The Cashback/Online deal made it unobtainable.

        • Yeah I know. I just left it for a bit and came back to a shit storm 😂

  • Revoked my + as it just passed 4pm so shopback deal has expired. Pathetic.

    • Working now. Great timing!

      • Sur-f'ing-prise. They knew. I probably would have bought it if the shopback deal wasn't on, but not after this.

  • It's not even 4pm AEST yet and it went back to 3% without me noticing before paying for my order…. shii

    • +1

      Ignore me… Google search said it was on +2hrs from WA

      • +1

        This time DuckDuckGo ahem, Google is correct.

        AEST → +2hrs from WA
        AEDT → +3hrs from WA

        Gotta type the right things into the search engine 😉 (You know that ol' saying "garbage in; garbage out".)

        • +1

          Hahah thanks, I will remember your teachings sensei

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 4 delivered @ $30.50 each

    • 👍🏻

      (Would have been $24.25 each with the cashback if Liquorland had been able to fix the problem in time. Ah, well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

  • +2

    Showing up as 2 for $60 for me

    • fml what a joke

    • Hell yes! TY, this almost makes up for yesterday's ShopBack / LL disappointment.

      I just ordered 3 bottles and a couple of other items to take my total to $102. Applied NYETEN at checkout for $10 off which is also eligible for $10% ShopBack. Good outcome, unless they drop the price again tomorrow…

      • 25% cash rewards after 12.

        • 😒 Saw that after posting… needless to say I let rip with a few four letter expletives. I'm planning to make a second order and refund the first

    • +1

      Ahahha epic! Time to buy more!! 😂

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