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HP 24mq QHD IPS Monitor $199 Delivered/Pickup @ BPC Tech


Saw this while upgrading the home office.

250 elsewhere. Harvey Norman did not price match as it was below 'market value'.

If it’s your first order, use coupon code BPCT10 for $10 off.

From the site:
23.8'' Low Blue Light IPS Display
2K QHD 2560 x 1440 Resolution @ 60 Hz
Height Adjustable, Pivot Rotation, VESA Mount, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI
3 Years Labour Limited Warranty
HP 24mq 23.8-inch Quad HD Monitor - Resolution (native): QHD (2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz) - Brightness: 300 cd/m² - Display Input Type: 1 VGA; 1 HDMI 1.4 - Power Consumption Description: 30 W (maximum), 36 W (typical), 0.5 W (standby) - Power: Input voltage 100 to 240 VAC

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  • Price in title

  • Thanks realised after posting but you beat me to it!

  • A decent screen 24" QHD screen. Weird to find a HP higher res screen without DP, but the HDMI will do.

    • You only really need DP when you're pushing Ultrawide, 4k and/or 144hz, HDMI is fine for 1440p 60hz.

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    If it’s your first order, use coupon code BPCT10 for $10 off.

    • Is the coupon working for anyone? - Got this - The coupon isn't valid, verify the code and try again later

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    Harvey Norman did not price match as it was below 'market value'.

    should report them to ACCC/Fair Trading

    • +23

      So it was below the profit magain that they would like. Not enough huge profit. Dodgy.

      • +9

        they advertise Price Guarantee

        • +18

          They don't do $hit, ignore and don't shop with them….

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      There is nothing to report, it is in their exclusions

      What are the exclusions?
      Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value.

      There is also another exclusion which means they would not price match this deal

      Pricing with included delivery or installation.

      This deal is $199 with delivery

      • +10

        Haha that's absolutely hilarious. What's the point of price matching if they can make up their own definition of 'significantly lower'? The 'included delivery or installation' exclusion is even stranger because it's extra value.

        • +4

          and everyone wonders why they going out of biz like Dick Smith's mortar stores.

        • +2

          Their policy used to say they only matched their competitors and listed who they were.

          I didn't know about it until I asked them to match a store who was not on the list and I was told that they couldn't price match as the store was not a competitor. It was a computer store selling the printer I wanted to buy.

      • +4

        Typical behaviour from Gerry GST Harvey.
        And what kind of a bullshit deal is price matching anyway? The first retailer went to all the trouble and effort to do a good deal for customers, and then HN can just grab the sale anyway?

        It must be an even lower price or the honourable thing is to go with the retailer who offered the discount in the first place.

        • The first retailer went to all the trouble and effort to do a good deal for customers

          That is why I do not bother with price matching.
          I would rather support the business who offered the deal first, especially as they are usually smaller companies.

    • +4

      a side story here. for boxing Day some camera stores posted a crazy price for Canon RP with a kit lens. I could order online with free delivery but didn't want to wait and went to the CBD to see if some other store would price match

      meanwhile I spent maybe hours waiting for Harvey Norman rep on their web chat and in Facebook chat and they couldn't tell me conclusively if they could match that price or not, and they never told me straight yes or no, claiming technical problems. their price was my target plus about $400 at that point

      of all other camera/tech stores I visited, only DigiDirect were relatively happy to price match although ended up collapsing and telling me they had no stock

      Ted's and Michael's both told me they weren't able to match as that's less than what they paid Canon for those

      then I almost gave up and was getting ready to order online, but saw that Harvey Norman quietly updated their price to my target plus $50 so I decided to give them a shot. after all maybe I would have it $50 dearer right now rather than wait for the online order to get delivered

      but when I came to HN they actually matched my target price, although the rep was mumbling all the time how they are losing money on those.

      a success HN story for a change

      • +2

        Why didn’t you just buy from the store offering the sale price and wait a few days for delivery. It would have been better fir your blood pressure, and you wouldn’t be buying from Gerry GST Harvey.

        • true, but I never lost my cool, and I wanted the camera before New Year fireworks.

          it's all the fault of the stores who couldn't price match, and literally forced my hand to buy from Harvey

          in the end it sounded like Harvey lost money on this transaction, so it's a win regardless in my books.

    • Report them + a bad Google review for not abiding by their own terms.

  • Tempted to buy 2.

  • +2

    this is a really great monitor, especially for its price

    my only gripe with it is the placement of the controls, they are around the BACK on the right. If you ahve these in dual monitor configuration turning on/off adjusting settings can be a bit of a yoga exercise. Hopefully you don't change settings often. Very happy with these units and only replaced when upgraded to 4K

    • +1

      On my last HP monitor I could adjust all the settings with software which I think worked across the DP/HDMI cable

  • Do the QHD screens look noticeably better than the 1080p screens? After a 24" screen, nothing bigger.

    • +1

      I looked at some old posts here that indicated 24inch was a good match with QHD. If you like large text though you might not benefit from the extra res.

    • +2

      Yes. 1080p feels like it's at a point where pixels become noticeable even at 24". 1440p feels just right without going the full 4K which introduces scaling with smaller screens but still having a clear display with enough real estate to multi task. It's also way easier to game on as most lower mid GPUs can handle 1440p.

      • -1

        most lower mid GPUs can handle 1440p

        What are you smoking?

        • +1

          wdym, most lower mid GPUs can in fact handle normal use at 1440p just fine. gaming is where things may get a bit shaky.

        • +2

          Nothing? My RX570 is driving a 1440p right now and it has no issue reaching 60fps in most modern games. That's why I said lower mid range GPUs and not low end GPUs. A 570/580 or 1060/1650S won't have any issue running games at 1440p.

    • +3

      I would think so. I got the old 1200p and a newish 1080p at 24in. 1080p feels inadequate so definitely go with the 1440p.

  • I'm thinking of getting either a 4k or 2k 27" dell monitor. Price is $220 - $450. Those were found on other ozbargain pages.

    Any comments?

    What's DPI comparison?

    • I ordered the 2k 27inch dell (S2721DS) which is on promotion on their website. I called Good Guys to price match and they didn't as the price was too low. also shopback gives a further 3% off. about $315 delivered (rrp about $450). and there are a few recent youtube videos about the model. check those out to get a better idea about the display. From what I gathered and for my use 2k at 27inch is fine. 4k doesn't deliver much more value at that size.

      • +1

        When did you order exactly?

        It's $279.20 now https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/592834

        • +1

          Shoot! I missed that. I only got 30% off. I can live with that. I ordered yesterday.

          Also note I got the model ending in DS which adds speakers (not important) and the proper stand (that's a good feature)

          • @loopy18: Thanks. I don't care about the stand as I'll use the OzBargain NB F80 monitor arm to position it exactly where I want it.

  • Thanks OP, just what I needed!

  • Great price. Using it for a month, really like it.
    Got it for $279 on Amazon Black Friday sale. Wish I'd waited a month :(

  • +2

    I'm just happy QHD is dropping in price in increasing in adoption. IMHO, it really is a sweet spot. I'm currently using a 5 year old HP z27i that I bought off someone. It has a fair number of hours on it, so it's no longer as bright as new, but I don't even use it at max. It just annoys me that it was a dull red spot that's noticeable on dark images.

    With the prices dropping like they were when 24inch 1080 started becoming the norm, I'm thinking I'll be able to comfortably afford a new 27 QHD in the future.

  • You would want 27 inch at QHD. Otherwise just save the money and get 1080p

    • True. Some may find text on a QHD 24" a little small. I'm currently using a Dell 25" QHD and have the scaling set to 125%.

      • U2520D?

        • +1

          No. Older U2518D. Got it as a warranty replacement for a Dell U2515H purchased from Dell outlet store deal.

  • +1

    There is always the Kogan option for $199, its Freesync, QHD and 75hz. But this still might be better. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • https://www.bpctech.com.au/61cakar1au-thinkvision-s24e-10-23...

    Anyone tried this, would love to get feedback?

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