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  • targeted

$7 off Menulog Orders ($25 Minimum Spend)


Received this text earlier. Unsure if targeted or not. But I have used this code with success. Enjoy!

Mod: removed unique code

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    Got same text but code was different over here xoxo

    • Oh damn must be targeted then! Unfortunate for everyone else.

  • Unique code

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    Menulog only sends me texts to tell me my delivery has arrived 30 minutes after it actually arrived.

  • Snoop Dogg enters the chat

    Hungry dawg gotta eat

  • If anyone has the heart to give me a discount off my dinner, please PM me a code. much love

    • +1

      Check your pm

      • Thank you!

      • Hi melbo24, greetings Mate. wondering if you got any more codes. If not, still thanks and Happy New Year.

        • Sorry mate, only had two and given away two. Happy new year mate!

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  • +1


    • used, thx

  • Would love a code too! Please pm me

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      • Thanks so much

  • PM me if you haven't got one and want one EDIT: Gone

  • 48KR-WHHH

    $25 min spend

  • 1359-DRXY

    $25 Min Spend, Reply if used so can delete

    • Oi mate I've seen you in warzone. Filthy dmr using minge.

  • Would love a voucher if anyone has any to spare

  • 4x2zqjq8

    • used thanks

  • -1

    Hi, could anyone share a KFC code please?

  • Would love a code too! Please pm me if anyone has one. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  • If anyone has a code could I please grab one? Ordering in tonight because we can't go out.

  • Would absolutely love a code if anyone’s not using theirs and feels generous :)

  • I received an sms with the code but I get an error the code has already been used when I go to apply it :(. I thought the codes sent out were unique!

  • BHRY-P72H …enjoy

  • Does anyone have a code they can spare. In-laws are visiting for 5 weeks and sending me broke feeding them.

    • KVHV-4MX5

      $7 off $25 minimum spend

      expires in 7 days

  • Anyone else have a spare code?

  • Any spare codes please PM me thanks !

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