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First Choice Liquor: 22% Cashback ($25 Cap, 10am-2pm AEDT) @ ShopBack


Just saw the banner on the Shopback home page. Was up to 3%.
31 Dec 2020 10am-2pm AEDT ONLY
Based on the previous deal, a spend of $125 maxes out the cashback.


Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error.
Read Other Terms and Conditions below.
Use only promo codes from ShopBack.
Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions.


Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack.
First Choice Liquor orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.
Purchase of Giftcards.
Returns, exchanges & cancellations.
Cashback is not applicable for purchases made via the First Choice Liquor app.


Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras.
First Choice Liquor orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4025)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +26

    My last First Choice 22% got denied - not because of a tracking problem, mind you, but because the 'store denied the claim' despite it being an OzBargain-listed deal.

    Lost lost my personal data and now my cashback.

    • +5

      I have cashback of hundreds of dollars denied for no reason. It was for an Expedia booking through Shopback. I think this is one of the way they make money. The whole thing is not transparent. They can simply get the money and keep it.

    • +2

      What does 'store denied the claim' mean? There must be a reason tied to it if the transaction was tracked, else Shopback should've honored the transaction.

      • Agreed. I'm sure the store rep knows why the cashback was denied by the seller

    • My amaysim one wasn't tracked and now they saying it's an issue with amaysim as they weren't aware of their sale so not honouring it

    • My last one for 25%$25 was 1 month late

  • I haven't had any issues with my cashback tracking at all. I always use the shopback app and all my cashback have been tracked and approved. Do you guys use the app?

    • +4

      The complaints above are more about cashbacks that have tracked successfully, but still got denied. But it's also pretty common to see complaints about failure to track. I use Chrome browser with an addon called toggle extensions on/off, it helps to make sure I'm running a clean browser with no addons or plugins running. Some people just disable their adblocker but I suspect there may be other addons that can cause issues too, so it's best to disable everything. Never had an issue tracking with over a hundred purchases on Shopback and Cashrewards. Not saying they don't mess up but it hasn't been my experience.

  • +2

    is there any other offer I can use with this ? Like Flybuy or something ?

  • +3

    How are they able to advertise this again?
    They haven’t even track my last 22% cash back offer to liquorland. Very disappointed

  • +11


    Ignore fake 5-star reviews about Shopback
    Use Cashrewards or another affiliate referral program rather than Shopback
    Laugh at their feeble "customer service" attempts once they are called-out on their bullsh*t on a platform they don't own
    Read-up on Shopback and why you should avoid them


    Assume your personal information is safe with Shopback
    Take it for granted that any cashback will actually get to you
    Let your family or friends use Shopback

  • +1

    Nothing showing in my shopback from the liquorland Cashback a couple of days ago. I guess it didn't track? Cashrewards normally send a confirmation within a few minutes.

    • Not even in click history?

      • It is in the click history. No cashback pending though after spending $95.

        • +5

          I'm just not going to pick the order up. Will refund after 3 days apparently ($107)

          • +1

            @Budju: If you have a few minutes you can ring up the merchant direct and they will process the refund on the spot

        • If it's in click history I think you can send receipt number and they will fix it up for you

          • @plague69: Had Click History and Invoice and Deborah still declined my CB had to message the Rep here and he approved it, Guess alot of people just give up

  • +5

    When is a bargain not a bargain? When you buy something with the expectation of getting a cashback, but it doesn't track or is denied. You did everything right. You have the click history, the order delivered/picked up. So with all the comments in these threads about cashbacks not happening, why do mods continually allow SB "deals" to be posted on the front page?

    • It sucks if you didn't get the cashback either because it didn't track or because it was denied by the store. When it was denied by the store, does Shopback say why? They must give a reason. I guess the Shopback rep doesn't help their cause either - unlike Cashrewards, they're either nowhere to be seen here, or don't address issues like this.

      • +2

        From SB email on such occassions:

        There are quite a few reasons why these orders may not be attributed to ShopBack. This includes:

        1. If a user clicks on a Honey, Cashrewards, or another chrome extension after clicking from ShopBack
        2. If other web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers are opened after clicking through ShopBack
        3. Clicking through to another page from a banner, pop-up, or advertisement on the store’s webpage whilst shopping
        4. Antivirus/Cleanup or Adblocker applications block or disrupt Cashback tracking (Tracking cookies are required to track transaction)
        5. When the order falls under the merchant’s exclusions, including the use of promo codes not listed on ShopBack.

        So I guess the best way is to have a clean install of everything on your computer :) And to record every step on your screen. Like, make a video.

        Takes a bit of skill to get your widely advertised discount.

        • +1

          This is not that different from Cashrewards. It's just a standard email that explains why your order didn't track. It's more of an issue when your order did track, but the store denied the claim, as in:

          • +1

            @DisabledUser27274: That's the email I got every time I submitted a "manual" claim for a purchase that appeared in SB, but stayed "pending" with $0.00 CB for more than a week.

            It's just a standard email that explains why your order didn't track.

            They give too many possible reasons, hence my tip to the gamblers ready to use SB is to make a clean install of everything, use a simple router, screen recorder.

        • +1

          OR ……….

          You could just use Shopback's Android/Apple app to put the item in your cart and check out.

          I have never had problems with items not being tracked when using the app.

          • @vikvance: This might work, but I'm not risking more dollars and going to Dan's instead :)

      • -1

        Hey Xiangtan,

        We’re always here to help. If you need anything please drop us a PM with any issues and details so we can look into this for you.


        • +2

          I'm sure you're replying to the wrong person

    • +4

      why do mods continually allow SB "deals" to be posted on the front page?

      If you are unhappy with Shopback's service then feel free to not use their deals.

      Personally, I'm perfectly happy with Shopback and want to see their deals.

      By asking for mods to intervene in this way, you are effectively asking for censorship and trying to infringe in my rights to see Shopback deals.

      You need to learn to grow up and just scroll past any Shopback deals, without getting triggered.

      • I use a Chromebook and never had a problem with either Cashback or Cashrewards. Though I do feel for the people who have missed out, especially when there is a substantial claim involved. I just wonder if all these people are following the instructions properly ? If they have, then maybe escalate the matter with some legal advice.

      • My last 3 purchases using SB have not tracked. One was through their app. I would not have purchased any if I knew there was to be a problem in obtaining the cashback. Lately on these SB upsized cashback deals, many of the Ozbargain community are posting up their displeasure at not obtaining the advertised cashback. I can assure you I will no longer purchase through one of these “deals”.
        Just to clarify, the online dictionary states the definition of a bargain as:

        noun: bargain; plural noun: bargains
        1. an agreement between two or more people or groups as to what each will do for the other.
        2. a thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected.

        Sorry, but the items I bought without the cashback were definitely not bargains.
        As for censorship, I am not advocating the deals be banned, but taken off the front page and have a separate forum, with appropriate warning that if the purchase does not track, you lose. Have a read of this forum, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580653#comment , my comment was posted on 16 Dec 2020. As you can see I am not advocating censorship, just warning the unwary. Being a grown up entails a lot of traits, one being helping others.

  • +1

    This is a 50/50 deal. There's only a 50% chance it will work. My last deals were denied by store. No code, no ad block, added to cart after clicking - still didn't work for my $500+ items from amazon. It did work for the $4 cable I ordered though.

    • +1

      This. Every time it's a $2 item it works flawlessly. When it's items of higher value / cashback amount, you run into all sorts of problems.

      • Suit yourself. $2 items didn’t get me $1600 in CB.

        • Yeah 50/50. You got lucky

        • Isn't this a Shopback deal?

          Commentary suggests a much higher degree of failed tracked deals in Shopback compared to CashRewards.

          • @UncleRico: CB =/= CR

            • @ATangk: CR also =/= SB, the latter of which has a well deserved reputation across this forum and others for poor tracking rates, particularly on bonus commission promos.

              • @UncleRico: Well, I have $1600 in shopback and $300 in CR - if this makes it any clearer. Both have worked well for me, and both have had issues too but support almost always works it out for me.

                • @ATangk: It doesn't really make anything clearer with regards to the J6 and Budju's comments regarding the reliability of Shopback tracking, except that you personally prefer SB. I've got earnings of $1,730 in CR and $134 in SB, but that is obviously a product of my preference for the former. Neither scenario is a barometer of click-thru tracking rates.

                  What does appear to be a reliable indicator, is the amount of negs that Shopback attract in the wake of repeated failures to honour upsized cashback promos as seen at www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/shopback.com.au

                  Nothing wrong with your preference, but it's certainly horses for courses…

  • +3

    Pass due to uncertainty with the cashback Ponzi scheme

    • +3

      Far from Ponzi, but overnight rates and people who can't be bothered making claims, but were attracted by potential discounts, are certainly in SB's or their partners' business model.

  • +1 from me. My First Choice purchase from the 21 December offer tracked just fine. Used the iOS app.

    • As experienced by many "tracked" doesn't always mean you will get your cashback. Suddenly your cashback may be denied.

      • I’m sure that’s the experience for some others, but I also haven’t had this issue with Shopback.

        • +1

          Had numerous stuff that tracked that later disappeared without notification.

          • @J6: That’s a shame for you and others. Still, it’s been fine for me transaction wise. 28 confirmed transactions and 17 are in progress currently. The only rejected transactions I have are Amazon orders that either weren’t eligible for cashback to begin with (video games mostly) or orders I cancelled.

            My experience is they are far more reliable than Cashrewards to be honest, probably because the iOS app seems to track well for me. To their credit cashrewards support always rectifies the issues, but I have far far more tracking issues with them.

            I’m also not particularly happy that Cash Rewards denied my request to remove my bank details from my account when I contacted them to do so after the ShopBack incidents. Despite the fact payouts can be made to PayPal, their support wouldn’t let me remove my bank details. I get the irony that it’s ShopBack that had the breach, but none the less I would expect Cash Rewards to allow people to remove bank details if they have no payout in progress and they support PayPal as a cash out option. I specially given the visible failings of their competitor.

            Not saying ones better than the other, but I think both services have their pros and cons. Not really happy with how either manages data, be it ShopBack being breached or Cash Rewards hanging onto payment methods when they have alternative options to cash out to.

            • @Smigit: Fancy being negged for stating my experience has been positive with a service, without questioning or arguing that others experience may not necessarily match my own.

  • +8

    Still hasn't tracked after two days on the last one. Don't trust shopback

    Even when it does track you have a 50/50 it will be rejected for one of three reasons (we can't tell you exactly why).

  • +3

    Does not track, why bother…

    • +7

      With all the public holidays and backlog of deliveries in between why wouldn't you just pick it up ? Instead you complain on here 🤦‍♂️

      • -5

        You missed the part "as a gift", I ordered it for delivery to surprise my mate for helping me out.

        • Hopefully your mate doesn't have a New Year's resolution of not drinking alcohol any more.

        • Don't argue with the corporate apologists on here mate. Heavy sigh

          Seriously, we deserve to get (profanity)-over with some of the apathy on display here.

          These companies are responsible for setting customer expectations on delivery times and choosing/managing delivery partners to ensure those expectations are met. Last Choice Liquor deserve a bollocking. Good on you for calling them out.

      • +2

        I didn't say Shopback was the cause of anything? I said First Choice Liquor is terrible.

        • -1

          You're posting on a shopback deal. I'm sure you know what you're at

          • +2

            @DisabledUser27274: It's a specific shopback deal, relating to First Choice Liquor though?

            Anyhow, I'm not going to argue with you because you seem to be correct with everything.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser27274: Yeah I think he's confused by Negging a Shopback deal and just having a whinge because he was too lazy to just pick it up instead of expecting superfast delivery at Xmas time, the entitlement of some people lol

  • +6

    ShopBack is a very dodgy company. Not worth the risk.

    • +1

      Any reasoning behind this? Did a fair few click and collect with them without any issues and store rep always behaves nice.

      • +3

        and store rep always behaves nice.

        That's very nice, but I'd rather have the promised discounts without a hassle.

      • +1

        Their support is very dodgy. Took dozens of emails to get the $5 bonus referral. Very shifty and dodgy company.

        Let alone they way they handled data breach and to make it worst you can’t cash out now until you give them more personal details.

  • I've never had a problem with Shopback tracking or getting cashback confirmed thru them. Obviously others must either not follow process correctly, not understand all conditions or there are cliches in their tracking which happens. Cashrewards has similar issues the only difference between them is security of your personal data.

    • +2

      Cliches in their tracking? You meant spanner in the works. Or agenda.

    • there are cliches in their tracking

      Yes, Shopback IS the cliché when it comes to referrer/affiliate marketing schemes.

  • Can we make more than one order? I forgot something..

    • +1

      Yes. If the first order didn't hit the cap then the combined cashback of the two (or more) orders will add up to the cap (or less if you didn't make it).

      After you hit the cap, subsequent orders will still track, but the cashback value will be $0.

  • -1

    my $18 cashback is still pending after almost 3 weeks

    • Hey KimKh,

      If your cashback is pending that means it’s tracked and we’re waiting for the merchant/brand to validate the order. As soon as that happens your order will move from pending to approved. This can take upto 90 days depending on the brands refund policy.

  • +4

    Stay away from ShopBack, they just deny your cash back for no reason, or blaming on the 3rd party who doesn’t honour it, not trust worthy at all.

  • Here my test on best company in tracking .
    1) Use search on top right hand corner of this page type in shopback then cashrewards .
    2) Count the negs from each from the search .
    3) Result : SB 100 + CR 3-4 .

  • -1

    If it doesn't track don't accept their pathetic excuses. Take it straight to fair trading/ACCC. The more people that do this the better. It's the only way Shopback will learn.

    • Mine did track after 3 hrs.

  • +2

    I'd love to jump on the neg train but the last 3 booze purchases I have made from SB during these recent First Choice and Liquorland deals have all tracked. My cashback has been pretty close to the cap each time too. As it seems I'm one of the lucky ones ill have to dish out a + for this deal

    • Why would you "love to jump on the neg train" then? It's not a sport or something. Lucky you.

  • Got the generic shopback email as well

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