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PS5 DualSense Controller $85 & PS5 HD Camera $77 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


For those who managed to secure PS5 Consoles,

Seems 'The Good Guys Commercial' has stocked PS5 accessories and is a cheaper option compared to elsewhere.

Link for PS5 HD Camera here

Also available PS5 Media Remote for $39 here

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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    Nice. Now I only need a PS5!

  • I can't access commercial yet (waiting on unionshopper to be open on 4th again) but just wondering if anyone could tell me the commercial price of the Sony 65 inch x9500h if it's still listed?

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      How do you get on to commercial membership? prices good?

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      Sony 65" X9500H 4K UHD ANDROID BRAVIA LED TV

      • thanks very much! Is it possible to pay with gift cards through commercial?

        • I recall it’s buried somewhere in TGGC online that gift cards are not allowed to be used. However, I have heard of people asking sales reps in-store to match TGGC pricing so that they can use gift cards in store.

          A friend managed to get it sorted for small things like kettles and toasters - not sure if they’d be as keen to do for a bigger spend though

          • @ringooo: I do it all the time. Never been rejected. Bought a TV, fridge, Samsung smart watch, and many things that I can't recall.

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          No you can't.

          I tried to get in store to price match commercial, but they wouldn't.


          • @buckster: I’ve had in-store match commercial for larger purchases. Even for brands that don’t really discount (e.g. Weber) quite a few times.

            Not a written policy but never had any push back.

            • @AaronR: I've had them match tggc in store so i could use gift cards on about $8000 of kitchen appliances. Westinghouse, electrolux, bosch, oliveri etc

    • It is $2415 with C&C.

      • AUD 55 delivery for me. Says no pickup at my postcode. Will try some more.

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      couldnt find 65" only found

      Sony 75" X9000H 4K UHD ANDROID BRAVIA LED TV

      Sony 55" X9000H 4K UHD ANDROID BRAVIA LED TV

      Sony 85" X9000H 4K UHD ANDROID BRAVIA LED TV

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        Thank you very much too. Telling myself I don't need the 75" haha

        • Agree, just got the 85. its at least 20 better.

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          If you have some spare time it's worth stalking Sonys ebay. They have put box damaged 55", 65", and 75" x900hs up each day this week far cheaper than anything I've seen in stores (75" was 2700ish for instance). They are brand new sets, but it's normally 1-3 at a time and they seem to put them up totally randomly (and can be outside of 9-5).

          The 85" never popped up so I've now decided to wait a few weeks to see what's coming out next (CES).

    • FYI the 9000H is a better TV than the 9500H if you’re after next-gen gaming.

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    Is it me or are the controllers getting progressively more expensive in each generation?

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      Everything else is too including the games and the consoles.

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      Traditionally that is how inflation works.

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        or is greater profit margins?

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          Just checked

          Original Xbox controller was $59.95 in 2002
          Current gen is $89.95

          Using the RBA inflation calculator $59.95 in 2002 is $89.81 in 2019.

          So basically it is bang on the inflation rate.

          • +1

            @happydude: Is the average wage rising as fast as inflation, though?

            • @Hunterex: wouldnt that be nice, right? :)

              • @smurfstah: That can't be allowed to happen. unfortunately. Causes demand push inflation (which can get out of control).

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      It's you. PS4 have been sold at 99 when not on sale for years. Even PS3 were expensive at the console pick

    • And less durable.

    • To be fair the ps5 controller's tech is probably way more expensive to engineer than a PS4. Way better too!

  • Does shopback/cashrewards works on goodguys commercial?

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  • I dont have a PS5 yet… Shall I grab this?

    • yes.

    • When the situation will go back to normal I expect a console package with two controllers included, like we seen many times with PS4, so I'll wait

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        I won't hold my breath on them including a $100+ controller within the same price.

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    How to membership ?

  • Dont have a commercial account, but out of interest, do they have the controller charger dock on sale too?

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      No, they only have the remote, controller and camera.

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    Never expected gaming stuff to be on good guys commercial!

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      Yeah who would have guessed people play games while on break

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    was just about to post this deal, just grabbed one myself

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    $72 for X series controller is pretty good as well

  • Has anyone tried this controller on PC? Any good?

    • No point using on a PC as it will not support Dual Sense. May as well spend $45 on the PS4 controllers which works a treat.

      • Dualsense are a lot more comfortable to use even ignoring the extra features.

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    no longer there?

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