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HP Deskjet 3632 All-in-One Printer $18.74 @ BigW


HP DeskJet 3632 All-in-One Printer $18.74
Great price, and cheaper than buying ink.

Not sure the difference between it and this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594306
but the model is 2 more so it must be better, right :)

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    Soon will be free printer with no ink, then buy the ink for $80.

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      Sshhhh! You give 'em ideas.

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        This man wants to see our wallets burn I tell ya.

    • Kodak has a lot to answer for, selling cheap cameras, useless without film.
      But now we have digital cameras and buy storage cards, such is progress.

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    Here's the difference, not sure how accurate it is: https://productz.com/en/hp-deskjet-3630-vs-hp-deskjet-3632/v...

    • Don't think it's specs but rather colour. Officeworks one had a blue trim, this one appears to be grey.

    • I'm seeing the 3632 just prints at 18 colour pages per minute, while the 3630 prints at 6 colour pages per minute.. hmm, anything else?

      • Have no idea how they make those pages per minute claims.

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          Are you saying it is much lower than advertised?

          Has marketing bamfloozled us mere humans.

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        18 page is the draft speed I think but the spec from Amazon listed as 16ppm.

        • Oh yes, it is 16ppm based on Amazon

    • According to this link they are pretty much identical https://reviewfinder.com/top-inkjet-printers/hp-deskjet-3630...

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    Thanks mate grabbed one just for the scanner, I won't be buying any ink for this.

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      Why don’t you free scanner apps such as Adobe Scan or Microsoft Lens instead if you just after scanning?

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        It takes more effort and the quality is inconsistent if you are using those scanning apps compare to a hardware scanner.

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          I personally use Adobe Scan on both android and iPhone and find it fantastic. Easy to scan anywhere, automatic doc identification and store it wherever you want.

          Can’t recommend it more!

          • @mando7: I agree.Scanning on this printer is a PITA.

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            @mando7: I didn't know Adobe scan existed but don't want to support adobe on principle.

            • @Caped Baldy: Try OfficeLens? (by Microsoft which may be another blacklist entity…?)

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                @MadoxNet: That's actually what I've been using. Not incredibly pleased with MS but I don't need a sub to use it.

        • I’ve stopped using a scanner after started using the Scanner Pro app.

      • I have been using scanner apps for a very long time but sometimes you just need that perfect scan and I find it is fiddly with the apps depending on light conditions and the subject matter.

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          I know exactly what you mean.

          Nothing compares to a proper scanner.

          You can get close but not Gilette close.

          This comment sponsored by hail corporate.

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        One thing I often find with scanner app is that while they are clear, the lighting can be tricky since you'll often have your shadow over the document, which is something you never need to worry about with a scanner.

        • Which app is good for signatures??

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      I had a HP envy printer. It wouldn't scan when it was missing a single ink colour. Promptly placed in the rubbish bin after that.

      • That can usually be sorted with a little tech knowledge, yes these printers are as disposable as the ink cartridges.

        • Hi Richard. Can you please share the tips? PM me. Thanks

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            @Smaland: Or just make it public for the OzB masses

          • @Smaland: The Windows built in scanner software will always work whether or not you have ink in the printer.
            Type "Fax" in the bottom right Win10 search field then hit enter.
            The software will open , then select new scan and choose your preferred settings.

      • If you get one of those plastic syringes you can make a small hole and refill the ink cartridge with water

        I've done it and it worked

      • HP Deskjet 3630 bought from Officeworks can scan without installing catriages, and I tested it.

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      Be forwarned: a whole lot of printers won't scan w/o ink installed. Not joking.

      • can someone confirm this?

    • Yeah, I did the same thing with a different HP printer. The HP DeskJet 2130. Thankfully, the scanning works fine without having to install the ink. I still have the starter ink cartridges in the packet.

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    I got this for a couple years now. Still works fine so that's that.

  • Thanks OP!

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    So basically every time you run out of ink you just buy another printer…

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      Most printers come with “starter/setup” cartridges.

      These usually only have a small amount of ink them to get you started and don’t contain as much as a full cartridge.

  • This takes the cheap refills from ebay, I been using this for awhile

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      I been using this for awhile

      Recently sold printers now support HP Instant Ink subscription-based inks. This means non-OEM may not be supported.

      Printers sold some time ago can support generic ink tanks.

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        I personally never understood how subscription based ink can be cheaper than regular ink cartridges or better yet generic ink cartridges.

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          It's more about stopping you from using non-OEM cartridges and an excellent way to generate more income.

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        Some time ago the ACCC stopped manufacturers being able to lock their printers into not accepting non genuine cartridges

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          Can you link a source? I still see plenty of printers that flat out refuse to work with generic cartridges.

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          HP to compensate printer customers

          From what I understand (and I am open to correction), ACCC fined HP because HP pushed out a firmware update without notifying end users.
          This firmware update made the printer stop accepting non-OEM ink (tanks).

          With these newly arrived/sold printers, they will (all) have the new firmware which will stop non-OEM ink from working.

          Just as a reminder, the option to automatic firmware download is enabled by default.

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      Then don't update the firmware!

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      Could you please link the ink cartridges from eBay?

      • did you manage to get the link from inks from ebay?
        Would someone please post the link ?

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    I think the included inks are trial sized so probably something to consider as well.

    • Yep broden for the ink won't really work I think..

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    Do you want printer with your ink?

    • Would you like a main meal with that sounds funny now in my head haha thank you for this new years giggle.

  • will wait for brother one ..had missed the previous one , it was too quick

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    Unsustainable junk. Please don’t buy this crap that you will either throw into landfill or have to spend a fortune on ink after printing 50 or so pages.

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      Blame it on the mega corporates that rely on this polluting business model to reflect better for their board to the shareholders. The buyers are always going to flock to the cheapest printers to buy.

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        The beauty of capitalism is you can vote with your dollars. It’s a shame enough people keep buying these junk printers that the practice continues.

        • This ink business is literally the ugly side of capitalism. And the beauty of it is that its a free market and big corporation can do whatever with any loopholes they find and suckers will still buy it in droves. Hence the reason we have waste issues in the first place.

          We have become the highest polluters per capita in the world because of practises like this.

  • Thanks OP

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    Hate to be that guy but please don't support these idiot manufacturers in contributing to landfill.

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    I agree with the sustainability argument. Nothing but landfill.

  • Just use your works printer for personal stuff tbh

    • I suggest you not be honest if that's what you're doing.

  • thnks op

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      Why don’t you try to price match a Samsung A21 to the iPhone 12pro. ROFL

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    These printers are sold with half full starter cartridges so you will only get 40 pages out of them. Not even worth it.

    • 50 cents a page probably then when you factor in electricity costs.

      Then it becomes a lonely scanner or very odd paper weight/door stop/art project supply/sacrifice to the printer landfill gods.

  • Can someone recommend me a printer for home use? Occasionally, I need to print out some colour pages for kids homework. Prefer to have wireless function as I have three laptops. Thanks

    • Same here. My partner runs a small business from home so needs to print and scan documents but can't justify anything like a laser printer. Just a cheap reasonable inkjet would be great.

      • I assume that home needs two printers: laser printer for printing non-colour. Another cheap ink printer for printing colour pages. This could be the best combination.

        • Never thought of that…cheers.

  • Disposable printer.

  • Ink jet printers suck balls. Balls with top shelf ink. Wait till a brother Laser or Fuji Xerox comes on sale, better quality print, cheaper refills. Win win.

  • +3

    This printer is designed to belong in the land fill. Every government in the world should be banning this sh!t

  • With HP, you can set the print quality to fast/draft & the ink lasts 2-3x longer. For plain text, it's fine. Colours will be faint/pastel, but is generally legible.

  • I've got the 3630 or whichever, blue one from Officeworks. Only use it for wireless scanning using HP Smart app on android mobile and absolutely love it, especially when scanning lots of pages as one document, which is easy and fast. Saves pdf or jpg to phone, then can email or WhatsApp etc, and don't need to use a computer. Quality is a bit dodgy, but I use mainly for sending documents and all the other side wants is my signature. I've still got $200 20 year old HP scanners with better quality, but this scanner is heaps easier to use.
    If I want to print I use the P1102W laser. If you want a colour printer for kids, invest in a colour laser or go to Officeworks and print there for $1.

  • This one has a cable. The one from the other deal doesn't.

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      For the lack of a cable, a printer was lost.

  • i stopped using ink and bought a laser since I never have to print in color. i can refill my toner for super cheap instead of buying another toner cartridge.

    • A laser is good if you have a business rather than a home user. Toners dont do well with photos, mainly text and docs.

      In your case, it sounds like lasers is better for you seeing you dont even need colour.

  • Do you guys have to buy a separate printer for printing colour if you have a laser printer? Thanks

    • Once the kids are out of high school I think most people don't need a colour printer unless you want to print photos. Alternatively, I think Officeworks does a 8" x 12" colour photo for $4.

  • I'd recommend an ink supply system from e.g. Rihac. I did this a couple of years ago, grabbed one of their recommended printers (it was a particular Brother multifunction at the time) and it's been awesome. Never experienced any sphincter tightening when the kids run off dozens of colouring-in pages or whatever.
    Use the free and fabulous NAPS2 scanning app for PC and never look back.

    • Very interesting concept. Saw it for the first time.

  • +3

    Everyone crying murder at plastic bags and straws, yet mindlessly creating and purchasing cheap disposable electronics is a-ok.

  • I need to scan stock of old photos - would this work?

  • but the model is 2 more so it must be better, right :)

    Hahaha, funny thing is, I told my parents about this deal as they are in the market for new cartridges, and I also told them about the other deal last week… My explanation to why they should buy the 3632 was EXACTLY that, I literally said it's probably a better model since it is 2 higher and can print B&W pages quicker haha :)

  • Both the 3630 and 3632 do not have a USB cable included

    • And the irony is you can't connect it to the wifi network without a USB cable…

  • Sorry, but this is just landfill. Spend more, less hassle, better printing and less environmental impact over time.

  • Received it today ,just letting people know this printer scans fine without even installing the ink cartridges.
    A little slow at the highest res but for $25 delivered I'm not complaining.

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