Whats The Best Deal for iPhone 12 Pro

Hi, My 7plus died after contact with water, are there any deals going on Iphones?
I am thinking of 12 pro or 12 Pro Max



    If you can pair a long term lebara or boost prepaid with a new iphone (with education or work discounts) that's probably the cheapest way to keep it long term.

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      how does that work?

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        so buy the iphone out right
        circa 1800 for 12 pro max
        see if you are eligible for the education store or work discounts

        then, there's many long term upfront plans i.e i paid 200 for a year's plan - unlimited calls and text and 30gb a month with lebara when it was on a special.

        post paid plans are usually more expensive unless you're upgrading each year

        YmmV though!

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    Get 5 to 10% JB cards off marketplace and buy using those.


    You figured out something ?


      nops… bought it from apple directly .


        Any particular reason to buy from apple directly ?


    it was out of stock everywhere else