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4pcs Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer A$23.47 / US$18.09 Delivered & More @ GearBest


Dear awesome Ozbargainers,
This is the last deal of the year 2020!
It's not an easy year for us, but finally we have come through.
Thank you for your support to us in this year. We will try our best to bring you more good deals in the future.
Gearbest team wish you all the best and a happy new year!
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AEDT Time Item Deal Price(USD) GST-inclusive Price(AUD) Code
2020/12/31 Gocomma A9 Mini WiFi HD 1080P CCTV Wireless IP Camera Home Security Night Vision 150 Degrees Wide Angle 11.99 17.81 UQ0YUQJBET
2020/12/31 Monclique X-7 Toothbrush Magnetic Levitation Six Speed Sound Wave Vibration Adult Electric Toothbrush 9.99 14.84 MONCLIQUEX71
2020/12/31 Indoor 1500 Miles Digital TV Antenna Enhanced HD 4K DVB-T2 FreeView ISDB-TB Local Channel Broadcast - Black 7.99 11.87
2020/12/31 Baby Monitor Wireless 2.0 inch LCD Babysitter 2 Way Talk Night Vision Temperature Security Nanny Camera 8 Lullabies - White AU Plug 49.99 74.24
2020/12/31 Original Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Mini Mute Portable Game Mouses 1000dpi 2.4GHz PC Gamer Micro Silent Office Mouse - Mouse 2 12.99 19.29 P5CF1BD6BA153001
2020/12/31 MK101 Sound Box Bluetooth Speaker Audio Ultra Large Creative Gift Cool Sound - Aquamarine 10.99 16.32
2020/12/31 Gocomma Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Car Mite Remover Handheld Portable Household Rechargeable 5000Pa Strong Suction Long Battery Life Dual Use - Brown 35.99 53.45 GOCOMMAVACUUM
2020/12/31 Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizer Intelligent UV Germicidal Lamp 13.88 20.61
GST Free Product
2020/12/31 4pcs XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 Wireless Smart Electric Digital Hygrometer Thermometer 14.59 19.70
2020/12/31 Fast Wireless Charger LED Alarm Clock Phone Wireless Charger Charging Pad Thermometer For IPhone 11 Pro XS Max X 8 Plus Samsung 18.99 25.64 Y5CF5A99EF153000
2020/12/31 70mai Car Air Compressor Lite Protable Electric Car Air Pump Mini Compressor Tire Inflator Auto Tyre Pumb 12V - Air Compressor Lite China 47.98 64.77 G5AC82F59F553001

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  • +6

    Good price for the thermometers, but note that they're the LYWSD03MMC model, which is slightly annoying to set up with Home Assistant and other platforms due to its encryption.

    • +2

      Which one is easy with google?

      Also I wish they use AAA batteries.
      The button is expensive

    • +8
      • +1

        Neat, hadn't seen that method before.

      • Asked the question below, would this mean I can get my Google Assistant to read out what temp it is in a certain room? I'm reading as much as I can on it and my lord I'm more confused than ever.

        • +1

          You will need a Bluetooth server (to receive data from this thermometer) and home assistant. Then you can use google assistant to say the temperature. Alternatively you can use the Aqara temperature humidity sensors and home assistant.

          • @1Dollar: I have the xiaomo plug which also acts as the gateway. Anyway i can hook that up to Google Home?

            Currently have to use Chinese Xiaomi login

            • @kehuehue: I think you can. Open up Google Home app and add device "Works with Google". I am not sure what features or functions you can control via voice though

      • This is great, now I can see all of mine in Apple Home via HOOBS, thanks for that.

  • Has anybody tried decoding the Bluetooth advertisements to extract the temperature without actually pairing?

    • +7

      Yes I got these before, found someone's code on GitHub which does what you said. Edited it so it sends to a Google sheets spreadsheet and I run the code every 5 mins on a pi zero.


      This dudes one.

      • I've done the same but how did you get it to run every 5 mins?

        I tried changing the advertising interval here: https://atc1441.github.io/TelinkFlasher.html and fiddling with the —watchdogtimer flag but each sensor is still being read 3/4 times a minute.

        Which looks awesome on my sheet but ima hit the data limit soon.

    • +1

      Bluetooth advertisements????

      • +1

        Bluetooth devices transmit an advertisement every so often to say who they are, when you search for Bluetooth devices on your phone it is basically your phone listening to advertisements.

  • +1

    does the batteries last 1 year as advertised?

    • +1

      I've found it only lasted 3ish months. I've stopped using mine, and gone back to zigbee thermometers which can last easily 18 months + on the same cell.

    • No way, mine lasts a few weeks max

      It's sitting in a drawer now because of this

    • Yes - I got three of these around an year ago and changed the battery on one for the first time last week. I haven't yet had to change the batteries on the other two.

      I suspect battery life depends on how often you read it via BT - I mostly read the screen.

      • +1

        It advertises the temperature and humidity every ten minutes, so you don't really need to be actively probing it to get the data, just listening. (Assuming you have the encryption key)

        Of course that's not really feasible for a phone so it'll just probe it. That probably uses more power.

        Battery is also advertised once per hour.

        • Of my three mijia thermometers, I have only had to replace the batteries of the one that I probe with the phone most often.

    • +3

      Not even close. However, I've soldered a 2xAAA battery pack onto the button-cell terminals, drilled a small hole in the back plate for the wires and then just glued the battery holder to the back plate and I've had over two years out is it since then!

  • +3

    Not a good deal, almost bought the 4x thermometers when I realised that you can just get his off Aliexpress delivered for $21.82. It was just the first seller I came across as well, didn't even need to try and check other prices.

    • Most of the time the private stores like Banggood gearbest etc etc will not be able to beat AliExpress. Sad but it's true.

    • -1

      $12 1st eBay result.

      • +2

        for 1 or 4?

  • +1

    The non-eInk version :(

    • yes

  • So I've been looking for a simple solution I can have something set up to ask my Google Home Mini "Hey Google what temperature is it in the main bedroom" or something similar. I'm guessing these sensors aren't my solution?

    Xiaomi Smart Hub V3 might be my solution though?

    If someone can explain this to me like I'm 5 I would be forever grateful as over the last few weeks I've been reading many pages on it and have just absolutely overloaded myself to the point of being confused!

    • You may be able to if the xiaomi app links to Google Home. But these will not link to Google Home directly.

      Most would use some sort of home automation as it allows more control. I use home assistant, but don't have integrated to Google Home. Imagine it's not difficult though.


      Edit: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/google-assistant-worki...

      • I believe the app does link to Google Home but possibly only very basic function. I have my Xiaomi Air Purifier and Vacuum linked to it and am able to turn it on and off, but Google won't read the temperate of the air purifier etc. I'm hoping the Smart Hub + Aqara temp sensor will do the trip but at the same time I might learn some of this Home Assistant stuff. I do have a laptop I don't use laying around so maybe running it through that might work!

        • Would need to airways be on but if you're in with that….

          Otherwise get a Pi. If you're young to do some automation it's worth it. Great little things.

          • @sini180: I did try the HA stuff a few years back on PC but failed somewhere along the line. I do have a Pi running Kodi on it but rarely use it so could probably repurpose it. I'm in my 30's so I shouldn't struggle too hard, bit of spare time coming up too so why not :D

  • Does anyone have comments on the wireless charger / alarm clock?

    I like the look of it, but would welcome OzB's verdict!

    Cheers & happy new year!

  • +1

    IMO the older version with the single AAA battery is better, because of the more common battery.

    • What batteries are these?

      • Cr2032

        • +2

          Hmm not good I'm skipping then

          • +2

            @neonlight: They're common / cheap as. They wouldn't fit much else. They're pretty small.

            If you want AA/AAA you need a bigger unit.

            • @sini180: I got the old version would love to get another

              • @neonlight: same here. been looking to get a decent price on the older model. not a big fan of the smiley faces on this new model (other than the button battery ugh…)

            • +2

              @sini180: I mean yes they are cheap but not toddler or baby friendly. Button battery is the worst and they are not rechargeable and not green

    • I have two of the old round one. They're perfect ! Why would they go for the silly button cell is beyond me. I use an app on Android to get the temp. MijiaTemp

  • I have the clock version of the thermometer and love it!

  • +1

    Would the wireless IP camera work as an ad hoc reverse camera? Just stick in to the back of a ute tray and watch on a phone if reversing to hook a trailer or something?

    • Brilliant idea !!

  • -1

    Do not buy from this store. It takes ages to post it. Finally had to claim through paypal as they failed to post after so long.

    • +1

      Expected of a grey market. Some are winners, others get stiffed. Paypal is the saving grace.

  • I’m after some small thermometers that I can read data right off the units screen, has decent battery life and would be a bonus if connected too google home. Dose anyone have any recommendations? Cheers

  • Hi there HNY, can anyone tell me about the indoor antenna? I am looking to put a TV in an internal windowless room and am wondering if it will pick up a decent signal?

  • 023 50004 Payment failed. Please contact our Customer Service to complete the payment.

    I get this error when trying to submit a ticket

    Please choose after-sales type.

    but I've competed the full form.

    Can you sort this out for me?
    my order number is

    Gearbest sucks.

  • -1

    So what's the difference between this and the Sensibo that actually reads the temp and humidity and can even turn your air-conditioning on?

    • I think you just answered it yourself?

    • Isn't the Sensibo around $150 ea ?

      In which case the answer is "a lot of $"

  • Can anyone please list out any practical usage for this? Is it just to turn on/off AC?

  • Beware of extremely long shipping times. I ordered a flashlight and it took 27 days to be processed and another 20 days to be shipped (47 days total to leave the country) and I'm still waiting (probably another 7 or so weeks)…

  • Gearbest have fake warranty and customer support.
    I've had only terrible experiences, wasted over $1000 on a treadmill that was dead on arrival.
    Two months of daily messages with customer service got me nowhere, even after taking videos & photos of the problem over and over.
    They offered a $20 refund…

    • No Paypal support?

  • My 4 temp sensors just arrived. Faster than expected.

  • Got mine.

    I can see 2 of the 4 in my mobiles bluetooth but the Mi app cannot see any of them? Any ideas?

    On the plus side they all read within +- 0.1 degree and +- 1% humidity.

    • Ive only activated the battery on 2 of them so far, and my phone can see both of them, but Ive been unable to get them to show up in my new Xiaomi gateway.

      • Got them to show up in app by enabling location. Can click on them individually to view stats and history. Just a shame you can't view live stats for all 4 at once in favourites.

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