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[PC] Free - Jurassic World Evolution @ Epic Games


Today's daily freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from 3am AEDT.

This freebie was one of the first games to be confirmed though it ends up being the last one for the Holiday sale.

Looking ahead, Epic will continue offering weekly free games after the current promo finishes. First game to be available from 8 January 2021 3am will be Crying Suns.

Mod: This should be posted as a separate deal, not combined with this post which expires a week prior.

Wishing you and your loved ones a prosperous, safe and joyful 2021.

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  • +5

    After so many repeats, we finally get to the one game I was looking forward to.

    • +5

      there were like 3 games repeated…

      • +5

        Good for those who have missed it the first few times.

        I know in the early days of epic games freebies I missed some out so this repeats are welcome for some but I can see how it might infuriate others.

        • +2

          Off all the 173 unique Epic Games giveaways only missed 2. The first one from 2015 - Shadow Complex remastered & Farming Simulator 2019.

          New games are always welcome. Not complaining about the occasional repeats for those who missed them. As I still have plenty of other games to play.

          • -1

            @g12345567: FS19 is great. I didn't bother with this holiday giveaway except for cities: skylines

      • So many

    • +15

      Same. My son has spent a fortune on Xbox on this game. Looking forward to running it on my PC so he can play the mods that all those YouTube morons shout about.

      • +2

        I'm shouting about mods every day. Lets go! Lets goooooo!

      • -13

        top parenting

        • +9

          Top commenting.

        • -3

          Yeah what a negative parent, he's lame

  • +2

    Now I think dealbot is a bot.

  • You too dealbot

  • Happy new year

  • +1

    Happy new year, dealbot

  • Cheers OP!

    Happy New Year!!

  • +2

    First bargain of the new year! Happy NYE Dearbot

  • +1

    Theme Park/Sim City game but with dinosaurs?

  • Happy new year everyone.

  • +2

    HNY! How good is rage after all these years. Blur - Song2? yes pls


  • +3

    If anybody wants to read the list of games epic has given for free since it first started with Subnautica on December 12th to December 27th in 2018 here is the list I found that has everything laid out nicely so far.


    HNY folks!

  • My 5 year old nephew loves this game, unlocked most of the stuff for him and put him in sandbox mode and let him go wild.

  • So out of all the free epic games that came out on this months rollout, what are the best ones that i missed on?

    • Looking to buy?

    • +7

      December 17th: Cities Skylines
      December 18th: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
      December 19th: The Long Dark
      December 20th: Defense Grid: The Awakening
      December 21st: Alien: Isolation
      December 22nd: Metro: 2033 Redux
      December 23rd: Tropico 5
      December 24th: Inside
      December 25th: Darkest Dungeon
      December 26th: My Time at Portia
      December 27th: Night in the Woods
      December 28th: Stranded Deep
      December 29th: Solitairica
      December 30th: Torchlight II
      December 31st: Jurassic World Evolution

      Take your pick one mans trash is one mans treasure

      Personally Oddworld has a soft spot in my heart but I mean half of them were pretty good keepers

      If you like city building cities skyline is a no brainer

      First time I played Darkest Dungeon was also an awesome experience

      I am guessing Alien: Isolation is good but honestly they were all pretty good can't pick a best but some I have not heard of mainly Night in the Woods, The Long Dark, Solitarica, Stranded Deep and Inside personally so can't comment on those

      Defense Grid is a fun Tower Defense time

      yeah that is it from me sorry lol

      • Depends on what you like but for me…I enjoy the platform games as an oldy & Oddworld: New & Tasty is my favourite

      • +2

        Personally addicted to Darkest Dungeon(Anxiety) and My Time at Portia(Serenity) despite being complete opposites to each other.

  • +1

    Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year OP!

  • Back to weekly games. Crying Suns looks good.

  • Bought it on steam still hadn’t played it, guess I’ll try for. Refund

    • Always good to wait honestly like seriously so many good free games to get addicted to and save the ozbargain way

      Minion Masters is my current free to play addiction but I think they are closing it soon but yeah so many good free to play games if you want to save money and wait till it hits either free or bargain bin prices

      Super Animal Royale is another good free to play game can even play in duo's or squad's

      • I usually do but got caught in Jurassic park nostalgia when watching the movies lol

        • +1

          I nearly did also heh

          I unfortunately got caught up in blizzard nostalgia one day and bought everything on the blizzard store/app

          I could have saved some if I waited but I think I got an ok deal but yeah it happens

          Nostalgia is a hell of a drug mmkay

          • @AlienC: Any sources for Minion Masters closing soon? That would be a shame.

            • +1

              @Lysander: Maybe I was thinking of Super Animal Royale or another game I can't find any information on it closing down but I swear there was one in the news when I first opened it a few months ago.

              Yeah can't find any sources that say it is closing soon so I must be going senile or something.. honestly my brain scares me every day now I forget things I can't remember what I did etc this is worrying for only being in my 30s.

              Send diaper deals pls nao

                • @Lysander: haha lol oh lysander u cheeky

                  • @AlienC: Glad you liked it.

                    Given that Minion Masters is going onto mobile or has already done so, I think it will probably expand their player base so I hope they are not shutting down.
                    MM is the only game I played online as there I have not encountered any toxicity.

                    • @Lysander: when it goes on mobile it will all I will be playing already been remote playing it on my tablet in bed.. very enjoyable although not good for health probably

                      • @AlienC: I can think of a lot of things (especially pharmaceuticals) that would be worse for your health so playing MM is not really a problem I believe. ;-)
                        i hope you got all the expansions when they were free.
                        I have not played for a while as I am still trying to finish up one of the Shadowrun games and then I will do the Ragnarok DLC for Titan Quest which I bought with the $5 bonus cashback offer from a few days ago.
                        In between joining into games with kids and families so MM will have to wait for a little bit. But a perfect game to jump in for an hour or two.

                        • @Lysander: I got some of the expansions when they were free but only the recent ones as I joined like only a few months ago.

                          Have you seen this thread


                          It has a lot of redeem codes you can put in the shop then top right redeem

                          I redeemed a bunch of them today and got a nice stack of coins and tokens and mostly duplicates

                          Yeah it is fun for now the strategy keeps it interesting and there is still a lot for me to try out for example I have not made a stoutheart deck yet or fully tried an accursed deck

                          I am mostly just cheesing with cheap unit spam and a few popular op ones but I can see this game getting very niche at the top

                          I am trying to get into Master rank atm but it has been quite back and forth as I experiment with new decks every few hours

                          It will take some time to get all the cards especially the 10 cost ones I really wanna try those huge units I feel like my teammates never partner them with a priestess or annihilator properly which sucks because that is pretty much a sure fire win.. also nobody uses barrier at all I have only seen it used once but it is pretty op if used correctly

                          anyways yeah I guess playing MM is not so bad I do still have work which requires me to leave the house and do physical stuff so I am pretty lucky

                          lol maybe we should team premade battle if you wanna play with a scrub diamond like me :)

                          • @AlienC: No, did not know about that page but will certainly use it once I fire up MM again. Looking at it now.
                            I usually play with the same deck a lot of which are still starter cards. At the top most people play with very similar decks which means it then really comes down to management of the assets.
                            I play rather casual and really just for fun. I think when I last played I was silver or gold rank but now I am surely back at the start.
                            Sure, happy to play with you if I figure out how to do it.
                            The PC I am currently using might not support MM though. It will support older games so once I get things sorted here and work slows down a bit we can try other older games too if you like. I hardly play online but happy to do so with someone I know as then I know there are no little kids and toxicity involved.

                            Just checked: it seems the PC can run MM so I will give it a try as soon as I have some time.

                            • @Lysander: Nice yeah honestly I just enjoy messing around I am not at all fussed if I go all the way back to zero playing troll games.. it is just a game and anyways it is a nice challenge for me to go all the way back up and smurfing back in low rank games again hehe lol

                              yeah it is easy just add me on steam then there is an invite to play button on the friends list in minion masters that sends a game invite through steam chat very easy

                              we can have fun in 2v2 ;)


                              • @AlienC: Thanks. Will do. Do you play any FPS such as Borderlands at all or would you be interested in those at all?

  • Finished on a high

  • Damn, I just bought this on the Steam special a week ago.

    • +3

      Refund it or try to using steam support.

      They might be lenient because it is holiday season who knows.

      I know if you have less than two hours played in it they should be able to refund it asap.

      Valve will, upon request via help.steampowered.com, issue a refund for any title that is requested within 14 days of purchase and has been played for less than 2 hours. Even if you fall outside of the refund rules we've described, you can submit a request and we'll take a look at it.

      I say worth a shot if they say sorry no deal there is literally no loss to you but just time effort and energy

      happy refunding good luck

      • Thanks for the advice but unfortunately I've played a fair number on hours, mostly due to Xmas. My little daughter is absolutely fanatical over Dinosaurs atm so I played a bit to get some of her favourites - can have the camera follow them through their daily lives. She'll sit there for hours playing with her dinosaur Lego and drawing books while watching a Triceratops stomping around an enclosure, I believe it's the first time I'm happy with a game I've streamed from my Nvidia shield.

        I paid $7 for the deluxe version on Steam and got my moneys worth so I can't complain …….. still, free would've been better :D

        • +2

          oh wow yeah that is a bargain nice work

          free is always better but at watching someone you love be happy is priceless i truly believe that its why we do what we do

  • Can anyone tell me this game works with Macbook pro ? I installed this game on macbook pro but it says unsupported OS..

    • It runs natively under Windows 7 to Windows 10 on a PC. That's why you couldn't get it running. There is no Mac support.

      • Thanks for ur reply

  • How is this compared to Ark?

    • +2

      Very different games. Not really comparable.
      Games more similar to Ark are Rust and Hurtworld.
      Jurassic World Evolution is more like a Rollercoaster Tycoon with Dinosaurs.

  • Cheers!
    Happy NY DB!

  • Great game. Got it on XB1 a few months ago with GwG.

  • nice deal

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