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Apple Music 4 Months Free Trial and Existing Users Get 1 Month Added to Their Current Subscription


Holiday promotion from Apple, new users get 4 months free trial and existing users get 1 month added to their current subscription.

Music makes the season.

Get up to 4 months free Apple Music

Happy New year!


Thanks to @Pricebeat for this offer to add one more month!
Individual Plan

4 months free for new Apple Music subscribers only, $11.99/month thereafter unless canceled. Former users get 1 month free. Plan automatically renews at standard price after free offer period. Code link expires 30 days from the date you receive the code link. This offer is not for resale and has no cash value. Valid only for Apple Music in Australia. Requires Apple Media Services account. Must be 13 years or older. Terms and Apple Privacy Policy apply; see Terms. Individual membership only. No more than one offer may be redeemed per user. Compatible products and services required. Apple is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion. Apple Music is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Learn more

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  • +7

    Just tried. If you have a current sub u dont get anything

    • +1

      I have a current sub and got a “you already have a subscription” error message; however, when I went and checked my subscription within the app - it had been applied 1 month free

      • +1

        Mine just said i cant redeem it.
        Checked in app and no free month :(

        • Damn that sucks. :( i guess YMMV

  • +9

    Former users get one month free, not existing. Unfortunately.

    • I dislike Apple generally, but this is a good deal. I'll take it.

  • +2

    I was on a free trial from that Shazam thing a while back and this link got me another month on top of that, thanks.

    • same. too bad i can't get paid $14 cashback for using their service for free this time.

  • +6

    If you on student sub

    It will convert you to standard sub for existing

    No thanks

  • +10

    Also try this link

    Could possibly stack with above offer

    • Thanks! Stacked this with this deal + Shazam offer. I’m a former subscriber and ended up with 4 months total for free.

      • Shazam deal?

      • I keep getting, this deal is for new subs only.

    • Sweet! Got another month on top of this dea!


    • +4

      Family link doesn't appear to be working

    • +1

      I got 3 months free directly via app two days ago. Used OPs offer to get 1 month and this link to get another 1 month. 5 free months… nice.

      • +1

        they're going to go broke because of you.

    • This offer has already been redeemed by another account?

  • +2

    Existing subscribers cancel your subscription then use this link straight away to get the 1 month free.

      • +1

        You didn't mention ads. I hate ads.

        • Free Spotify has about 3x30second (mostly skippable) ads every 15 minutes…terrible

  • Is Apple Music compatible with Alexa?

    • +1


  • How does this compare to Spotify? Easier to use? Better playlist curation based on what you listen to?

    • -1

      Give it a try for yourself.. it's free.

    • Spotify has apps on more devices

    • Apple Music works flawlessly on carplay, major thing for me. Deezer and Spotify sometimes stay connected via Bluetooth despite cord being plugged in, which breaks the apps.

    • +4

      Spotify probably has better AI generated recommendation playlists that are based on what you listen to however the non-AI playlist curation is absolute night and day.

      Spotify playlists are filled with trash to keep their royalty payments low whereas Apple Music has outstandingly well curated playlists.

    • +1

      Umm I have it and I don't like it compared to Spotify. But there are some exclusive obscure music from other countries so I still use it

      • the iphone app is not too bad but there is no playlist management tools, it's kind of difficult to add and remove songs
      • the website player is still in beta and it's super broken and slow
      • itunes is horrible as a desktop player and has not been updated at all
      • I have trouble with the search function on apple music, if something is unpopular it can show up as the last thing on results, even if it's an exact match

      If you have an apple computer, Macos has its own apple music app which is probably not horrible

      So it works better for apple users, but I would still say that it's worse than spotify - harder to use for sure

      Apple music also does have a lot of curated content and video, radio content which I don't use

  • If I cancel straight away will I still get free music until end date

    • +2

      Pretty sure, yes. Just did it

  • +4

    Nice, thanks OP.
    Subscribed then cancelled immediately. Expiry 30/04/21.

  • got 4 months free total up, anyone else more codes?

  • Thanks OP, got 1 month free now I can finally listen data free through Boost Mobile again, just for a month though :)

  • thanks OP.
    I have subscribed and set a reminder to cancel.

    • +2

      Just cancel straight away. Your subscription will continue to the end of the trial period.

  • Mine comes up with an error "you've already joined a subscription and can't redeem this code" and I haven't used apple music for maybe 6 months

    • Actually never mind I forgot I got I had 12 months free from an Optus deal…. Maybe I should use it more often.

  • Is it expired? Does anyone know

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