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[PS4] Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled $24.48 (Normally $69.95) @ PlayStation Store


First time post but thought this would help those stuck at home pass the time during the holidays. Digital download of Crash Team Racing until 9 Jan 2021. Enjoy!

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    Thanks mate, I was just wanting this the other day but retail was too high!

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    Awesome! I’ve been on the look out for co-op PS4/PS5 games. I just received my PS5 and this’ll be the first time I’ve got two controllers so I can finally play some co-op with the family.

  • Is this the same game from ps3?

    • Yeah, but remastered with better graphics

      • No, this game wasn't on PS3. The PS1 version was downloadable on PS3, but could not have been mistaken for a game from that generation.

        This game is sort of a mix of the PS1 and PS2 Crash racing games with modern visuals

        • Yes, technically Crash team racing is an original PS1 game that was avaliable to download on the PSP and the PS3, and this is a remake of the original PS1 game. If you played it on PS3 however this is the same game, which is what they were asking.

          Same company that remade the original trilogy also did this and both games are actually decent

          • @Franky288: Pretty sure this was Beenox and the trilogy was Vicarious Visions

            • @Ninternet: Sorry my mistake Beenox did this and the latest Crash, and Vicarious Visions did the trilogy remake and sequel to Crash Team Racing, Crash Nitro Kart in2003

  • Thanks for the heads up OP

    $24.48 for Xbox.


  • Nitros Oxide Edition $34.98 😃

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      Well apparently you can get all the extra characters from the NOE through a normal playthrough. Not sure if you will get the skins through playing adventure though. Unless you're mad for them skins, the only way I see worth buying NOE is if you can't be bothered finishing the adventure and wanting to get Nitros Oxide early.

  • shows 69.95 now. expired early?

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